A Crack in the Matrix?

By Tom Feeley

April 15, 2020 “Information Clearing House” – No matter where you are, or how you perceive yourself and the life that you have lived, I want you to know that I love you. Yes, I know that you have done things that you feel ashamed of and yes I know that you have brought peace to others during your evolution as a member of our human species. This is what it is to be human, to bathe in the pain and the beauty, knowing that neither would have value it the other did not exist.

My eyes fill with tears not because I am afraid or sad, rather I am filled with gratitude for your existence.

There are many within our community who are experiencing great challenges and are feeling scared and unsure of the future. In these times we discover who we are. Beyond our bravado and laughter lies fear. Unsure what or whom to believe we see ourselves as helpless in face of a system that values money, armaments and power as our Gods. We treasure these trinkets, more than we do humanity itself. Perhaps life would have a different outcome if we lived as described by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

 Gaza may well be the crack that lets the light in, where we begin to see ourselves for what we are.

Everybody who lives, has lived or is yet to be born is just a reflection of ourselves. We live in different cultures, prisoners of a matrix that was given to us over many generations, forced down our throats as “truth” by people who knew no better. We have found that there is nothing that will fill the empty spaces that exists in all of us.  Education, money or power have not been a path to life’s fulfillment. Those of us who walked along that path will testify that success in these areas were just another drug, which we were compelled to consume.

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Surely now we can accept that our systems don’t work. Surely, we can imagine a better way, where no one is left unloved or uncared for. A world based on reality, not the children’s stories that are the foundation of most cultures.

In closing let me say. There is only one reason for dong the right thing, and that is, because its the right thing to do. Do it not for accolades, appreciation, acceptance, ego, money or power, these things have no value. Do it without rewards. Just do it.

Tom Feeley, Editor InformationClearinHouse.info ; editor@informationclearinghouse.blog

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5 responses to “A Crack in the Matrix?”

  1. paul edwards Avatar
    paul edwards

    A fine, humane and loving message, Tom. My respects.

  2. Michael Ruddy Avatar
    Michael Ruddy

    The system of government in the USA, needs to be changed. All USA politicians are bought and paid for shills for various Corporate Interests, and most notably the Jewish Lobby AIPAC.
    The U.S. Government no longer represents or cares about the wellbeing of the American People. We need another American Revolution!

    1. Woopy Avatar

      True that that the Washington DC government is not a government of, for, or by the people and if it ever was sure didn’t show it. Whatever it was in the past has morphed into a plutocracy controlled by oligarchs that are often duel citizens or not citizens at all.

  3. Mene Mene Tekel Eupharsin Avatar
    Mene Mene Tekel Eupharsin

    As long as breathe exists in me, as long as this fire burns, my gaze shall be to shake the heavens and earth. I was born to resist, I exist to defy, and to only one shall my knee bow and to whose word I shall comply.

    Greater love have no man than this, one who gives his life for his friends.

    Of a certainty it has been declared and so it shall be, that in the end, Truth Shall Reign Supreme.

  4. Christie Avatar

    Thank you for your continued loving commitment, Tom. Your efforts with ICH keep us all going.