Nakba 2.0 Revives the Neocon Wars

The Israel vs. Arab Children War is veering totally out of control, writes Pepe Escobar.

By Pepe Escobar

The Israel vs. Arab Children War, which doubles as the Hegemon vs. Axis of Resistance War, both a sub-branch of the NATO vs. Russia and NATO vs. China War, is veering totally out of control.

By now it’s firmly established that with China brokering peace all across West Asia, and Russia-China going all out on BRICS 11, complete with facilitating energy trade settlements outside the U.S. dollar, The Empire Strikes Back would be totally predictable:

Let’s set West Asia on fire

The immediate goal of Straussian neocon psychos and their silos across the Beltway is to go for Syria, Lebanon – and ultimately Iran.

That’s what explains the presence in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean of a fleet of at least 73 U.S./NATO warships – ranging from two American aircraft carrier groups to 30+ ships from 14 NATO members involved in the ongoing Dynamic Mariner war games off the coast of Italy.

That’s the largest concentration of U.S./NATO warships since the 1970s.

Anyone believing this fleet is being assembled to “assist” Israel in its Final Solution project of imposing Nakba 2.0 on Gaza must read some Lewis Carroll. The shadow war already in play aims to smash all the Axis of Resistance nodes in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq – with Iran kept as the culminating piece de resistance.

Any military analyst with an IQ over room temperature knows all those expensive American iron bathtubs are destined to become sub-oceanic coral reef design – especially if visited by hypersonic missiles.

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Of course, this could all be just your average American Power Projection/Deterrence Show. The main actors – Iran and Russia – are not impressed. All it takes is a backward glance over the shoulders at what a bunch of mountain goat herders with fake Kalashnikovs did to NATO in Afghanistan.

Moreover, the Hegemon would need to rely on a serious network of bases on the ground if it ever considered launching a war against Iran. No West Asia actor would allow the U.S. to use bases in Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq or even Jordan. Baghdad is already engaged, for quite a while, in getting rid of all American bases.

Where’s my new Pearl Harbor?

Plan B is, what else, setting up yet another Pearl Harbor (the last one was only a few weeks ago, according to Tel Aviv). After all organizing such a lavish display of gunboat diplomacy in an inland sea unveils a mouth-watering choice of sitting ducks.

It’s idle to expect Pentagon head Lloyd “Raytheon” Austin to factor the possible, cosmic humiliation of the Hegemon having one of its multibillion-dollar bathtubs sunk by an Iranian missile. Were that to happen, they would go – literally – nuclear.

Alastair Crooke – the gold, platinum and rare earth analytical standard – has warned that all hot spots may blow up all at once, destroying the entire (italics mine) U.S. “alliance system”.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, as usual, nailed it, when he said that if Gaza is destroyed, the resulting catastrophe will last “decades, if not centuries.”

What started as a roll of the dice in Gaza is now expanding to all of West Asia and afterwards, inevitably, to Europe, Africa and Asia.

Everyone remembers the preamble to the current incendiary circumstances: the Brzezinski-tinged gambit played out in Ukraine to cut off Europe from Russian natural resources.

This has metastasized into the greatest world crisis since 1939. The Straussian neocon psychos in D.C. have no clue how to back off. So as it stands there is less than zero hope for a peaceful solution for both intertwined wars.

As I previously stressed, the leaders of major oil producers – Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait – can cut off almost half of oil production in the world in one fell swoop, demolishing the entire economies of the EU and U.S. without firing a shot. Diplomatic sources assure this is being seriously considered.

As an old school Deep State source, now in Europe, told me, serious players are actively involved in sending this message to the Beltway “to make the U.S. think twice about igniting a war that they cannot control. When they go to Wall St. to check out the derivative exposure they will already have had time to think it over as documents were sent to folks like Larry Fink at Blackrock and Michael Bloomberg.”

In parallel, a serious discussion is evolving in intel circles across the “new axis of evil” (Russia-China-
Iran) about the necessity of consolidating a unified Islamic pole.

The prospects are not good – even if key poles such as Russia and China have clearly identified the common enemy of the whole Global South/Global Majority. Turkey under Erdogan is just posing. Saudi Arabia will not invest itself into defending/protecting Palestine no matter what. American client/minions in West Asia are just scared. That leaves only Iran and the Axis of Resistance.

When in doubt, remember Yahwe

Meanwhile, the vengeful, narcissistic tribe of conquistadors, masters of political deception and moral exemption, is deep into consolidating its Nakba 2.0 – which doubles as the perfect solution to illegally gobble up all that gas offshore Gaza.

The Israeli Ministry of Intelligence’s deportation directive affecting 2.3 million Palestinians is quite clear. It has been officially endorsed by the Ministry on October 13.

It starts with expelling all Palestinians from northern Gaza, followed by serial “land operations”; leaving routes open across the Egyptian border in Rafah; and establishing “tent cities” in northern Sinai and later on even new cities to “resettle Palestinians” in Egypt.

Humanitarian Law and Policy Consultant Itay Epshtain has noted, “I have not been able to detect, as of yet, an agenda item or government decision endorsing the directive of the Ministry. If it was indeed presented and approved it would not likely be in the public domain.”

Several of Tel Aviv’s own extremists are confirming it in their outbursts, anyway.

As for the wider war, it has already been written. A long time ago. And they want to follow it to the letter, in tandem with American Christian Zio-cons.

