Putin outlines desired principles of international relations

Russian President Vladimir Putin listed six principles for international relations: an open, interconnected, diverse world; maximum representation; collective decision-making; universal security; access to modern development without exploitation; and equality. He stressed the need to consider the interests of all nations, large and small.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has named six key principles that international relations should be built upon. The president made the remarks on Thursday as he spoke at the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi.

Moscow understands what it wants to achieve when it comes to building international relations, Putin stated, but he admitted that such a complex process can be very difficult to predict and “life might and will certainly make its own adjustments.” The Russian president then outlined six points he believes should serve as foundations for international relations.

“We want to live in an open, interconnected world in which no one will ever try to erect artificial barriers to people’s communication, creativity, and prosperity,” Putin said, adding that Moscow strives to not only preserve the world’s diversity, but to make said diversity the “foundation of universal development.”

Russia also believes the world’s countries must have “maximum representation,” so that no one nation can assert their will upon any other.

“No one has the right and cannot rule the world for others or on behalf of others. The world of the future is a world of collective decisions made at those levels at which they are most effective, and by those participants who are truly capable of making a significant contribution to resolving a specific problem,” he explained.

Russia also believes in the principle of security for all, which would ensure a “lasting peace, built on respect for the interests of everyone, from great, large states to small countries,” the president said.

“We have been talking for decades about the indivisibility of security, about the fact that it is impossible to ensure the security of some at the expense of the security of others. Indeed, harmony in this area is achievable. You just need to put aside pride, arrogance and stop regarding others as second-class partners or as outcasts or savages,” Putin noted.

He stressed the importance of “universal justice,” declaring that no nation should be exploited by another. “Everyone should be provided with access to the benefits of modern development, and attempts to limit it for any country or people should be considered an act of aggression, exactly that,” the president explained. Finally, Putin emphasized equality, as “no one is ready to obey, to make their interests and needs dependent on anyone, and, in particular, on the richer and more powerful anymore.”

“This is not just a natural state of the international community; it is the quintessence of the entire historical experience of mankind,” the Russian president concluded.

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6 responses to “Putin outlines desired principles of international relations”

  1. summitflyer Avatar

    How could anyone have an argument with what is proposed for humanity .Surely these ideas and proposals come inspiration from a higher source.

    1. scrdmgl Avatar

      Warmongers exist on both sides of the ideological divide, being myself on the anti US Empire front, sometimes my opinions and position might appear extremist and irresponsible.
      However nothing is farthest from the truth, an uncompromising fighter for regime change since an early age, I feel that the only hope for humanity lies in regime change, and the outright move to a Socialist regime (Eugene Debbs Socialism). Certainly not in the Stalinist mold, however a society with a regime in full control of government intervention at all levels, is the only viable alternative to ensure success for the process. The utopic alternative proposed by Mr. Putin, is fatally flawed since it finds solace and solutions to humanity, within the loving embrace of capitalism which is in fact a contradiction in terms. No true fairness and equality can exist in a regime that allows for the existence of an upper class running the affairs of state for its own and exclusive benefit, even allowing the great mass of the population to access the crumbs falling from their grotesquely opulent dining table. That’s why his proposal is fully compromised from the very start. His country despite its incredible riches, still is a society of privilege and obscene privilege of an oligarchic class in firm control of the very life of the nation. Not an attractive proposition to me, or for any true believer in another type of equalitarian form of government.
      No doubt the present hegemon in control of the world’s destiny the US Evil Empire, must and will inevitably fall from power, however there’s still another vital step in the new world order that must take place sooner or later. Otherwise, the elites will develop new and ingenious ways, to continue their exploitation of 99% of the population, all the rest is an utter fallacy and misrepresentation of a clear reality. For the time being, one small step for man and later a giant leap for humanity.
      So be it.

      1. exot1c Avatar

        Vladmir Putin is talking about creating fairer international relations, not about creating an ideal society in a particular country.

  2. scrdmgl Avatar

    That’s exactly the point my friend. Without a solution to the root problem of capitalist society. Under that regime humanity will not move forward to peace and prosperity but will be involved in wars of conquest, oppression and exploitation of even their own population. I recommend to all of you to watch free videos of Moscow streets not only at night but also during the day. You will see lots of beautiful young boys and girls dressed to the hilt such as we don’t see not even in downtown Toronto and multitude of brand new BMWs, Mercedes and Ferraris driven by the sons and daughters of the oligarchs that support the Putin administration. Oligarchs that were given the riches of the Russian people for free, after traitor Yeltsin took over power in 1991. Russia is a very unequal and exploited society, I also watch videos on Youtube from the interior of Russia, and the people when asked about their lives, the majority tell you that they dream about the good old days of the Soviet regime when people had many advantages that today are gone under oligarchic rule. Ignorance is bliss for many people when they ignore the reality of the situation.

    1. exot1c Avatar

      Compare Russia in 2000 with Russia in 2023. And you will see a huge difference between what was and what has become. Over the past 23 years, the Russian government has achieved a lot despite sanctions and export restrictions. Some sanctions have been in force against Russia for more than 100 years, since 1919, no one has lifted them, and restrictions on the export of double-name goods as well as the export of technology have not been canceled either. Russia has lived under Western restrictions for decades and has achieved impressive results. But despite this, the government still has a lot of work to do. Because under constant restrictions, 23 years is too short a period to restore and change everything that was destroyed. And by the way, people who say they dream of returning to the USSR are actually dreaming of a golden age. Just like Americans who idealize the past dream of returning to the golden times of America. But naturally, few Americans today would want to live in 1950. They just dream of a calm and stable life.

      1. scrdmgl Avatar

        I’m not referring to dreams of ‘Paradise Lost’ but a clear reality affecting not only Russia but the whole world at large. Again there is no escape to the fact that Capitalism (with a little help from Calvinist doctrine and religious dogma) is the root cause of all that is unjust, oppressive and supportive of domination by force of arms. Policy that was never in practice by Soviet Russia particularly after Stalin’s death. As for America ‘Golden Age’ at the best of times, it was based on foreign exploitation of weaker undeveloped countries with support from traitor local elites. This process started in 1898 with a fabricated Spanish-American War that ended up giving the nascent US Empire, Cuba, Puerto Rico and after a bloody campaign against the people of the Philippines who resisted the invasion, control of that country and expansion into the Pacific ocean. Since then, America’s ‘prosperity’ has been based in theft and criminality, so don’t talk about Golden Age which is a myth based on foreign blood and suffering.