U.S. Is Waging War With Russia, Foreign Minister Says

By Ellie Cook Via Newsweek

The United States is “waging a war” against Russia “no matter what they say,” Moscow’s foreign minister has said, as the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine nears its 19th month.

“No matter what they say, they (the United States) control this war,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in comments on state television on Sunday.

“They supply weapons, ammunition, intelligence data, data from satellites, they are waging a war against us,” Lavrov said.

The U.S. has provided around $43.7 billion of security aid to Ukraine since Russian troops crossed over into Ukraine to start Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022.

The aid includes tranches of artillery ammunition and systems, missiles and armored vehicles, and it has been widely reported that the U.S. has also provided Ukraine with intelligence Kyiv has used to target Russian positions.

Russian state media and officials frequently frame the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine as a proxy war with the U.S., with Russian state television hosts and commentators calling for strikes on countries like the U.S. that have backed Kyiv in the ongoing conflict.

Sergey Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on April 7, 2023, in Ankara, Turkey. The United States is “waging a war” against Russia “no matter what they say,” Lavrov has said. Riza Ozel/Dia Images via Getty Images

A Pentagon spokesperson told Newsweek when asked about Lavrov’s comments that “the U.S. is not at war with Russia, nor do we seek a war between NATO and Russia.”

“Moreover, Russia can deescalate the situation right now by withdrawing its forces from Ukraine. The U.S. stands firmly with Ukraine in its fight for democracy, sovereignty, and territorial integrity,” the spokesperson added, saying the U.S. Defense Department “will continue to support Ukraine with the means to deter and defend itself against further Russian aggression.”

The U.S. is the largest single donor of military aid to Ukraine, but, like other Western governments, it has been wary of Russia’s reaction to committing aid to Ukraine and the possible threat of retaliation. Washington has said it will not commit U.S. troops on the ground in Ukraine.

Russian state news agency Tass, reporting Lavrov’s comments, quoted him as saying that discussions in the U.S. over providing long-range capabilities to Kyiv “will not change the essence of what is going on in Ukraine.”

The U.S. has refused so far to furnish Ukraine with ATACMS, or the U.S. military‘s Army Tactical Missile System, which would bolster Kyiv’s ability to launch long-range strikes.

Countries like the United Kingdom and France have already sent the Anglo-French Storm Shadow, or SCALP, missiles to Ukraine, which have been used to carry out attacks on Russian targets far behind the current front lines.

But “from a military standpoint, we have relatively few ATACMS, we do have to make sure that we maintain our own munitions inventories, as well,” the U.S.’ top soldier, General Mark Milley, told Defense One back in March.

Ukraine has long asked for the surface-to-surface missile system, which has a range just beyond that of Storm Shadow. Reports in recent weeks had suggested attitudes in Washington were changing and that Kyiv could soon receive ATACMS.

On Saturday, several Republican senators called on President Joe Biden‘s administration to “immediately” donate ATACMS to Ukraine.

On Monday, State Department spokesman, Matthew Miller, said there was “no change” with regards to ATACMS, but that the long-range systems were “a question that we continue to take up.”

“These are ongoing conversations that we have with our Ukrainian counterparts, as well as conversations we have inside the United States government, but we don’t have any new position to announce at this point,” Miller said earlier this week.

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12 responses to “U.S. Is Waging War With Russia, Foreign Minister Says”

  1. Guy St Hilaire Avatar
    Guy St Hilaire

    Sergey Lavrov ,telling it like it is .Finally and without feathering it in diplomatic speak .
    Diplomacy being his specialty ,here , he does not mince words .

    1. scrdmgl Avatar

      I’m very surprised at Mr .Lavrov comment, since the US Evil Empire has been at war with Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union. President Gorvachev, the man responsible for the end of a noble experiment (warts and all), delivered his country hogtied in the hands of traitor Boris Yeltsin. Today I blame Putin for all the ills of the Russian Federation, due to his allegiance to Capitalism which is a dead end regime, responsible of dead and destruction across the world at the hands of its leader the United States of America. My memory serves me right and I remember that until sometime last year Putin kept insisting in calling the US and its vassal states across the world ‘Our partners’. He allowed the US/NATO to advance to the doors of Russia risking utter destruction. In 2014, when a Nazi regime overthrew the legitimate government and killed 14000 ethnic Russian for 8 long years before Putin decided to intervene.
      The carnage continues as we speak, and Putin refuses to end the war by eliminating every military control center of the Kyiv regime, decision that would have ended the confrontation in days early in the SMO operation that is running close to two years due to his erroneous conduct of the war. No matter what his errors might have been, Wagner Group chief Prigozin, was correct in denouncing the defeatist tactics of Putin and the Russian Army High Command.

