So…  Another Unprovoked War?

By Paul Edwards

So…  another unprovoked war?  The attack by Hamas on Israel, like Russia’s attack on Ukraine, waswards totally unprovoked, and had no cause!  Palestinian terrorists attacked a perfectly innocent people.  What can have been the motive for such barbarism?  Was it—as was the case in 9/11—hatred of their freedom?

This is now a trend.  The model for it was the attack on the Towers by Iraqi Arab terrorists, for no reason but hatred of our freedom.  Well, okay, they weren’t Iraqis, they were Saudis, but still… After we enriched their rulers by buying their oil and kept them in power with our military: where was their gratitude?

The most flagrant of unprovoked wars was, of course, Russia’s.  For no reason and without warning, they attacked Ukraine.  Note that in all three cases, the victims were thriving democracies while the attackers were mad terrorists.  These unprovoked madmen (e.g., Putin) must be unequivocally condemned, and their victims empowered.  Justice demands it.

How tired are you of being subjected to this shameless, brazen bullshit by the propaganda apparatuses of the most vicious, brutal, dishonest regimes in the world today?

The U.S. political establishment and its media are unanimous in  outraged condemnation of the Hamas attack, including the total destruction of Gaza, sharing the pretense that the civilian cost can be minimized.  There is nothing new in this hysteria, nor the revenge desired, though Israel has held the Palestinians hostage in a ghetto prison for decades while murdering them piecemeal.

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The concept of the “unprovoked attack/war” has become the cliche pejorative since it was made the explanation of 9/11.  It was not original: it has served through history as a rationale for military reprisal when justification had to be created because there was none.  The 9/11 attack had to be cast as pure evil; indeed, with no cause at all, to allow invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq.  This propaganda only worked on those ignorant of America’s long history of subversion, betrayal, and exploitation of Arab peoples by propping up militarily the corrupt, absolutist toadies installed to rule them for Capitalism’s benefit.  Those ignorant comprise nearly all Americans.  As Bitter Bierce said, “War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.” 

Unprovoked was the term used to condemn Russia’s SMO in entering putrefying Ukraine to defend ethnic Russian Ukrainians in Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk from ruthless bombardment by the dominant Azov and Right Sektor Bandera Nazis who ran the Ukraine government.  It is now stridently used to vilify Hamas’ surprise attack on Zionist Israel, that Apartheid Monster Machine that stole their homeland, mercilessly drove Palestinians out and imprisoned them, humiliating, debasing and murdering them for decades.  Unprovoked… The Hamas attack was unprovoked. 

Consider… In all three cases, the term was used to validate military ferocity as a moral response to acts of violence inflicted supposedly without provocation.  Reflect that America has been directly involved in each, if not as prime mover, then as the power and money behind it.  America destroyed the shaky stability of the entire Arab world with its celebratory, overkill massacre of the innocent populations of Afghanistan and Iraq to avenge the acts of a tiny cadre of zealous criminals.  America promoted, funded and insisted on the war in Ukraine for one reason, as its top officials emphasized: to weaken Russia and break it.  America is now the head cheerleader for Israel, sworn to back it militarily as it threatens to destroy the entire population of Gaza. 

Acting with summary brutality to achieve its ends, regardless of consequences, is nothing unusual with empires.  They have all done it, historically.  The question that Americans should ask themselves during the current disaster in Gaza but won’t, is this: how long do they suppose that shielding themselves in a base, cowardly refusal to understand and oppose their nation’s violent aggression everywhere will preserve their privileged immunity from richly deserved, impending karma and deadly blowback?

Driven by voracious Capitalism, and infatuated with its tawdry magnificence, The Empire has pursued the receding chimera of absolute hegemony over the world, of Full Spectrum Dominance enforced by its insane threat of precipitating universal death for humanity and all life.  It is a rule history shows irrevocable that no single power can dominate the species. Those that tried have been destroyed without exception.  The American Empire has had, for better and worse, its run.  It is now in its terminal phase, and, desperate for dominance, it will hazard our futures because it is incapable of altering its internal imperative.  It is, in a real sense, beyond reason, on autopilot, its fixed course unalterably locked down on the goal of its own destruction.

All previous empires, in their downfall, disturbed the life within their purview.  Those that fell within recent memory shook the life of the whole industrially developed world.  None presented the prospect of potentially ending life on earth.  Until now.

This is why the idea of waking Americans to their peril, due to their empire’s senile madness is desperately sad.  For they have no voice, no moral agency.  They are more captive than the Palestinian people mentally and emotionally; and far less free morally and spiritually.  After generations of indoctrination they have neither the vision nor the moral courage to break out of their  invisible, existential maximum security prison.

The most evil and unprovoked attack in all history was that of Capitalism on defenseless, naive American minds.

Paul Edwards is a writer and film-maker in Montana. He can be reached at:

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12 responses to “So…  Another Unprovoked War?”

