Zionist think tank publishes blueprint for Palestinian genocide

By Kit Klarenberg

In a white paper released over a week after the Hamas-led surprise attack on Israeli military bases and kibbutzes, The Institute for National Security and Zionist Strategy outlined “a plan for resettlement and final rehabilitation in Egypt of the entire population of Gaza,” based on the “unique and rare opportunity to evacuate the entire Gaza Strip” that Israel’s latest assault on the besieged costal enclave provided.

Published in Hebrew on the organization’s website, the paper was authored by Amir Weitman, “an investment manager and visiting researcher” at the Institute who also leads the libertarian caucus of Israel’s ruling Likud Party. The document began by noting that there are 10 million vacant housing units in neighboring Egypt that could be “immediately” filled with Palestinians. Weitman then assured readers that the “sustainable plan…aligns well with the economic and geopolitical interests of the State of Israel, Egypt, the USA and Saudi Arabia.”

Weitman’s ethnic cleansing proposal echoes forced transfer plans advanced in recent days by former Israeli officials while capitalizing on evacuation orders delivered to the entire civilian population of northern Gaza by the Israeli military.

Weitman’s sinister blueprint imagined Israel purchasing these properties at a cost of $5 – 8 billion dollars, a whopping price-tag that reflects just 1 – 1.5 percent of Israel’s GDP.

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“These sums of money [required to cleanse Gaza] in relation to the Israeli economy, are minimal,” Weitman posits. “Investing individual billions of dollars to solve this difficult issue is an innovative, cheap and sustainable solution.”

Weitman acknowledged that his plan virtually amounts to Israel “buying the Gaza Strip,” arguing the move would be “a very worthwhile investment” for Zionists because it would “add a lot of value over time.” He asserted local “land conditions” in the area would provide “many” Israeli settlers a high standard of living, therefore allowing for an expansion of settlements in Gush Dan near the Egyptian border, giving “a tremendous impetus to settlement in the Negev.”

In December 2021, Tel Aviv approved plans to establish four settlements in the Negev to house 3,000 settler families.

A genocidal war to end all wars

Though Egypt has so far rejected Israeli pressure for a mass exodus of Gaza residents through the southern Rafah crossing, Weitman argued Cairo will welcome the mass exodus of Palestinian refugees  as “an immediate stimulus” that will “provide a tremendous and immediate benefit to al-Sisi’s regime.” 

Weitman claimed that Cairo’s major creditors — including France, Germany and Saudi Arabia — are likely to welcome a revitalized Egyptian economy, courtesy of “Israeli investment” in the Palestinians’ permanent removal. He surmizes that Western Europe will welcome “the transfer of the entire Gaza population to Egypt,” because it will significantly “reduce the risk of illegal immigration…a tremendous advantage.” Meanwhile, he expects Riyadh to embrace the move because the “evacuation of the Gaza Strip means the elimination of a significant ally of Iran.”

The ethnic cleansing of Gaza would mean an end to “ceaseless, repeated rounds of fighting, which inflame the fires of hatred against Israel.” Moreover, “closing the Gaza issue will ensure a stable and increased supply of Israeli gas to Egypt and its liquefaction,” from the vast reserves seized by Israel near Gaza’s shores.

Palestinians in turn are expected to jump at the chance to be forcibly transferred from their homes rather than “living in poverty under the rule of Hamas.” It is therefore necessary for Israel to “create the right conditions” for them to “immigrate” from Gaza to Cairo. Weitman noted that Gaza’s two million inhabitants “constitute less than 2% of the total Egyptian population, which today already includes 9 million refugees. A drop in the ocean.”

The paper ominously concluded: “There is no doubt that in order for this plan to come to fruition, many conditions must exist at the same time. Currently, these conditions are met and it is unclear when such an opportunity will arise again, if ever. This is the time to act. Now.”

“If we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill”

As barbarous as these proposals might seem, they reflect what many Israeli officials appear to be murmuring in private, and what at least one former government spinmeister has openly pushed as an altruistic solution to the Palestinian “problem.”

