America Needs Regime Change… Robert Kennedy Jr. Dices With Death by Running for the Presidency

By Finian Cunningham and John Rachel

September 29, 2023 – Information Clearing House Author and writer John Rachel warns in this interview that the United States needs to undergo regime change if the country is to have any chance of restoring its democracy.

Not only for restoring democracy and a decent society for the majority of its people but also for adhering to peaceful diplomatic relations and avoiding a nuclear world war with Russia and China.

This urgent need for regime change in the United States has been building for decades, as John Rachel explains in his latest book, Electing a Kennedy Congress. The great irony is that the U.S. establishment has for decades been engaging in illegal regime change around the world, sabotaging countless other nations and sowing chaos and violence. The people of the U.S. need their own regime change to get rid of the imperialist national security state.

The U.S. political system has become endemically corrupted by powerful corporate dominance over the White House and Congress (and media). Both the Democratic and Republican parties have become “the War Party” whose politicians are bought and sold by corporate power. Believing that one political figure can deliver the necessary change is a futile aspiration. The necessary change must be systemic involving mass mobilization of people and radical overhaul of the Congressional members as well as the future occupant of the White House. The entire U.S. capitalist economy needs to be demilitarized. That means challenging the very essence of the U.S. power structure.

And that is what makes democratic change in the U.S. so dangerous and fraught with difficulty. The vested power structure is determined to prevail over any challenge… even to the point of assassinating anyone who threatens it. It really is a horrific reflection on the barbaric nature of U.S. politics and power.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is only an initial sign of what is fully needed, says Rachel. Getting behind Kennedy could be a way to mobilize people and to confront the systemic corruption. However, Rachel warns of the constant pitfall of a “sellout” as with previous figures like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Preventing a sellout requires a critical mass of people and a Congress of new members who also share the vision of radical overhaul. The overhaul must be centered on meeting the needs of ordinary people and workers (the majority), such as decent jobs, education, healthcare and housing. Meeting such needs is what a democracy should do, by definition. But meeting such needs is incompatible with trillion-dollar military budgets and endless wars. In short, it is either democracy or imperialism. That is the stark choice.

In particular, the military-industrial complex and the militarization of the U.S. capitalist economy and its foreign policy must be radically overturned.

Robert Kennedy Jr who is bidding to become a candidate for the White House in next year’s election appears to be aware of the profound challenge required to restore U.S. democracy.

Sixty years ago, his uncle and former President John F. Kennedy also understood the systemic need for demilitarizing the U.S. economy and the pursuit of more peaceful international relations. JFK paid the price by being assassinated by the U.S. Deep State in 1963. The corporate media denigrate this truth about one of the darkest days in U.S. modern history as “conspiracy thinking”.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is aware of the nefarious forces he is up against, as do a lot of people. He no doubt knows that his personal safety is at risk in challenging the power structure of the U.S. imperial state.

But, as John Rachel points out, it is futile to expect the necessary change in the U.S. system to be achieved by investing hopes in just one individual. What is required is a mass mobilization of U.S. citizens demanding radical change in domestic and foreign policy. Kennedy is putting his life on the line, but the stakes are so high and serious for U.S. politics and international peace, that all citizens must likewise be prepared to get out on the streets and into their communities and to make the vital change happen. It’s a case of the people versus the system.

That is what regime change in the United States requires and looks like. It is nothing short of revolutionary. Forget about poking into other nations and lecturing about democracy. The U.S. needs it first and foremost.

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3 responses to “America Needs Regime Change… Robert Kennedy Jr. Dices With Death by Running for the Presidency”

  1. dogkato Avatar

    Change as suggested in this article would be impossible at best. But, it could happen if;
    (1) Citizens United were to be overturned to take money out of politics, (2) Term limits be established for all politicans, and (3) age limits established to eliminate career politicans. But, I’m not holding my breath as the corporate dogs have a lock on the status quo!

  2. Woopy Avatar

    The US government is controlled by corrupted bureaucracies such as the Justice department, the State department, national security, and many other bureaucracies. Our senators and representatives have little if any, say about any of these bureaucracies. Take note of people like Victoria Nuland who have more say than my senators or any of my congressmen in any way. It would take a monumental effort to uproot these people from our government. We could start by eliminating APAC and it’s ADL, and remember APAC is made up of about 65 different organizations like a cancer in the US government. This would be the tip of the iceberg and the battle would just have begun. The privately owned banking system called the Federal reserve plus the Treasury department would have to be uprooted and replaced with people who pay taxes and live as citizens in this country as non -dual citizens. This would be very difficult war considering that we the citizens do not have even close to the economic power of the people in control. However, it is something that we can nibble away at day after day week after week, chip away at it and don’t stop until we finish the job.

  3. exot1c Avatar

    The USA cannot be changed. Because the entire American culture is based on lies, violence, and the right to do whatever you want in the fight for the dollar. Nothing fundamentally has changed in America since the days of White Earp. People still rob and kill each other with passion, and the authorities, mired in corruption, prefer not to notice this, demonstrating to the whole world the well-being of America. And thus there are two Americas: the Promised Land that politicians show to the world, and the terrible reality in which America lives according to the laws of the wild west. And those people who represent money and power don’t want to change anything. They are happy with everything. But such a life does not suit ordinary Americans who are tired of living in fear and want change. But they cannot change what is happening, because the power in the country does not belong to them.