Republican US House to hold first Biden impeachment inquiry hearing


The Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives held its first hearing in its impeachment inquiry against Democratic President Joe Biden, two days before Congress’s deadline to avert a government shutdown.

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One response to “Republican US House to hold first Biden impeachment inquiry hearing”

  1. scrdmgl Avatar

    For your consideration: I already mentioned in these pages that JFK’s successful assassination begat 9/11 as a false flag self inflicted wound, to justify the ‘War on terror’ operation still in progress under different denominations. Another unusual and unprecedented event such as the impeachment/removal from office of Richard Nixon, will not happen again for a very simple reason. A repeat of that event would imply not only the impeachment of Joe Biden, but unavoidable jail sentence given the certifiable amount of criminal evidence against him and his family. Such an event would question and put the true nature of the US regime on the dock, that is a red line that neither party will ever cross, politicians may fall from grace but the regime in sacrosanct as it should be.