  2. Ray Joseph Cormier Avatar

    The Kansas City Times, September 13, 1976,
    “He came to town for the Republican National Convention and will stay until the election in November TO DO GOD’S BIDDING: To tell the World, from Kansas City, this country has been found wanting and its days are numbered […] He gestured toward a gleaming church dome. “The gold dome is the symbol of BABYLON,” he said.” […] He wanted to bring to the Public’s attention an “idea being put out subtly and deceptively” by the government that we have to get prepared for a War with Russia.”

    That 1976 FUTURE is NOW with the Revelation of the details GENERALLY unfolding in the spirit of the letter.
    The World is waking up to see Americans may hasten “its days are numbered” part of the 1976 Vision, and waits with bated breath.

    With the benefit of 47 years hindsight, the last 8 years of intensified FBI, Military, Intelligence and Think Tank “experts” on TV constantly, unanimously, demonizing Putin and Russia, with no dissent allowed, the People have been prepared.

    1. Enriquillo Lemba Avatar
      Enriquillo Lemba

      Can’t make out heads or tails of what you are saying.

      1. Ray Joseph Cormier Avatar

        Then read it over again slowly until you do understand it. It’s plain English!

  3. Maswabi Legwale Avatar
    Maswabi Legwale

    If Russia is not denying various accusations levelled by Yankees and their vassals, the next best thing that they do is whinge. Not even a prostitute who is unpaid for her services whines like Moscow. I have previously pointed out in this forum that sanctions affect ordinary Russians and not the upper echelons of that country, and it continues unabated.
    Now, if they are fully aware that Yankees are waging a war against them, what in the name of goodness are they doing about it? Did I not tell readers of this publication that there will be no retaliatory action for the blowing up of Nordstream pipes and blatant drone attack on the Kremlin in what Russia claimed was an attempt on Vladimir Putin’s life? These two incidents alone should have prompted Russia to prove to the West that they mean business. And we do not even know for certain that they are doing well in Ukraine. I say it once more: Vladimir Putin is a liability that will cost Russia dearly.

    1. Ray Joseph Cormier Avatar

      TRUTH is still the 1st casualty of WAR, and US/NATO Propaganda has too many SINS of Historical OMISSION masking the FACT the US provoked this WAR.

  4. […] U.S. Is Waging War With Russia, Foreign Minister Says […]

  5. Woopy Avatar

    The US began waging its war with Russia after world war II when they started the Cold war. When the Cold war ended, the US thought that Russia belonged to them and that Russia could be divided up by the US into economic and political zones controlled by the US. Unfortunately for the US, a man named Vladimir Putin came along and decided that things would be a lot different than oligarchs of the US had decided. Now as we have all seen, Russia after 25 years, has gained a lot of strength, in fact they are a powerhouse. Since the US and its sanctions, Russia has accelerated it’s growth economically and may be on its way to becoming a world economic power if it isn’t already. Mr Putin may go down in history as the greatest leader of all time and I’d certainly vote for that. No doubt about it, the US is operated by dumbed down people who believe their own propaganda. The truth is that when the US decided to attack Russia, a major nuclear power, their stupidity showed loud and clear because the US and its vassals cannot defeat Russia.

    1. Disadvantaged Avatar


      Very good reply. One other thing regarding the Pentagon spokesperson. That person might be taking lessons from the President about lying. The negative side of this conflict is the possibility of it ending in a nuclear war. Then we do not have to worry about anything.

      1. Woopy Avatar

        Very possible it could end in nuclear war. The Victoria Nuland types that run the US simply don’t understand reality.

  6. Ray Joseph Cormier Avatar

    ‘NATO Admits that Ukraine War is The War of NATO Expansion’
    By Jeffrey D. Sachs*

    During the disastrous Vietnam War, it was said that the US government treated the public like a mushroom farm: keeping it in the dark and feeding it with manure. The heroic Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers documenting the unrelenting US government lying about the war in order to protect politicians who would be embarrassed by the truth. A half century later, during the Ukraine War, the manure is piled even higher………………


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