Ukraine Planned Iran Attack?

Kyiv Sought Missiles To Neutralise Kamikaze Drone Threat

By world news

September 28, 2023 – Information Clearing House The Ukrainian government asked the US-led West last month to conduct missile strikes on Iran and Syria, according to The Guardian, citing a document. It said that Ukrainian officials even offered to launch attacks on drone factories in Iran and Syria itself if given the weapons to do so.

The Guardian said the document in question was handed to G7 governments by Ukrainian officials in August, in which Ukrainians also claimed that Russia’s Kamikaze drones are built by Iranian manufacturers in Iran and Syria and contain Western components.

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2 responses to “Ukraine Planned Iran Attack?”

  1. braithwa842 Avatar

    Attack Iran? The expect to see Iranian soldiers enter the war.

  2. Janine de Poorter Avatar
    Janine de Poorter

    we can suppose that Israel is behind the whole thing.
    Really the sickly hate and racism they seem to have well learned from nazism