Norman Finkelstein on why he won’t be silent about Israeli crimes


Renowned Jewish author Norman Finkelstein is an outspoken critic of Israel. And in one famous video, he explains exactly why he won’t be silent about Israeli crimes against Palestinian people.

After a speech Finkelstein made, he faced hostility from Israel apologists, who called his words offensive. But his response was as powerful as it was damning. He said:

Norman Finkelstein BLASTS Israel’s ‘Extermination’ Plan

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15 responses to “Norman Finkelstein on why he won’t be silent about Israeli crimes”

  1. tamarque Avatar

    Many of us are not being silent. People are out on the street writing letters and emails making phone calls protesting US support for Israel and demanding various actions, legal ones, against Israel.

    What is not addressed by Finkelstein is the 75 yr Occupation with all its illegalities by Israel. Also ignored is the original plan of Zionism 100yr ago was to remove the Palestinians as if they were of no consequence. Some call this the ultimate anti-semitic event as Palestinians are seen by many to be Semitic people themselves. By this thinking Israel has gotten away with wholesale murder and genocidal behavior for decades. And must be added to this is the fact that Israel was not under attack for 75 yrs by these people but in fact has always been the prime aggressor with a murderous, genocidal intent.

    What is of importance, too, is international law is on the side of the Palestinians as that law says a people who is being repressed/occupied has the right to do what is necessary to free themselves. It does not say the oppressor State has the right to maintain it inhumane occupation.

    I generally like/support Finkelstein but get very bothered by the ignorance of these bigger context facts. I also abhor the constant propaganda use of the word terrorism for Hamas when Isreal is never referred to that way when in fact its entire program against the Palestinians has always been about terrorizing and traumatizing them, particularly the children. This a population that under the best of conditions will take several generations to work thru enough healing that their children may begin again to be born with healthy body and mind. In fact that Isreal is astounded their military failed them, the damage to these people is quite minimal. 1000 people killed is a minute number given the decades of many 10’s of 1000s of Palestinians murdered as they walk to school, to work, to their orchards going home, etc.

    And last let me note when Finkelsteing references the lessons of the Holocaust he does not mention the issue vengeance. Almost every word coming out of the Fascist Israeli regime is nothing by a well crafted excuse to justify ongoing vengeance for the history of pogroms and genocide. That vengeful attitude, which is not reserved just for Jews in Israel but is certainly widely expressed in Jew’s attitudes here in the US, is at base a major if not the major underpinnings of their disgusting attitudes to any other than white, westernized Jews. Remember that Israel harbors intense racism to dark skinned Jews almost as deep as their hatred of the Palestinians. Zionism was always a white, eurpean racist philosophy that has been developed due to the interests of the US, UK, etc to have a white supremacist presence in the middle of the oil rich but Arab controlled oil/gas resources. And this is still core to US support for Israel along with its freedom from treaty and international law agreements regarding nuclear, chemical and bioweaponry development. And this political/economic interest needs to discussed at greater length and depth than just this simple reminder of this fact.

    1. Sam Avatar

      Tamarque, you have an unusual depth of understanding here. It’s not that it’s a complex understanding. It’s only that it involves simple truths. It’s unfortunate how simple truths can be twisted so easily by miscreants who have the microphone – who pay to have the microphone.

  2. Guil Cafe Avatar
    Guil Cafe


  3. will brown Avatar
    will brown

    Logic has never been a strong point among the commentariat.

  4. Disadvantaged Avatar

    While everyone is providing their opinions on both sides, the fact still remain that people are still dying. No one has been able to solve this conflict since 1947. So what good are all the replies on this and many other websites as well, when nothing will be solved. That is why I am neutral in regard to this issue.

    1. John m Avatar
      John m

      Remaining neutral is a tacit endorsement of the status quo, your “neutrality” is supporting the oppressor.

      1. Disadvantaged Avatar


        The reason I am neutral is because the issues involved are too complex and has lasted too long to be resolved anymore. I did make one suggestion and that was to moved everyone from the Gaza Strip, Israel, and the West Bank to other countries. That area would become a no man area occupied by U.N. troops that would not allow any one to live in that area.

        The Muslim Palestinians would be moved to other Arab countries including those Muslims in the West Bank. The Israelis would be moved to the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand Those Arabs who are Christians could move to any country that will accept them. The Christians would find it easier to adjust in a Christian country.

        It would take a few years to move everyone provided there is an agreement ahead of time.

        1. Jams O'Donnell Avatar
          Jams O’Donnell

          Your ‘solution’ is not neutral. The Palestinians are descended from various peoples who have lived in the area for thousands of years, including probably jews. The Israelis on the other hand are descended from various peoples who claimed to be Jewish but have not (if they ever did) lived in the area for up to 2000 odd years. The majority of Jews in Israel today are people of European origin. Unless you also see a case for the Greeks to obtain most of the present Turkish and Black Sea coasts, or Mongolia to expand to ten times it’s present size, etc., there is no case for treating the Palestinians in the same way as Jews.

