Something BIG is happening in Ukraine, Putin stays quiet

By Clayton Morris

Something big is about to happen in Ukraine. Is Putin about to launch a pre-winter offensive now that Ukraine has exhausted all of its resources? Logistical signs are showing newly built railway tracks and large troop movements on the Russian side. Also multiple reports over the past 48 hours show an increased number of young Ukrainian men racing to get the hell out of Ukraine.

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2 responses to “Something BIG is happening in Ukraine, Putin stays quiet”

  1. Woopy Avatar

    As long as the axis of evil refuses to negotiate peace with Russia and the Russian people want the debacle finished it’s very possible that Russia will begin to finish it’s cleanup of Ukraine. The Russians have been more than patient with the problem. Furthermore Russia doesn’t want Ukraine, Russia wants to live in peace. Ukraine has nothing that Russia wants or needs.

    1. Nina Sakun Avatar

      ukraine has nothing that russia wants, unless you exclude their land and the black sea. they were certainly eager to invade with hundreds of thousands of soldiers and long lines of tanks etc. and all for nothing. it was just a little exercise. they wanted to have some fun and the ukrainians took it the wrong way. and not they refuse to negotiate peace with people who just came to play with them