The Palestinian Tragedy: Cui Bono?

By Pepe Escobar

By now it’s fully established who is profiting from the ghastly Palestine tragedy.

As it stands we have 3 wins for the Hegemon and 1 win for its aircraft carrier nation in West Asia.

First winner is the War Party Inc., a massive bilateral scam. The White House’s $106 billion supplemental request to Congress for “assistance” especially to Ukraine and Israel is manna from Heaven to the weaponizing tentacles of the MICIMATT (military-industrial-congressional-intelligence-media-academia-think tank complex, in the legendary definition by Ray McGovern).

The laundromat will be on a roll, including $61.4 billion for Ukraine (more weapons and replenishing of U.S. stocks) and $14.3 for Israel (mostly air and missile defense “support”).

Second winner is The Democratic Party engineering the unavoidable change of narrative from the spectacularly failing Project Ukraine; yet that will only postpone the upcoming humiliation of NATO in 2024, which will reduce the Afghan humiliation to the status of sandbox child playing.

Third winner is setting West Asia on fire: the Straussian neocon psycho “strategy” conceived as a response to the upcoming BRICS 11, and everything in terms of Eurasia integration that was advanced at the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing last week (including nearly $100 billion in new infrastructure/development projects).

Then there’s the vertiginous acceleration of the project sponsored by genocidal Zionist maniacs: a Final Solution to the Palestinian question, mixing razing Gaza to the ground; forcing an exodus to Egypt; the West Bank turned into a cage; and, at the most extreme, a “Judaification of Al-Aqsa” , complete with an eschatological destruction of the third holiest place in Islam, to be replaced by rebuilding the Third Jewish Temple.

The “aristocratic bromance” enters the fray

Everything is of course interlinked. Vast swathes of the U.S. Deep State in tandem with the neocon-run “Biden” combo can ride the new bonanza side by side with the Israeli Deep State – their bubble protected by a massive propaganda barrage demonizing all forms of support for the Palestinian plight.

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Yet there’s a problem. This “alliance” has just lost – perhaps irretrievably – the overwhelming majority of the Global South/Global Majority, which is viscerally Palestinian. Very well-educated Palestinians living in Gaza and suffering throughout the Unspeakable, fiercely denounce the ambiguous roles of Egypt, Jordan and the UAE while praising Russia, Iran and among Arab nations, Qatar, Algeria and Yemen.

All of the above spells out a stark continuity since the end of the USSR. Washington refused to dissolve NATO in 1990 to protect the immense profits of the weaponized tentacles of the MICIMATT. The logical consequence has been the Hegemon and NATO as a Global Robocop, in tandem, killing at least 4.5 million people in West Asia while displacing over 40 million, then killing, by proxy, at least half a million in Ukraine and displacing over 10 million. And counting.

In sharp contrast to the Empire of Chaos, Lies and Plunder, the Global South/Global Majority see the emergence of what a sophisticated Chinese scholar delightfully described as an “aristocratic bromance” at the center of the “present nexus of Universal History”.

Exhibit A is provided by Vladimir Putin commenting, “I cannot praise Xi Jinping because it would be as if I’m praising myself & that would be an embarrassing thing to do.”

Yes: Putin and Xi – those “evil autocrats” for Atlanticist totalitarian liberals – are bosom buddies and in fact soul mates. That leads our Chinese scholar to get deeper not only into their mutual understanding but also the increasingly complex links between arguably the last three Sovereign Civilization-States: China, Russia and Iran.

Our Chinese scholar shows that Putin and Xi “have practically the same reading of the geopolitical reality” apart from being the leaders of two out of three real Sovereigns”, and are “willing and capable to act rightly” in order to stop the Hegemon matrix:

“They have the understanding, the vision, the tools of power, the will and right now the favorable circumstances allowing them to put definite and definitive limits to the pretensions coming from the Anglo-Zio-American establishment.”

So it’s no wonder they are feared, despised and depicted as “existential threats” to “Western civilization”.

Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, with his eyes on realpolitik, allows himself a way more blunt assessment: “Led by the U.S., the world is steadily rolling into a deep abyss. The decisions made clearly point not only to irreversible mental deterioration, but also to loss of the remaining shreds of conscience. These decisions, both significant and minor, are glaring symptoms of the epidemic social disease.”

