True Anti-Semites

By Paul Edwards

A curious effect inevitably results when a trendy term, a slang neologism, or a catch-word is used to death.  It loses all meaning along with its currency and is dropped from hip vocabulary.  This fate impends for the hysterically abused pejorative “anti-Semitic”. 

The term had a legitimate beginning, as used to describe the historic persecution of Jews in ignorant, Christian-indoctrinated Europe where vicious pogroms occurred in many countries over hundreds of years.  It found its perfect application when applied to the industrial-scale murder of Jews by the monstrous Nazi death machine during WWII, which exposed the psychotic prejudice that fueled that detestable, methodical slaughter.

After the horror of the Holocaust was known to the world, the term underwent a subtle modification in connotation, from being a direct indictment of murderous prejudice, to being conceived as a kind of conceptual shield, a defense against any criticism of the de facto transformation, by violence, of Palestine, with its long established population of Arab people, into Israel. 

The chief proponents and prime movers in this transformation, by which the state of Israel was created, from the initiator of the Zionist idea, Theodore Herzl, through Chaim Weitzmann, its forceful lobbyist and Israel’s first President, David Ben-Gurion, its first Premier, and Moshe Dayan, its early Military Chief, were all of one unified mind in regard to that process.  Their intent was to colonize Palestine and forcibly eject the Palestinian people, and it was stated in speech and writing by all of them, without any equivocation or evasion.  They agreed that the Palestinians they intended to displace, remove, and eliminate to create Eretz Israel, were, and would remain, their enemies, but that their expulsion was the only solution, and they would see to it that it was done. 

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The psychotic rape of European Jewry by the Nazis had done more than killed millions of them; it had created such deep and ineradicable horror in those who survived that it became the absolute determinant of their psycho-emotional response to expressed prejudice.  Opposition to the inundation of Palestine by refugee European Jews after WWII was declared anti-Semitic by Zionist officialdom.  This was a shift in use of the term that, in defending the influx of Jews, evaded the point of opposition: the overwhelming of the native population by Jewish immigrants.  Driving this subtle shift in connotation was the determination of Zionist leaders to create a Jewish state, no matter that it could only be done by violence, and the theft of Palestinian land.

In 1948, after months of intermittent mayhem, Zionist organized military power attacked a people with scant means to defend itself.  Palestinians were assaulted in their villages, brutalized and murdered, until some 700 thousand had been evicted from land  their ancestors had held for centuries.  Their claim to the land was historic occupation; the claim of Zionists—fantastic on its face—was based on imaginative legends in which a putative god of ugly, demented ferocity had helped them murderously subdue it thousands of years ago.  This mythic yarn supposedly gave Jews clear title to a land where they had not lived for millennia.

After the Nakba—The Catastrophe, to Palestinians—Jewish rule was supreme.  Hostility in Arab states erupted in wars that Israel, increasingly powerful, won decisively, while abuse of its captive people and serial theft of their land engendered disapproval in much of the world.  As Israel evolved from its Socialist Labor beginnings into a massive Corporate Capitalist, militarist state, it strove to justify itself by making “anti-Semitism” the reason for any challenge of its right to do with Palestinians as it pleased.  The dehumanizing terror Israel inflicted on them, created the backlash of Intifadas, which brought only greater violence from the apartheid military tyranny that Israel had become.

Guilt felt by the vastly wealthy, world Jewish elite for their having escaped Nazi bullets and ovens made them powerful advocates for the establishment of Israel, and they gave enormous sums to promote it, and fund Western political leaders to build influence in their nations.  Their money bought slavish support for Israel in American and European governments, and succeeded in painting all criticism of Israel as “anti-Semitism”, in spite of its brutal record of abusing, punishing, and killing Palestinian people.

Ever more rightist, viciously racist, and totalitarian in its elected status as a Jailer Society, self-mesmerized by its hoary mantra, “Never Again”, and denying any mercy to its victims, there seems now no other choice for Israel but to take its odious, insane inhumanity to the limit, though it will break them.  Hence, their intent to raze Gaza and annihilate the Palestinians, for a suicidal Hamas attack that embarrassed the neo-Nazi Netanyahu regime and showed that Palestinian will to resist cannot be eradicated.

