Col. Douglas Macgregor Talks War With Iran?


Tucker Carlson talked with Col. Douglas Macgregor about the possibility of war with Iran

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8 responses to “Col. Douglas Macgregor Talks War With Iran?”

  1. Woopy Avatar

    War is certainly a possibility when the axis of evil, the US, UK, and Israel are involved. Even if a hot war doesn’t happen the constant tension created by the axis places negativity throughout the world. A good way to stop this insanity would be for several countries of the middle east plus Russia, China, turkey and others to stand up against Israel and demand that Israel be disarmed. In addition the white supremists of Israel must be removed and a democratic government installed.

    1. scrdmgl Avatar

      I modestly believe that more drastic methods of dismantling the Zionist Entity, must be employed. Like their insatiable masters in Washington, they will never renounce to expand their domain to comprise all the land between the two rivers the Jordan and Euphrates. That’s the openly declared final goal of this cancerous entity, their Lebensraum.

    2. Thomas Adams Avatar
      Thomas Adams

      This Israeli “Farce” in Palestine will not be ameliorated until and unless all able bodied Palestinians, with those that also desire an end to this enduring and horrendous torture and slow genocide, rise up like lions, and destroy Jewish homes, kill Jewish families, destroy Jewish businesses and Universities, cause Jews to experience the same pain and suffering that they have inflicted upon the totally innocent Palestinian Peoples. This statement is not born of antisemitism, as Jews will hasten to shout, no, it is born out of the recognition that comes with the witnessing of more than fifty years of execrable and inhumane punishments, borne by the Palestinian Peoples for so long entirely at the hands of Jews, without one “Western” or “Arab” gesture of support, not even to uphold decisions of the United Nations Security Council, with respect to Palestinian State Land. Arabs can be excused, for T.E. Lawrence exposed them as the unreliable, work for shekels, unprincipled People they are. The simple truth is this; We are willing to support the victims of Russian Special Operations in and around Ukraine where the human suffering and deaths over just two months, is but a mere shadow of what the Jews have subjected the Palestinians to for at least fifty years, yet we in the West have not expended so much as one bullet in defense of the whole Palestinian Nation. Does the reader have the good sense and courage to re-post this message?

  2. Jim Avatar

    The intention of the power behind Israel and Hamas is a world war with the destruction of America and Israel. The cleaning out of the population of both Israel and Gaza for the making of a world government headquarters there. Hopefully these plan’s fail.

    1. Dennis L Merwood Avatar
      Dennis L Merwood

      Bovine excrement!

  3. rosross Avatar

    Is it not too little too late? Having ignored the genocidal terrorism of Israel’s foundation and then 75 years of the most evil and murderous colonial abuse, probably the worst in modern history, why is anyone surprised that this has happened? Israel has committed human rights atrocities and war crimes for nearly a century to continue to colonise and occupy all of Palestine. It has treated the Palestinians like animals. It has never apologised for the heinous crimes of its foundation, never paid reparation and compensation, never given the native people of the land they have stolen a quarter.

    They consider non-Jewish Palestinians to be subhuman. They keep throwing them out of their homes and handing them to Jews. They demolish their villages and camps. They treat Israeli non-Jewish citizens as second-rate citizens subject to terrible discrimination and the 6 million they crush under occupation have no human or civil rights at all. The Gaza prison must represent the greatest war crime in modern history and on a par with the horrors of German and Japanese concentration camps.

    If this explodes into a bigger war, blame the US which has armed, aided and abetted Israel’s atrocities.

  4. shaz48 Avatar

    Col MacGregor… your rank shows you are just a janitor in the chain of power suite. You have no clue of what the outcome would be by putting your mouth everywhere. Vomiting from mouth has zero value.. so, my suggestion is go & visit Iran.. look around, meet general populous & then let’s see whether you still vomit or start fa rt ing ; basic words of advice to you is STFU;

    1. scrdmgl Avatar

      How many people specially Americans know about the prosperous Jewish community of many thousands of people who have lived in Iran for hundreds of years unmolested, and have their own places of worship? All the attacks on Iran about antisemitism, are based on ignorance and lies.