          1. Ray Joseph Cormier Avatar

            “there is no case for treating the Palestinians in the same way as Jews.”

            Why not? Is it the Chosen notion?

            It’s an Old Testament Jewish notion, “You shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbour as yourself.” Or, in Leviticus 19:34: “But treat them just as you treat your own citizens.

          2. Disadvantaged Avatar


            Why go back 2,000 years, why not go back 5,000 years, 10,000 years. The point I was trying to make is that when there is such a heated debate as to who own what, then you might as well deny everyone wanting that area. If this issue is not resolved peacefully, then the only solution is no one should occupy that area.

            If the situation continue, then other countries would start to demand some area occupied by another country that they feel becomes to them. Look at the borders of Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. those borders today are not the same as they were 500 years ago, or 1,000 years ago. That is already happening in a few areas already.

            The only thing that is going to be accomplish is more nations are going to get involved to protect their so called interest, with the final result being a nuclear war. Then it won’t make any different who own what.

          3. Fern Tishman Avatar
            Fern Tishman

            Since 1967 , stolen family properties taken to fund Israeli six day war.

            1964 beginning PLO after JFK assassination
            His asking Israel to inspect Israel’s nuclear facilities;

            9/11/91 a coup named New World Order began by religious groups —- 2 ministers aware of no accountings stolen properties

            Both involved COINTELPRO,
            NWO and George Bush

            1945 George Prescott Busb finding Adolph Hitler

            9/11/01 fore planned controlled demolitions , named appropriately New World Order ;

            Endless genicides;
            Wars taking moneys public resources .

            Today’s war economy, militarititc events —- Yes, Israel is a terrorist state .

            How do we inform people —-massive propaganda for WWIII
            Changing our democracy to fascist corporate congupaid plutocracy ?

            We have no choice but to overcome .

    2. Fern Tishman Avatar
      Fern Tishman

      I have been communicating against war , prejudice and poverty since New World Order coup began 9/11/91.
      All wars made of lies ; politicians not accountable ;
      Bin Laden for 9/11/01 Afghan war
      AlQueda ; drug cartel
      Hussein – USA military complex increased yearly since 9/11/91
      Myths of weapons mass destruction for increasing USA military complex.
      Libya and targeting Khadaffi
      9/11/01 and 19 foreign hijackers bringing down highly secured buildings.

      If people who know don’t communicate truth ;‘that is the worst that can Balken

  5. Gene Avatar

    It powerful speech by Prof. Finkelstein. All Jews weaponize and use the Halohoax to justify the ongoing (75 years) of the Palestinians Genocide.
    Say what you like about the Nazis and their crimes, but the Nazis never bombed hospitals full of Jewish children. No Jew went hungry in the “Concentration Camps”. The Nazis never deliberately targeted and massacred women and children. Jews in Israel are deliberately killing women and Children.
    No Moslem ever spat on a Christian priest in Jerusalem. Jews are doing it every day and justify it as a Jewish tradition. Don’t dare to critique Jews or challenge the highly fabricated Jewish history. You will be finished.

  6. peon Avatar

    Finkelstein’s courage, honesty, and reason, from this goy boy’s perspective and ones like it (many Jewish friends now and through my life and NO love and sparing respect for white, european xtian culture or history) renews my long held faith in Jewish culture. I’m anti-zionist to the extent that it resists a one-state solution and continues occupation, humiliation, and terrorism and brutality to people who lived in the land Ashkenasy take as their own holy land. Damn such psychosis that gives rationality to genocide.

  7. pjones Avatar

    I keep writing all over the internet in comment boards about why Israel is committing war crimes and genocide but it feels like I’m just running on one of those hamster wheels. I live in an area of completely ignorant people who can’t carry a conversation except “if you don’t support Israel you’re supporting Hamas terrorists”. It’s weird. I have no idea what to do. Nothing is working. This is the same conversation we were having forever, but especially so in 2008-2009 and the 2014 bombings.
    This time it’s different. Everyone knows it. Again, I don’t know what to do but when I see babies being pulled out of rubble and open calls for genocide by several Zionist Nationalist State of Israel (ZNSI) Officials, then this may be the last leg for Palestinians.

    I’m disgusted when the ZNSI continues to lie stating Hamas decapitated 40 babies, and saying they lit people on fire and mass raped – when there is no evidence.
    What the evidence trickling in shows is that HAMAS could only breach security with the complicity of the ZNSI. They also had gun battles with IDF and civilians (who are allowed arms unlike Pals). I haven’t seen proof of the 1200 ZNSI murdered. If anyone has proof, by all means let us know. Finklestein was recently on the Jimmy Dore show on Rumble. Worth a watch.

    Also watch Kim Iversen’s interview with Dan Cohen, who lived in Palestinian refugee camps & Gaza for 3 years while he shot his documentary: