Israels Final Solution their REAL PLAN Plan for Palastine

By Kevork Almassian

Ex-Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister and senior diplomat Danny Ayalon told Al-Jazeera, – “Go to the Sinai Dessert.. the International community will build them cities and give them food. Egypt ought to play ball with it”

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7 responses to “Israels Final Solution their REAL PLAN Plan for Palastine”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    Palestine deserve to get justice, their country was robbed from them!!! Its un acceptable. All this chaos was brought about by the British and Americans imperialists. The world community should defend the them at all costs. Their land is their life.

  2. THOMAS ADAMS Avatar

    The Jews have long published their plans and intentions; they plan to interfere inside all the other Middle East States, to emasculate them to the point of devastation and weakness, so that they will be ungovernable and incapable to object or resist, the Jewish plan to re-create their Greater Israel, which will be established on most of Libya Egypt, all of Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. All of these Nations are in great trouble as we speak, and the Jewish plans are well advanced; just Google “GREATER ISRAEL” CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELVES. Also read the Talmud, which instructs the Jews thus: Quote: “By deception thou shall succeed”.Non of this is antisemitism, it is straight reporting of the facts.

    1. Woopy Avatar

      Reporting the facts is exactly what the white supremacy of Israel cannot accept. People are murdered, lose their jobs, homes, and tortured by the white supremists for reporting facts.

  3. Akram Avatar

    Historically , how many times have jews been subjected to quasi massacres or expulsions ?? Why ?? Is there a lesson here ?

    1. Woopy Avatar

      The white supremists of Israel have claimed “victomhood” from their inception in 600ad forward. Victomhood is their survival modus operandi and it has paid them handsomely.

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