Israel is a Terrorist State

By Double Down News

Israel has killed over 1000 children, where’s the outrage?”

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12 responses to “Israel is a Terrorist State”

  1. scrdmgl Avatar

    The Zionist entity has been surpassed in criminal activities long ago by its main supporter in the world, The United States of America. Regime that has obliterated millions and utterly destroyed whole countries since it emergence into the global scene in 1898, after the created Spanish American War. Just as a example of its wave of death and destruction, in Vietnam alone 2.5+ millions were killed and countless more made invalids or crippled for life. As far as children is concerned, a Zionist Jew by the name of Madelaine Albright now deceased, boasted that the 500 thousands Iraqi children death of malnutrition due to the US embargo, was ‘worth it’ in her opinion.
    These human monsters within Israel and American political circles, are the same today as they always were. They fall in line with the worst genocidal actions used by Nazi Germany in its war of ethnic cleansing. I realize that these true facts are hard to swallow even by the most sincere American critic of the US regime for obvious reasons, but unfortunately is true.
    You all know that I’m not religious, but I respect those sincere and honest individuals who follow their beliefs without any prejudice or malice against other people or religious group.
    That’s why I can not forget the words of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, an Iranian religious leader long deceased who described the actions of the US Evil Empire in these immortal words: ‘The origin of all evil in the world, is in the United States of America’, truer words were never spoken.
    Concerning the Zionist political movement which hides behind a facade of non existing religious belief, I recommend a recent video by Scott Ritter on Youtube called
    ‘Trudeau’s Nazi debacle a huge defeat for Nazi Ukraine’. Illuminating to say the least about the 150 years old Zionist political ideology. We must have the unambiguous courage, to propose and support the dismantling of this infernal killing machine, at any cost since it is beyond redemption.

  2. Jack Lomax Avatar
    Jack Lomax

    That Israel is a terrorist State there can be no reasonable doubt .The first highly organised and highly efficient terrorists were the Stern Gang who organised and discharged the bombing of the King David Hotel in what is now Israel killing large numbers of British servicemen’s wives and children. The they later became foundation members of the first Israeli government. Formed by terrorists and with a continuous line until this very day

  3. Woopy Avatar

    Killing 4000 children for the Israeli white supremacy is only a days work. The white supremists of Israel have murdered millions over the last several decades.

  4. michael english Avatar
    michael english

    Wherever you look for some reason there is a Jew, So few of them too. Despite their wonderful contributions to science and philosophy and music they are historically despised. Why? To my eye they are an ugly people and quite vulgar and when America has destroyed itself as it should the Jews will probably appear in China where they will be as an even larger minority but still being for ever Jewish. Of course the bravest and best critics of their lying ways are also Jews. Even that they do better than anyone else.

    1. Woopy Avatar

      Yes, Jews whether they are Germans, Russians, etc have contributed to the advancement of our humanity. If course Christians, Muslims, and others have also contributed. Take away the Christian, Jew, Muslim, labels and they would still be human beings contributing to humanity saying it’s not the religion handle that is the cause of the contribution, it’s the person. The reason sometimes seen with what you call dislikes of Jewish people seems to lie in their claims of being superior to others, plus their anti human rights behavior. When they are caught in criminal activities their mantra is normally, “we are victims” and never taking responsibility for their actions because in their beliefs “they are superior” to all others and therefore are immune from all laws. It’s all about their superiority, we are victims; never taking responsibility for their actions. Ask any Palestinian, Syrian, , Lebanese, etc, they can tell you all about it.

    2. Not Jewish Avatar
      Not Jewish

      Your blatant anti-Semitism is showing.

      1. shaz48 Avatar

        Whenever there is no defense or enough countering arguments to cover the atrocities, massacre, slaughter, mass murder & terrorism of civilians, women, children, babies by these Zionist extremists in Palestine & Occupied Palestine, then anyone raising voice against such atrocities & blatant murders & killing is best to be branded as “anti-semetics” and its best to hide behind the wall of anti-semetism. Be brave to face the truth;

      2. shaz48 Avatar

        So, what is written is true, but since there is no counter argument or defense to negate the truth, it then is best to hide behind the wall of “anti-semetic” .. Yes ????

  5. Gene Avatar

    Israel’s terror on the Palestinians is terrorism as part of Genocide in broad daylight endorsed by the US-led Western regimes. For decades, the so-called “Nazi barbarism” (“Holohoax”) is carefully manufactured and exaggerated to allow Israel and its US-sponsors to commit whatever crimes against the Palestinians.
    Say what you like about the Nazis and their crimes, but the Nazis never bombed hospitals full of Jewish children. No Jew went hungry in the “Concentration Camps”.
    No Moslem ever spat on a Christian priest in Jerusalem. Jews are doing it every day and justify it as a Jewish tradition. Don’t dare to critique Jews or challenge the highly fabricated Jewish history. You will be finished.

  6. Sem Abdul-Hamid el Ayoubi Avatar

    I said it several times, HOLOCAUST 2.0 is underway and believe me, I shall not have mercy on those Khazarian and dirty zionists.

  7. hymancohen Avatar

    When will we learn? There is good reason why these people have been thrown out of countless countries. Always oy veying we dindo nuffin!

    See Rev 2-8 KJV for an accurate description

  8. Sfordham Avatar

    Fortunately not all Jews are the same. The terroristic evil racist Jews went to Israel.
    The core of evil resides in that occupied stolen country.