This is what Zionists think of our Arab brothers

Read it and weep.





4 responses to “This is what Zionists think of our Arab brothers”

  1. Prometheus Avatar

    Psychotic rationalisations of primitive sectarian/tribal monstrosity.
    And ‘the West’ has bought the monocular delusion, hook, line and sinker.
    Brace for the lunatic Samson option.

  2. shaz48 Avatar

    A stone tablet was found in a ziggurat near UR, Baghdad .. with Cuneiform writing, deciphered by Dr. Z. Sitchin, with carbon dating showing writing carved was more than 10,000 yrs old by Anunnaki. That stone was brought back to USA & put in museum. Writing says: ” We have made these human slaves in our form to assist us & do our mining work (Anunnaki came to earth and did mining for gold). Now they have quickly multiplied & have become too large a population difficult to control. It is time to give them different languages to make blocks and be separated from each other, and then to give them different beliefs, so that they then start killing each other … This way we can then control them”; So, now we have many language blocks, many different religions, different colors, hatred implanted. ….. We (our spirits) are here on earth as punishment by God and once our punishment (penance) is over, we (our spirits) then we go back from where we came. So, hatred is a punishment implanted & uncontrollable.

  3. Woopy Avatar

    A quote by Ariel Sharon went something like this, “grab all the land you can, by the time anyone figures out that the land isn’t ours it will be too late for them to get it back”.

    Im 2001 when Sharon was asked if he was worried about Americans knowing that he’d murdered so many Palestinians and stolen so much land he responded, “America this America that, we the Jewish people control America”. Sharon bragged that he’d killed 750 Palestinians with one blow. The white Jew supremacy in Israel to this day believes that they are superior to all others.

  4. Woopy Avatar

    Aerial Sharon, butcher of the Middle East stated that the white Jews in Palestine should grab all the land that they could grab and when they were finally found out it would be too late for anybody to take it away from them. Sharon also liked to brag about the number of Palestinians that he’d killed. One of his favorites was when he would speak of killing 750 Palestinians with one blow. In 2001 well being interviewed by a reporter who asked him if he was worried about the Americans finding out about what he’d been doing. His reply was America this America that, we the Jewish people control America.