Israel’s serial binge to elevate the concept of “crimes against humanity” to a whole new level does fit the definition of an “epidemic social disease” – and worse. Tel Aviv has embarked on a path to erase any cultural, religious, civic footprint in northern Gaza; raze it to the ground; expel its residents; and annex it. All that fully legitimized by the “rules-based international order” and its lowly vassals.

Dragging West Asia into war

It’s always instructive to compare the Israeli dream of a Final Solution with facts on the ground. So let’s call Lt Gen Andrey Gurulev, a member of the State Duma Commission for reviewing federal budget expenditures on national defense, national security and law enforcement, and a member of the Duma Committee on Defense.

Here are Gurulev’s key points:

“Israeli bombings have no effect militarily.”

“Armed people in Palestine are in shelters, civilians are dying in residential buildings. We went through this in Syria, when in Damascus, for example, they sit in underground tunnels and come out only when necessary. Hamas prepared 100%, it was not without reason that they did this, they have reserves of weapons and food. (…) The Israelis are shown in columns on tanks, on infantry fighting vehicles, what are they waiting for? Waiting for drones to fly over them? We went through this during the special military operation. Tanks in urban areas are practically ineffective.”

“The Americans are trying to drag the Middle East into war; apparently, they decided not to stand ceremoniously with Israel; in this case, the damage to Israel would be unacceptable.”

“On the two aircraft carrier groups in the Mediterranean. On board these ships, according to my calculations, there are approximately 750-800 Tomahawk missiles, which cover a decent amount of the territory of the Russian Federation (…) Our President immediately decided to put Mig-31s with Kinzhal missiles on combat duty. For some reason, everyone imagines that one plane with one Kinzhal will fly somewhere, will fly along the Black Sea, but everything is much more global. Firstly, this is the use of all reconnaissance systems linked into a single information system with the issuance of specific target instructions to control points. If an aircraft enters the airspace of the Black Sea, then it must have a support echelon protecting it from enemy air attacks, air defense systems, and everything else. This is a global set of measures to deter the American aggressor from thinking of attacking the territory of the Russian Federation. In front of us are two aircraft carrier groups, equipped to the teeth, capable of hitting targets on the territory of our country, should we just stand there and pick our noses? We must react normally.”

“If the entire Middle East is drawn into the war, aircraft carrier groups try to strike the territory of Iran, then Iran will not remain silent, they have targets ready, all critical objects, they will attack them in different ways, despite the Iron Dome and everything else.”

Pentagon analysts will certainly understand what Gurulev is saying. Not Straussian neocon psychos though.

As the “long black cloud is coming down”, to reference Bob Dylan, it’s enlightening to pay very close attention to sterling voices of experience.

So let’s turn to Dr Mahathir Mohamad: 98 years old (no, not Kissinger); spent his entire adult life in politics, most of it as the Prime Minister of a very important nation (Malaysia); knows every world leader very well, including the current ones in U.S. and Israel; and at this late stage in life, fears nothing and has nothing to lose.

Dr Mahathir does cut to the chase:

” …The crux of the matter is that all these atrocities committed by Israel on the Palestinians stems from the American support for Tel Aviv. If the American Government withdraws its support for Israel and stop all military aid to the regime, Israel would not have carried out the genocide and mass murders of Palestinians with impunity. The United States Government needs to come clean and tell the truth. Israel and its IDF are the terrorists. The United States is blatantly supporting terrorists. So what is the United States?”

No point asking those currently driving U.S. foreign policy. They would barely be able to contain the foaming in their mouths.

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14 responses to “The Palestinian Tragedy: Cui Bono?”

  1. Dennis L Merwood Avatar
    Dennis L Merwood

    Thank you Pepe.
    This Kiwi is bowing his head in shame.
    And hunkering down in my little home in my small-town New Zealand
    Sending emails to American family, friends and collogues with attachments.
    Getting zero response
    Either they are to are ashamed..or too busy!

  2. summitflyer Avatar

    Pepé is always a good read .Not as many years as Dr.Mahathir under his belt but a very good analyst .

  3. scrdmgl Avatar

    History for those who wish to learn its lessons, is the best teacher available. I believe the world balance of power has changed to the extent that despite the desperate efforts of the ruling world elites to control information, the word is out about the evil work of World Zionism.
    Its criminal policies of extermination that rival the WWII Nazi holocaust, will create a second round of deadly backlash that is gaining momentum and will threaten Israel’s existence as a national entity. Their insistence in dominating the Middle East by force of arms and genocide, is digging their own grave. These guys never learn. So be it.