There is, at this moment, no knowing how the Gaza debacle will end.  There may be a ceasefire and no invasion, freezing matters and guaranteeing unending misery, cruelty and strife.  There may be madness that could trigger regional, or even world, war.  All that is certain is that the threadbare cliche of “anti-Semitism” is dead, murdered in public—as Israel has murdered Palestinians— by its most fervent and cynical proponents, the Zionist monsters who own and run Israel.  Its falseness will no longer suffice to camouflage the blatant historic villainy of that criminal state.

And what of the ugly prejudice toward Jews it was always used to condemn?  Has its use eliminated that prejudice in the world?  Or has it functioned to nourish it?  Specifically, has its ghastly blitzkrieg against Palestinians won many hearts and minds to warm admiration of Israel?  I think not.  The horror of Israel’s inhumanity now seen openly has likely broadened and deepened prejudice against all Jews; a grim, ironic result, not deserved by Jews as a people, perpetrated against them by the Zionist criminals who claimed the whole race as complicit in their evil. 

Paul Edwards is a writer and film-maker in Montana. He can be reached at:

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8 responses to “True Anti-Semites”

  1. Woopy Avatar

    Khazars (white Jews) have used “victomhood”, false race claims ,(they claim that they are not Caucasian rather a special race of God), various and sundry claims of others being produce against their “race”, to cover up for their numerous criminal activities ever since they invented themselves as Jews in 600AD. The bottom line is that they are a highly organized white supremacy mafia that plunders, murders, steals. Whenever they are caught, their mantras are always that they are victims of anti-Semitism. They hide their white supremacy behind badges of Judaism, race, and victomhood. Always from their inventing themselves as “Jews in 600AD, they have been victims.

  2. Gene Avatar

    Say what you like about the Nazis and their crimes, but the Nazis never bombed hospitals full of Jewish children. No Jew went hungry in the “Concentration Camps”.
    No Moslem ever spat on a Christian priest in Jerusalem. Jews are doing it every day and justify it as a Jewish tradition. Don’t dare to critique Jews or challenge the highly fabricated Jewish history. You will be finished.

    1. Jack Lomax Avatar
      Jack Lomax

      I agree Gene. I am a long time anti racist and if Jews were poor and defenseless I would want to defend them. But the very opposite is the truth.

  3. braithwa842 Avatar

    The current framing of nearly all western propaganda outlets is “Israel-Hamas War” or “Israel-Hamas Conflict”. Notice that they have all gotten the memo NOT to call it an Israel-Palestine conflict. Like all the framing it is done for a reason, and in this case it is to obscure the fact that the collective punishment is being carried out to the entire population of Gaza, and has been ongoing over the last 70 years in Gaza and the other remnants of Palestine, including the West Bank. You don’t even have to read the article whenever you see propaganda framing like that. You already know it is B.S.

  4. janitor Avatar

    The Holocaust was World War II. Why is it that the suffering of one group is more tragic than all the others who were slaughtered in this war? Solzhenitsyn revealed that “psychotic prejudice” targeted normal individuals of all ethnicities and religions in the gulags, which were not more comfortable than the German concentration camps. Non-Jews were the the majority of the victims of this war. It is “psychotic prejudice” that one vain self-righteous group of “chosen people” can claim for generations that they suffered more than everyone else!

  5. Salim Haidrani Avatar
    Salim Haidrani

    Yesterday in London (21st October 2023), about 300,000 British chanted on the streets of central London:
    1) No justice, no peace
    2) Live Long Gaza, Live Long Palestinian
    3) Shame on Biden
    4) Shame on Sunak
    5) Shame on Starmer
    6) Stop Bombing Gaza
    7) Stop Bombing on Hospitals
    8) Stop Bombing on Churches in Gaza

    We the global community, cannot see what has been happening in Gaza and the destruction of humanity in Gaza – and the Western Democracies and Elected Leaders have given Israel to punish Palestinians.

  6. doug Avatar

    “Never again” should be applied to the formation of another Jewish state.

    1. Arnoldo Alcayaga Avatar
      Arnoldo Alcayaga

      why they hate the Palestinians? Because they have demonstrated overtime that they won’t be intimidated into submission, they will maintain the only resource they have Their Integrity, is no negotiable period