Ukraine lost around 85% of its initial mobilized force: Field general

A Ukrainian combat general says of each 100 individuals conscripted last year only 10-20 remain while others are either dead or disabled.

By Al Mayadeen

Almost nine out of every ten Ukrainian draftees who enlisted in the army a year ago have either been killed or injured in combat, Ukrainian media reported on Friday citing a senior conscription officer in the Poltava Region.

Lt. Colonel Vitaly Berezhny, who is currently serving as the acting head of the territorial center for recruitment and social support, made this admission during a Poltava City Council meeting.

Sounding the alarm, Berezhny told meeting participants that “out of the 100 individuals who joined the units last fall, only 10-20 of them remain, the rest are dead, wounded or disabled.” Going from this statistic, he declared that the military was in urgent need of reinforcements.

He acknowledged that local authorities are facing significant challenges in their conscription efforts, having only achieved 13 percent of the mobilization plan. This places the Poltava at the bottom of the region’s rankings.

To address the shortage of manpower, the officer proposed the “establish the presence of conscripts.” He further stated that the region had intentions to establish a substantial mechanized brigade and appealed to local deputies to actively support this endeavor.

Following the start of the war with Russia in February 2022, Kiev implemented a general mobilization, barring most men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country. This measure was initially thought to suffice in meeting the country’s military manpower needs.

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11 responses to “Ukraine lost around 85% of its initial mobilized force: Field general”

  1. Franta Avatar

    I am amazed – Ukraina is the only country in the world’s history that has no resistance to war. We had war resistance to Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan – yet there is zero in Ukraine – how does Zelensky does that?

    1. shaz48 Avatar

      Its false propaganda that Ukrainians are winning.. in real USA english its called hog wash; Its USA & NATO countries which keep floating & supporting this bogey to keep their military hardware used at Ukrainian expense.. but in reality them stupidos in Ukraine are being sliced & made mince meat inch by inch; USA wants Russia engaged & think they will get depleted & tired.. not so. History has proved otherwise..;

      1. exot1c Avatar

        Ukraine wins, and then wins again, and… still can’t win.

      2. braithwa842 Avatar

        “Ukraine wins, and then wins again, and… still can’t win.”
        I wish I was the author of that comment.

    2. Woopy Avatar

      The people of Ukraine that left Ukraine in general don’t want to return. Plus a good share of the people who remain in Ukraine dislike Zelenski, that’s why he’s trying to delay the upcoming election. Zelenski needs body guards 24/7 because many in Ukraine want him dead. Otherwise it’s all propaganda and the US government that’s keeping Zelenski in power.

  2. […] Ukraine lost around 85% of its initial mobilized force: Field general […]

    1. shaz48 Avatar

      and propaganda is that Ukries are winning.. Really ????? they are getting their behinds shredded to pieces.

  3. Disadvantaged Avatar

    What a terrible waste of human lives on a war started by the United States. Biden should be charged with war crimes against humanity along with a number of other individuals as well.

    1. exot1c Avatar

      People like Biden consider themselves God’s representatives on earth. They drowned entire nations in blood and tears. But were any of them convicted? No. This is because they are above any human laws and can do whatever they want.

  4. LeZ Avatar

    Washington’s Ukraina Grandioznaya Skhema – The Graveyard of This Empire.

  5. Realist Avatar

    Do the Ukrainian people know these facts? I find it impossible to believe that any other country on this planet would allow this level of slaughter to continue. The leadership would have been driven from office long ago. Americans would not allow MOST of their population to be eradicated. Biden would be impeached, convicted and shot if his troops took 90% casualties. What’s the point of “protecting” and “retaining” the land if the people are gone? The only regimes that come close to this madness were the Spartans, anybody facing Genghis Khan’s Mongol army which took no prisoners if you did not immediately surrender on initial offer, and Pol Pot’s tyrannical Khmer Rouge.