  4. philosophyofgoodnews Avatar

    In 1192 Guy of Lusignan then King of Jerusalem bought Cyprus from Richard the Lion Heart. He continued to have the crown of Jerusalem…
    Short video from Lapidary Museum of Lusignan in Nicosia. People come, people go, and those that are natives stay….

    1. Mene Mene Tekel Eupharsin Avatar
      Mene Mene Tekel Eupharsin

      Irrelevant, as the pope was king over the kings of the region during that time, and nothing happened without the “blessing” of the “Holy See”.

      1. philosophyofgoodnews Avatar

        I think it is relevant, especially as Templars were involved. They stayed in Cyprus with acceptance of the House of Lusignan while Hospitailers have left for Malta.

  5. WALLACE Avatar

    Now it not the time to remain silent…..IT NOT?


    1. Sam Turtle Avatar
      Sam Turtle

      Wallace, I like to read Pepe, but I find it tough going. He doesn’t want to speak clearly, concretely, in a step-by-step logical fashion. He opts for an apocalyptic sound, the impression that what he says is more profound than what he really is saying.

      Having said that, I repeat. I enjoy reading Pepe, because he does seem to have deeper insights than most others.

      1. scrdmgl Avatar

        Please remember that this is a ‘Brave new World’ as Huxley predicted all those years ago. Therefore Pepe leaves to the imagination of well informed people the interpretation of the facts and avoid running into trouble with censorship. I’ve found some of my comments erased for that reason and have to rely on the same method or be censored.

  6. Mene Mene Tekel Eupharsin Avatar
    Mene Mene Tekel Eupharsin

    We will try this, one last time.
    There is only one Deep State. There is no “American” and “Israeli” deep states. This is inaccurate. But you don’t dare say what is obvious. Let us help you say it without saying it.

    There is a reason it is called, State of Israel and not Republic, or Country, or Nation, or Federation, etc.

    Are we understanding yet?

  7. Gene Avatar

    Muslim-Majority nations (52?), including Arab nations should bury their heads in the sand and be ashamed of their cowardice and incompetence to stop the Jew$ from massacring their follow Palestinian Muslims (and Christians) in Palestine.

    1. braithwa842 Avatar

      There are 2 USA carrier groups on location in the Mediterranean Sea. And there is another one on location in the Red Sea. There are 3 aircraft carriers from vassal states Germany, Netherlands and the UK (I am left wondering why not one from France). Two more aircraft carrier groups have departed from the USA and are yet to arrive in the Mediterranean. There is far too much military power assembling there, for just the genocide of Gaza.

      So what else does the USA have in mind? Well, at the moment Iran is being heavily demonized, and Blinken threatened Iran from the U.N. Security Council. I think that Iran is the target. The USA is provoking Iran, in attempt to give them a casus belli.

      Putin visited Iran today. I heard on the Duran, that Putin and Xi are advising Iran to play it cool and not to give the west a casus belli. So that might be why Iran is not rocking the boat too much.

      Will the west attack Iran without a casus belli? Well going by the past, the west normally uses a false flag when countries stubbornly refuse to provide a casus belli. There only needs to be an event (and they can create that event themselves) with anonymous CIA source insisting that Iran is responsible. The media will provide a massive propaganda barrage demonizing anyone public figure who is bold enough to doubt that Iran is responsible.

  8. philosophyofgoodnews Avatar

    I thought that history would be enough as comment, but it looks that the Human tragedy continues. Video of yesterday October 26, 2023 with migrants arriving off the coast of the island of Cyprus.
    “Human tragedy does not recognise race, color or religion!”

  9. doug Avatar

    I agree there are too many aircraft carrier groups for 2 million terrified non-combatants, many of them children. Sending the Chinese foreign minister to DC to extend an olive branch seems like the last best effort made by China to avoid a conflict in the Far East. Judging by the Neo-con reasoning of the Biden administration it’s a waste of time. There is no point in trying to pet a dog with rabies. The war profiteers/mongers are flying the aircraft and all others are locked out of the cockpit. They want wars for the sake of war profits. The bigger the war (world war) the bigger the profits.