Talks between Putin and Kim: What has emerged so far

‘Many interesting projects’ are open for Moscow and Pyongyang despite UN sanctions, the Russian leader has said.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is making a rare foreign visit this week, as he tours several military and civilian locations in Russia’s Far East.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who met with his guest on Wednesday, has touted opportunities for cooperation between the two nations, despite sanctions imposed on Pyongyang by the UN.

Here’s how the first day of Kim’s visit went.

Talks at cosmodrome

Kim arrived in Russia in his personal train, a mode of transportation that both his father and grandfather used when they led North Korea. His first major destination was the Vostochny Cosmodrome, an advanced space-launch facility in the Amur Region.

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Putin met Kim on site and accompanied him on a tour of the facility. Footage showed the North Korean leader asking follow-up questions about the capabilities of the site of his guide Nikolay Nestechuk, who was recently appointed chief of ground infrastructure for the Russian space program.

Two rounds of bilateral talks followed on site, first between delegations of the two nations and then face-to-face between Putin and Kim.

Pyongyang’s unwavering support

During his greetings ahead of the negotiations, Kim expressed his nation’s unwavering support of Russia against what he called “hegemonic forces” and “imperialism.”

Moscow has accused the US and its allies of waging a “proxy war” against Russia through economic sanctions, coercion and military action in Ukraine. North Korea has been facing Western pressure for decades.

Pyongyang and Moscow were allied during the 1950s civil war on the Korean Peninsula, in which the US was the primary foreign military supporter of Seoul.

Military cooperation

Officials in Washington have been claiming for months that Moscow has sought to procure weapons and munitions from the extensive North Korean stockpiles, to use them in the Ukraine conflict. The accusation escalated in July when Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu visited North Korea.

If Pyongyang were to help Moscow with arms, it would “not reflect well on North Korea, and they will pay a price for this in the international community,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan threatened last week.

The UN Security Council, which includes Russia as a permanent member, has imposed sanctions that ban arms trade with North Korea. Putin has given an assurance that Moscow was observing existing restrictions.

“But there are things that we certainly can consider,” he added, speaking to the Russian media after meeting Kim. “We have opportunities within the rules that are in place.”

Kim’s itinerary

The North Korean leader is yet to travel to other parts of Russia, including Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Vladivostok, his host told journalists. Considering the extensive program, “it’s too early to evaluate the results” of the visit, Putin suggested, describing the contacts so far as “productive.”

The Russian Defense Ministry will be showcasing the capabilities of the Russian Pacific Fleet, the president said. Kim’s other stops relate to environmental issues and education.

“We have many interesting projects,” Putin promised, naming as one example the plan to develop Russian railroad connectivity through North Korea.

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5 responses to “Talks between Putin and Kim: What has emerged so far”

  1. […] Talks between Putin and Kim: What has emerged so far […]

  2. Roger Baker Avatar
    Roger Baker

    The DPRK is no longer isolated. Bravo Mr. Putin!

  3. Spender_CGB Avatar

    I think Mr Putin is trolling the west by making nice to the DPRK.
    And long may he troll!

  4. Jenny James Avatar

    Very very glad that Putin has opened the door to North Korea and stopped the hateful unjust isolation imposed upon it by the West. Well done to Korea for her independent stand and well done to Putin for not running with the Sheep.

  5. Matrixreject Avatar

    North Korea has the potential to become an industrial powerhouse on the world stage. Russia is making all the right moves.

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