Why the CIA Fears Putin w/Ray McGovern fmr CIA

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One response to “Why the CIA Fears Putin w/Ray McGovern fmr CIA”

  1. depswah Avatar

    People are brainwashed to hate China and Russia – They have not desire to educate themselves, rather they prefer to have information spoon fed to them!

    Side note: I have done plenty of digging. Putin is royalty, with a net worth of 200.000(b). He owns a palace in the Ukraine and is a Jewish King of the restored Khazaria (Ukraine). As well, he owns several palaces in Russia. He is related to the Romanovs, who in turn are also related to the Windsors of Buckingham palace. There are hoards of rabbit/fox/badger holes in which to go through. Here is a link to get you started. Happy digging.