  1. Jack Lomax Avatar

    The ruling class of the British empire was infiltrated by rich Jews in the second part of the 19th C in spite of the futile protests of the non Jewish English capitalists . The same process was begun at around the same period in the American empire and as the process matured capitalism was finally owned by them. Ironically after the Jews assassinated Lenin the large Jewish element in the anti capitalist ruling Bolsheviks choice a complainant gentile Stalin as the leader of the USSR. So of course come1947 the newly formed UNO gave a large chunk of Palestine to the Zionists to call Israel and they cleared out the Palestinians in the NAKBA the tragedy. In the decades after that much larger chunks were seized by the Jews. Truly a tale of tragedy of Shakespearean dimensions.. Now some of the angry and desperate Palestinians have lashed out in a futile and inexcusable murderous rage. Their crimes are now going to be dwarfed by the mighty psychopathic Zionists and excused by the US and UK .

    1. Woopy Avatar

      The Balfour agreement between London and the Rothschild consortium gave Palestine to the world Jewish council and the US military to England in return to help England fight Germany in 1917. Palestine didn’t belong to England nor did the Rothschild have the right to offer the US military. However as Ariel Sharon said in 2021, “we the Jewish people control America”. The rest is history.

      1. Disadvantaged Avatar


        You are correct in your reply. You should have mentioned how President Wilson was forced to go to war with Germany. Did you know Germany made a peace proposal in 1916 to end the war and Britain was seriously considering the proposal which would have ended the war in 1916? It did not happen because of the Zionist organizations.

  2. Woopy Avatar

    The US government is fueled by unreality fed to them through think tanks such as the New American Century and others. Our congressmen are more often than not more dumbed down than the people that they supposedly represent. The dumbing down of the US has been ongoing for over 100 years and counting. However the unreality horse being ridden by the US government may be on its last legs. When the horse called “unreality” falls we might see a major reckoning in the US government such as a political/economic crash simultaneously. This can happen when the US government realizes that they no longer are king of the world hill. When they realize how badly they’ve lost their proxy war against Russia things may hit the fan big time. This possible phenomenon has made me think about buying gold for the first time in my life.

    1. Jack Lomax Avatar

      If things go really bad Woopy ,and they look like they might, buying a shroud may be more useful than buying gold.

      1. Billyv Avatar

        Never seen a rich person in a shroud

  3. doug Avatar

    Biden has 2 hot proxy wars so far. The US/NATO UKRAINE vs RUSSIA, and now the US/ISRAEL vs HAMAS/HEZBULLAH/IRAN. US/TAIWAN vs CHINA seems imminent. The US is committing military/economic/political suicide. Bonzai Biden the senile war president.

  4. Maskeen Avatar

    Everything the Israelis have done since 7 October has been a provocation for Arabs and Muslims to begin war with Israel. This includes the latest massacre bombing of the Baptist hospital. This includes the cutting off of fuel electricity water food. This includes carpet bombing entire neighborhoods and killing entire families. The Israelis are wondering how much more atrocities must we commit before all out war is declared.That’s why there are 2 aircraft carriers there and US troops expected to be deployed

  5. Gene Avatar

    Terrorism in broad daylight. For decades, the so-called Nazi barbarism and crimes are fabricated and exaggerated to allow Israel and the US to commit whatever crimes against the Palestinians.

  6. Wayne sumners Avatar
    Wayne sumners

    Looks like a reset is looming. I sincerely hope that israel and its henchmen are eradicated completely. The stain that this group will leave us will take thousands of years to erase.

  7. Siew Wong Avatar
    Siew Wong

    Any sane individual can conclude that the USA is the world’s biggest bully and evilest nation – unparalleled in human history. It employs its military might to bully, threaten, subjugate and destroy nations that did not capitulate to its selfish demands. The US political elites, the Neocons and the Deep State that control the country and the world, think and talk about military and war matters 24/7. They are a bunch of warmongers and war maniacs through and through. They have found an effective method to control and subjugate the whole world – their military might. Instead of caring for the well-being of its own citizens, these mad men prefer to spend immense amount of money to produce more deadly and effective hardware to destroy people and property. They should be ashamed of themselves: people who are devoid of decency, morality, integrity, conscience and reason. Like the former CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, who bragged about his time at the CIA in a public speech at the Texas A&M University on 04/15/2019: “WE STOLE, WE LIED AND WE CHEATED.” This is the exact behaviour of the US government. The US regime acts pugnaciously and without compunction worldwide; they act as if they own the world. To them, they can do no evil or harm – it is others that are capable of egregious acts. The world must wake up and rise against this monster regime before it destroys the world with a war that ends all wars (mad men are capable of doing anything as they are incapable of rational thinking and reasoning). I have zero respect for this evil regime.

    1. meofbillions Avatar

      Condemn Hamas
      – – –

      I condemn Hamas
      For what?

      And Jews are. . .
      Condemn Hamas.
      For what?

      But Jews are now. . .
      Condemn Hamas!
      I do!
      For what?
      What took you so long?

      But Jews are now committing. . .
      Condemn Hamas!!
      I do!
      For what?

      But, please, Jews are now. . .
      Making phone calls
      Texting people to run
      “Most moral army”