‘War Is Good for Business,’ Declares Executive at London’s Global Arms Fair

Lockheed Martin missile display at 2023 DSEI arms fair in London

Visitors look at the BARAK (top), PAC-3 MSE (middle), and THAAD (bottom) missiles from Lockheed Martin on day one of the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) fair at ExCel on September 12, 2023 in London.

(Photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Deals done at DSEI will cause misery across the world, causing global instability, and devastate people’s lives,” one peace activist lamented.

By Brett Wilkins

Military-industrial complex players big and small gathered in London this week, hawking everything from long-range missiles to gold-plated pistols to arms fair attendees—including representatives of horrific human rights violators—as weapon-makers and other merchants of the machinery of death reap record profits.

“War is good for business,” one defense executive attending the biennial Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) conference at ExCel London flat-out toldReuters. “We are extremely busy,” Michael Elmore, head of sales at the U.K.-based armored steelmaker MTL Advanced, told the media agency.

Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine and the West’s scramble to arm Ukrainian homeland defenders have been a bonanza for arms-makers.

“Ukraine is a very interesting combination of First and Second World War technologies and very modern technology,” Kuldar Vaarsi, CEO of the Estonian unmanned ground vehicle firm MILREM, told Reuters. Continue





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  1. Citizen Avatar

    The organisers of this type of conference/ trade show should be obliged to have a health warning in red, bold large font on  all their products on display that says: “CAUTION: USE OF OUR PRODUCT IS KNOWN TO CAUSE YOUR DEATH AND COLLATERAL DEVASTATION.  Keep out of reach of children”

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