Changes at Information Clearing House

I want to update our community regarding recent changes to our website.

By Tom Feeley

Hi to all the ICH community

The software and computer I use to create the website and newsletter, has been compromised (Irreparable) and I needed to find another solution, which would enable me to continue our work.

I am on a steep curve,learning about this new software ( WordPress) so that we can continue to publish ICH. Some in our community may be perturbed by the insertion of a new comment system. I understand that change is never a easy to deal with but I can assure you that I will work harder than ever to make this service continues to grow in reach to our fellows who cherish justice for all.

In the Hard News section I will highlight in red article that you can comment on.

I am working on replacing PayPal and should be able to confirm that within the next week

I ask that you give me a little time to become familiar with all of the benefits of this system.

As you know this ICH does not sell anything, we do not allow advertising, we survive entirely on reader contributions. It’s time to pay the bills and I ask for your assistance in meeting our budget by Clicking Here

Peace and Joy

Tom Feeley






2 responses to “Changes at Information Clearing House”

  1. toast Avatar

    I recently returned to WordPress and find it awful to use. Try to locate the classic dashboard extension.

    I don’t understand how anyone uses the drag and drop editor for pages and I work as a programmer

  2. Walt Avatar

    It’s a great improvement, much more readable, well done.
    Hopefully the comments section will work now, I never succeeded before.

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