Revolution’: Tucker Carlson Interviews Victor Davis Hanson

Historian Victor Davis Hanson warned that the United States was “in the middle of a revolution,” citing the fraud trial targeting former President Donald Trump in New York City during the latest episode of “Tucker on X” that Tucker Carlson posted on Twitter.

October 03, 2023 – Information Clearing House Hanson told Carlson that the fraud trial was part of an effort by Democrats to erase what they viewed as an “existential threat” to their retention of power.

Carlson opened the episode by discussing the civil fraud trial in New York City, during which Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that Trump deceived banks and financial institutions by inflating the value of his properties Tuesday, ordering the revocation of the former president’s business license.

“I think they’ve come to the conclusion that Trump is an existential threat and by association, half the country is to their vision of what they want to transform us into, and so they feel that whatever means necessary are justified,” Hanson told Carlson.

Hanson noted that Democrats were targeting institutions, including the electoral college, the Senate filibuster and the border.

“They feel that they’re at a stage now where their agenda doesn’t appeal to 51% of the people, and they either have to bring in new constituencies or change the system, the entire system of which we’re acculturated to, to retain power, and that’s what they’re willing to do,” Hanson said.

“We don’t realize we’re in the middle of a revolution,” Hanson added later. “We think that we’re still playing within the same sidelines or parameters, and we’re not. Everything’s under negotiation.”

Hanson noted that conservatives were speaking up, but also that they were fighting a culture in the Republican Party that preferred to “lose nobly” as opposed to winning elections in an “ugly” manner.

“There are legitimate efforts to rectify and stop this madness, and let’s see what happens in 2024,” Hanson said. “But I don’t think it works anymore to migrate to a red state or to drop out of the popular culture; you’ve got to get control of the political apparatus of the country through elections.”

Hanson noted that while migrating could provide a “great advantage” for a while, it would not be enough.

“You need leaders who will tell people we are in a Jacobin takeover of this country, and the old get-along at any cost does not work,” Hanson said.

Hanson also noted that the civil case in New York was intended to send a message to Trump and his supporters.

“The idea is now that we now have the power to do this, and because we have the power to do it, it’s moral and right, and if you don’t like it, what are you doing to do about it?” Hanson said.

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10 responses to “Revolution’: Tucker Carlson Interviews Victor Davis Hanson”

  1. summitflyer Avatar

    Surely ,the powers that be ,want Trump gone so badly ,they are willing to destroy the USA with any means possible ,just so Trump never sits in the white House again as president.Personally I think that the existing political atmosphere in the US is so corrupt that I don’t think it will make a difference who gets to be the next President. The CIA and apparatchiks will run the show anyway which means that the Western world is doomed .Batten down the hatches folks the political weather looks very dismal .My apologies for the negativity ,but when it comes to North America ,both the US and Canada ,it is very hard to find something to look forward to .

    1. braithwa842 Avatar

      Freedom of speech is vital to a democracy. It is currently being dismantled. The UK has passed its “Internet safety” bill, which has placed a government agency, Offcom, in charge of internet censorship. They can order any blogger to be censored, and if free speech tech giants (e.g. Rumble or Rokfin) refuse, they can block internet access to it from the UK. If it was the UK alone, then the USA, which has a constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech, can be the free speech beacon that hosts free speech platforms. But alas, now Canada has a censorship bill that will extend the censorship envelope. The rest of the outer 5 eyes nations, Australia and New Zealand have their own censorship laws. So while the USA’s constitutional freedom of speech will still apply to those living in the USA, in reality a tech giant will be forced to comply with censorship in order to get the wider audience. Thus we are about to have effective blanket censorship across 5 eyes nations and across Europe, which already imprisons those who speak out.

      1. braithwa842 Avatar

        UPDATE: Its happening now :- The Australian government is now proposing a Mis/Dis information bill which will give them powers to decide what is mis or dis information and make it illegal for social media companies to distribute. That pretty much completes the circle. Theoretically the USA constitution protects freedom of speech within the USA itself, but in practice the USA government can require its 5 eyes puppets to censor news that it does not like. The UK, Canada and Australia are passing laws to make it so.

