Regime Attacks On Russell Brand Are A Proxy To Fight Free Speech Rumble

By Evita Duffy-Alfonso

September 27, 2023 – Information Clearing House The widespread cancellation of Russell Brand following allegations made by mostly anonymous sources is shaping up to be a proxy war waged by Western elites against the free-speech video app Rumble. Rumble dares to platform countless dissident voices like Brand, and for this, the site may soon be banned in the UK thanks to a new, repressive law. Rumble’s executives may even face arrest if they step foot on British soil.

Last week, Rumble received an open letter from a committee in Parliament pressuring the video platform to join YouTube in demonetizing Brand after he was accused of sexual assault. Rumble refused to comply. “We regard it as deeply inappropriate and dangerous that the UK Parliament would attempt to control who is allowed to speak on our platform or to earn a living,” Rumble wrote in a statement.

It’s important to note that the allegations levied against Brand by mostly anonymous sources via the British media have not been evaluated in a court of law, and Brand emphatically denies their validity. Irrespective of whether or not the allegations are true, however, Brand should not be demonetized or de-platformed. Convicted criminals should be punished by the criminal justice system, not tech companies.

Moreover, neoliberal elites in Big Tech, the corporate media, and Parliament do not sincerely care about Brand’s alleged victims because they do not care about women. The left endangers women every single day by pushing policies and norms that allow potential predators to enter women’s public restrooms and prisons. When women report feeling afraid, these same people intimidate them into silence.

To the left, Brand is guilty of something far worse than sexual assault — something that requires no official conviction or sentencing. Since launching his “Stay Free” podcast, Brand has eloquently spoken out on topics like deep state corruption, censorship, the war in Ukraine, and Big Pharma. Perhaps his greatest crime has been critiquing drug companies for using Covid to make billions off of ineffectual vaccines funded by the public and pushed by the global elites at the World Economic Forum who used fear of the virus to push for increased social control.

Make no mistake, Brand is guilty of thought crimes, and in our current social credit system, his punishment is Orwellian-style unpersoning. Brand has been demonetized on YouTube, media outlets are purging content featuring him, and Paramount+ removed his 2009 comedy special.

The primary target, however, is currently Rumble, which is responsible for platforming thousands of dissenting voices like Brand. Thanks to the UK’s new, anti-free speech “Online Safety Act,” Rumble is now facing expulsion in Britain. British tabloid The Sun even suggested that Rumble executives could be arrested for entering the country.

Meanwhile, Burger King, Hello Fresh, and fashion company ASOS have ceased advertising on the platform, thereby restricting Rumble’s ability to generate ad revenue. The pressure will likely increase.

We know the American surveillance state and globalist organizations like NATO collaborate with social media companies to gather information and data. In the case of some companies, such as Facebook, American intelligence played key roles in their creation. Most tech companies, like TikTok, are swarming with former intelligence agents and globalist bureaucrats.

These former agents and bureaucrats are often hired to censor digital speech, with responsibilities related to “content moderation” in departments of “trust and safety.” Still in close partnership with current intelligence agents and NATO and United Nations officials, these professional speech policers spend their work day silencing anyone who challenges the official narrative, whether that be about Hunter Biden and his laptop from hell or Covid-19 and its plausible origins in a Chinese lab.

In giving the finger to the UK Parliament, Rumble made it clear that it is not just another platform for Western technocrats to use for mind control. This is extremely threatening. Indeed, “The top priority of [W]estern elites is internet control,” wrote Glenn Greenwald in response to the attacks on Rumble.

The Western ruling class is constantly trying to convince us that we should not experience freedom — the freedom platforms like Rumble offer. They guilt trip the public into thinking it is somehow unethical to use apps like Rumble and X that encourage freedom of speech. They gaslight us when we discuss vaccine injuries or Biden family corruption, claiming that these things are “disinformation” promulgated by “Russian bots” or lunatic conspiracy theorists.

Authoritarians do not view the people as individuals worthy of inalienable rights. To them, we are merely extensions of the state, and our lives exist purely to meet the needs and desires of the ruling class. Anytime the regime realizes that it cannot control a person or platform for its own benefit, it sets out to destroy.

Rumble and Brand represent everything the Western ruling class fears: free expression outside the purview of the state. The regime is not afraid of Brand and Rumble promoting harmful or false information (the regime does that all the time); it is afraid of them spreading the truth, which is why it will do everything in its power to obliterate them both.

Evita Duffy-Alfonso is a staff writer to The Federalist and the co-founder of the Chicago Thinker. She loves the Midwest, lumberjack sports, writing, and her family. Follow her on Twitter at @evitaduffy_1 or contact her at|






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  2. Xpat Paula Avatar
    Xpat Paula

    France has banned Rumble for ages, so I can’t see any free-speech content there.

    1. Seth Friedman Avatar

      Whoever is most persuasive carries the day.

      How well do you know yourself ?  Some people tend to react by getting triggered, defensive, frightened, hostile and dismissive when presented with facts that conflict with their current belief system. Other people, when presented with seemingly outlandish claims, respond by becoming intrigued and desire proof of the claim as well as a rational explanation. Which type are you ? Triggered and closed minded  ?  Or rational and open minded ?  Will your ego allow you to admit you are uninformed and have been misinformed ?  If you saw someone engulfed in their phone and stepping off the sidewalk directly in front of an oncoming bus, would you try to warn them ?  Of course you would. But what if they reacted by telling you that you’re crazy, admonishing you to get away from them ? What if they said that everyone knows stepping in front of a moving bus is a good idea. Would you consider just letting them step in front of a bus heading right for them ?  What if they were dragging their children and elderly parents and grandparents with them in front of a speeding bus ?  Would you just accept the inevitable tragic catastrophe and take no further action to prevent it ?  If you know yourself well enough and are honest enough with yourself to accept that you are the triggered, irrational, closed-minded type, then brace yourself or STOP READING NOW !

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  3. braithwa842 Avatar

    Evita Duffy-Alfonso thinks that the Democrats are the Left. What she describes is certainly not what the left used to be, and certainly not what I would describe as left.

  4. Annie MCSTRAVICK Avatar

    I think the writer is incorrect in saying that the allegations have been made by “mostly anonymous sources”. The four women alleging misconduct are all courageously anonymous….

  5. neilhthomas1 Avatar

    I agree with everything in this article. Except the idea that the repression of dissent is characteristic of the ‘Left’. It is characteristic of capitalist states controlled by powerful corporations. The Left is against this Establishment Big Brother complex. That’s the very definition of the Left, which is motivated by the wish to redistribute wealth, income and power.