Trump lashes out after he is found liable for fraud in New York

By Oliver O’Connell,Gustaf Kilander,Rachel Sharp,Alisha Rahaman Sarkar

A New York judge has found Donald Trump liable for fraud and has canceled his Trump Organization’s business certification after determining that he falsely inflated his wealth and assets as he built his business empire.

A Tuesday ruling partially granted New York Attorney General Letitia James’s motion for a summary judgment that found Mr Trump, his two adult sons and chief business associates provided fraudulent financial statements to lenders and insurers for about a decade to secure deals and financing.

The decision follows a $250m civil suit from Ms James, whose investigation targeted long-running fraud allegations surrounding Mr Trump’s businesses.

Mr Trump lashed out at the ruling taking to Truth Social to claim “my civil rights have been violated” and slamming what he called “a DERANGED New York state judge, doing the bidding of a completely biased and corrupt ‘prosecutor’”.

The ruling deals a major blow to the former president as he seeks the Republican nomination for president while battling four criminal cases.

On Wednesday night, Mr Trump will skip the second Republican primary debate to speak to striking autoworkers in Michigan – one day after President Joe Biden joined workers on the picket line.

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3 responses to “Trump lashes out after he is found liable for fraud in New York”

  1. Tony Avatar

    Trump is as phony as a Clinton three-dollar bill

  2. Woopy Avatar

    Hopefully that sack of dirt goes to jail and takes his son-in-law with him. Kershner was allowed to use the US government to squeeze 3 billion dollars from the Saudis. That is criminal.

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