Max Blumenthal: Ukraine to become ‘Big Israel’?

By Max Blumenthal

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal addresses the Ron Paul Institute’s 2023 Washington DC conference on the disturbing plans in Kiev and Washington to convert Ukraine into a “Big Israel,” and what this means for the region and the future of US politics.

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5 responses to “Max Blumenthal: Ukraine to become ‘Big Israel’?”

  1. […] Max Blumenthal: Ukraine to become ‚Big Israel‘? […]

    1. will brown Avatar
      will brown

      Max is probably one of the greatest geopolitical analysts, ever.

  2. Woopy Avatar

    Would EU membership really allow an Israeli type mafia run by white supremacist Nazis in their midst? Hungarians and others wondering whether they’d be bombed, never knowing, having their land stolen, people tortured, murdered, and lied to doesn’t seem something that even the EU vassal EU would allow to happen.

  3. Pip Avatar

    You need to Google:
    The Richest Man in the World by Larry Romanoff.
    Share it with your friends & educate them!

  4. summitflyer Avatar

    Tom .There is a problem with the donation re buy me a coffee ………….