  2. graham pearson Avatar
    graham pearson

    Russia, Putin, Xi: 3 words that change the woerld.

  3. Robert Billyard Avatar

    Anarchy is what happens when democracy is abandoned. This is what happens when accountability is thrown out the window and corruption becomes systemic. Don’t try to dignify it by calling it a revolution.

    1. exot1c Avatar

      I would like to note that America has been in a state of anarchy since independence was declared. Americans have always strived for personal freedom from everyone, including from the government, and the ideas of revolution were very close to them, if only because this was taught in school. But anarchy is complete freedom from everything, including from the government, and the main idea of anarchism is revolution. Which, by definition, makes every American a convinced anarchist. American freedom and anarchism have so much in common that their differences can be ignored. And this leads to some very interesting thoughts about the nature of American «democracy».

  4. Paineite Avatar

    Talk about victim-splaining. Who’s the snowflake now ?

  5. Frank Scafani Avatar
    Frank Scafani

    Why is everyone counting out RFK?

  6. Kadath Actual Avatar
    Kadath Actual

    “Hanson noted that conservatives were speaking up, but also that they were fighting a culture in the Republican Party that preferred to “lose nobly” as opposed to winning elections in an “ugly” manner.”

    Hanson is often a good read, but this statement is near nonsensical, and the ‘near’ is being too generous. Anyone who has ever done suspension or brake work on their own car in the rust belt knows well what a ‘breaker bar’ is. Not only do you own an assortment of 3/8 and 1/2 breaker bars, but you probably cut a length of pipe at some point to slip over it for added leverage.

    Once you crack loose that galvanically welded fastener, employing the force of the breaker bar, the now defeated nut can be fully loosed with a mere ratchet, requiring little force to remove entirely, at that point.

    The Republican party is the legacy BUSINESS party – the faction that literally created the political party in the US, against all warnings issued at that time. This is the same entity that took a convention that had ONLY been legally empowered to revise the funding/spending arrangements within the AoC and scrapped it entirely, while replacing it with fully centralized govt.

    The intellectually curious would out of necessity need to ask themselves, why is it that in all the locales in the North East and Industrial North that were the literal birth places of Federalists, Whiggery, and the Republican party, in that order, have they lost total control and seen near total societal collapse? That would be an honest question for an honest review.

    The reason is that when you do something illegal, unethical and wrong, you do not ever correct unless that original wrong is addressed and acknowledged – it will only fester, get worse and do ever more damage. We have a society now run by private central banks that Hamilton’s Federalist faction could have only dreamed of, and their distant Republican successors gave us outsourcing of America’s economic / manufacturing power and the insourcing of masses of foreign alien illegal entrants, for which they have been handsomely compensated by global business interests.

    The Democrat party offered some initial resistance largely due to union concerns, but as the party and the unions received their own business deals we developed into a system in which two BUSINESS parties rule with monopoly, without competition, which is far worse than a mere factional party system.

    Effectively, the Republicans served as the well compensated Breaker Bar, that cracked open the society by entrenching outsourcing of industry to the third world (note Newt’s and Pelosi’s vote) –

    And under Reagan they cracked the rusty nut loose to flood the nation with cheap alien illegal labor to the glee of the Chamber of Commerce, while turning the nations foreign policy over to murderous Neocons (who managed to fund the rise of Al Qaeda).

    If you do one thing illegal, wrong or unethical you are fully responsible for all consequences.
    The fact that the Democrat party became the forum for bizarre race lobbies and those seeking to reverse engineer the Republican treasonous acts to their own gain, or even amplify on them, does not change the reality that the Republicans served as the breaker bar, and once the boulder is started in motion downhill, gravity does the rest of the work.

    One thing notable about Gaetz / Speakership vote – Gaetz, to his credit is the only member I am aware of who claims to self fund entirely from private donations, and who turns down all lobbyist ‘payments’. As to my preceding ‘original wrong’ observation, how do you propose to fix a system is which money is now speech and advocacy has a price tag? The answer is, you cant, because this started with deceit and corruption, and that boulder has now picked up a lot of steam, heading irreversibly down hill.

    1. braithwa842 Avatar

      You used paragraphs. Can you tell us all how to make them here?