“There is a huge expanse, almost endless space in the Sinai Desert, just on the other side of Gaza,” former Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel, Danny Ayalon, echoed the genocidal Zionist logic behind Weitman’s proposal in an interview with Al Jazeera’s Marc Lamont Hill. “The idea is—and this is not the first time it will be done—for them to leave over to the open areas where we and the international community will prepare the infrastructure — you know, 10 cities with food and water — just like for the refugees of Syria.”

In 2004, Zionist demographer Arnon Sofer of Haifa University laid out detailed plans for the isolation of Gaza directly to Ariel Sharon’s government. This entailed withdrawing Israeli forces from the area entirely and constructing a stringent system of surveillance and security to ensure nothing and no one went in or out without Zionist proviso. He predicted a perpetual bloodbath:

“When 2.5 million people live in a closed-off Gaza, it’s going to be a human catastrophe. Those people will become even bigger animals than they are today…The pressure at the border will be awful. It’s going to be a terrible war. So, if we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day…the only thing that concerns me is how to ensure the boys and men who are going to have to do the killing will be able to return home to their families and be normal human beings.”

The Institute has put forward a clean and easy fantasy of achieving the same goal put forward by Sofer. For it to succeed, all Palestinians have to do is put down their weapons and head toward the desert of permanent exile.

Kit Klarenberg is an investigative journalist exploring the role of intelligence services in shaping politics and perceptions.






12 responses to “Zionist think tank publishes blueprint for Palestinian genocide”

  1. summitflyer Avatar

    ” benefiting Israel, Egypt, the U.S., and Saudi Arabia while potentially preventing further Israel-Gaza conflict. Critics label the plan ‘ethnic cleansing’.”
    What would befitting Israel ,Egypt, US , Saudi Arabia and the world ,for that matter ,would be for Israel to comply with the UN conditions ,for the formation of the Israeli state ,in 1948 .

  2. Srnoldo Avatar

    Right out from the horses mouth

    1. Prometheus Avatar

      I doubt the equines will be flattered by your metaphor.
      I believe ‘golem’ is a more appropriate term.

  3. Lynette Ackermann Avatar
    Lynette Ackermann

    Egypt fears that it may harm the stability of their country.

  4. Lynette Ackermann Avatar
    Lynette Ackermann

    Egypt fears it may harm the stability of their country.
    The Palestinians may not want to become Egyptian citizens.

  5. petermbollington Avatar

    This action shows the insanity of a people who refuse to learn even by their own examples from history. The lunacy of the human shows itself.

  6. doug Avatar

    The Israelis openly call for genocide and ethnic cleansing of Gaza and the west remains silent. Why not move all the Israelis into the Sinai and return the land they stole to the Palestinians?

    1. Woopy Avatar

      Doug, that can’t happen because it would make sense. The so called state of Israel doesn’t even have a constitution. The reason for no constitution is that a constitution is a legal documnt that would give rights to the people living in Israel. A constitution would give rights to Palestinians and “rights” in Israel are for “God’s chosen” only. Oh how I wish that I could somehow stop paying taxes to white supremacy of Washington DC that force me to pay taxes to the white supremacy of Israel.

      1. Woopy Avatar

        However even if Israel had a constitution, since when have they ever obeyed any laws domestic or otherwise?

  7. Gene Avatar

    Muslim-Majority nations (52?), including Arab nations should bury their heads in the sand and be ashamed of their cowardice and incompetence to stop the Jew$ from massacring their follow Palestinian Muslims (and Christians) in Palestine.

  8. Miguel Avatar

    I can’t believe that there are inhuman creatures (monsters) called jews. What’s worst are the westerners (mainly white europeans, and white european americans) that cheer these monsters on. What kind of creatures are we when we let this happen? Huh?

  9. Ann Avatar

    the real nature of the Zionist project❗

    La vraie nature du projet sioniste❗