Everyone remembers Gen Wesley Clark going to the Pentagon two months after 9/11 and learning about the neocon/Christian Zio-con plan to target 7 countries in 5 years for destruction:

Those were Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, Sudan – and Iran.

All of them were destabilized, destroyed or plunged into chaos.

The last one on the list is Iran.

Now go back to Deuteronomy 7:1-2, 24:

“Yahweh told Israel that he has identified “SEVEN NATIONS GREATER AND STRONGER THAN YOURSELF” (caps mine), that “you must put under curse of destruction,” and not “show them any pity.” As for their kings, “you will blot out their names under heaven.”

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31 responses to “Nakba 2.0 Revives the Neocon Wars”

  1. paul edwards Avatar
    paul edwards

    Terrific work, Pepe.

    1. Rafe Garcia Avatar
      Rafe Garcia

      Hear! Hear!

  2. USA Inc Avatar
    USA Inc

    9/11 2.0 Oded Yinon Plan – unfinished business. 7 countries/ 5 years.

    1. Disadvantaged Avatar

      Just think the United States followed Israel’s instruction to remove Israel’s enemies. That is further proof that the American people are a colony of Israel. The Zionists occupy every major position, regardless who is President. Just research every President top advisors and certain cabinet positions for the last hundred years. You will be surprise at what you find.

      1. Sam Avatar

        Disadvantaged, why do you use the term Zionists? How do you know what Jews are Zionists, what Jews are neocon, what Jews are simply determined to enforce laws and rules pertaining to the meaning and interpretation of antisemitism, or what Jews are pushing for other political interests of the Jewish Tribe?

        1. Woopy Avatar

          Sam Israel is a violent group of people that is best described as “white supremacy” nothing else fits. As far as “anti-Semitism” goes, the middle east probably has more Semitic people than exist in Israel most being Muslim. So you are using the term “anti-Semitism” as a terminology that covers much more than the people of Israel.

  3. AussieManDust Avatar

    I feel trapped in a dystopian grid of deceptions, here in Australia. This Federal government is a Liar in full, and by ommision, whichever works, with utter disdain & contempt for the People. They’re Woke Wuckfits (sic) of the worst stripe, calling their filthy dribble The Noble Lies, ncessary to drag us Deplorables into their Tranny nightmares. But the Booboeoise are oblivious, sedated into somnolence, their thousand yard stares a combination of deliberate ignorance and desperate hope that, if they wish HARD enough, they too won’t have a cardiac arrest or a brain aneurysm… We revert to Wish Magic 🎩 but there ain’t no rabbit, BigSick killed it in vax trials.

    1. braithwa842 Avatar

      I haven’t really studied Athony Albanese, but from the week he was elected until, he went prancing around the globe with neocons, and has imposed their vision on Australia, even when it ran completely counter to Australia’s interests. Would it be right to call him a neocon?

      1. AussieManDust Avatar


      2. AussieManDust Avatar

        My sobriquet for Anthony Albanesi is actually Stalineasy… One might call him a neo-con in so far that the Straussian Neo-cons were originally Marxist, until they found power & financial reward on the Far Right. Both “Left” &/or “Right” have a grim, Totalitarian bent at present; in furious agreement that Free Speech endangers Profixxx errr Liberty. Stalineasy is a Watermelon: green on the outside, red on the inside. He salivates over CBDC’s at night but he won’t speak of his plans. WEFWEFWEFWHOWGMHOUNUNUN

  4. Peter J. Nickitas Avatar
    Peter J. Nickitas

    Spark? I submit USS Liberty Redux as the false flag. The Sixth Fleet flagship USS Mt Whitney has reached her shelf life.

  5. scrdmgl Avatar

    I have no academic credits to my resume, however I was personally educated by a high government official and politician, my own father. He was a believer that the only hope for humanity was a Socialist regime molded in a Soviet regime, modified to modern standards and free of the anomalies and mistakes of the Stalinist period, so am I. That out of the way, let’s go to cases and the natural evolution of weapons of war. WWII proved beyond any doubt that battleships were obsolete, except as used by America against defenseless adversaries. Despite the success of the aircraft carrier in that field of battle, they were also defenseless against air power by an enemy other than an exhausted Japan that even then, was able to inflict deadly damage to those type of vessels.
    If we consider modern ballistic hypersonic missiles, of the type in possession by Russia and China which America still doesn’t have today, capable of firing those missiles from thousand of miles away from enemy attack, game is over before they start. Of course such an attack would provoke nuclear Armageddon, so its use would have to be applied to smaller units to show the hegemon what the final result would be, in an all out confrontation.
    Not matter what the risk, is obvious that the crazed US elites might force Russia and China’s hand, in which case we are all gone from good.

    1. AussieManDust Avatar

      Hmmm. I mock all human pretense on “equality” or fairness. There is no Good Man. No “fair” governance possible, to Man…. How-ever: I see technological possibilities IF Human monsters must deal with a World-wide A I. Arbiter… IF the Common Man could instantly be suveyed and IF putative Leaders could be brought to account (executed). But ” Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? ” ???

    2. Jack Lomax Avatar
      Jack Lomax

      I agree scrdmgl

  6. Gene Avatar

    The usual empty rhetoric about Russia’s power. Yugoslavia and Iraq was much closer to Russia than Iran today. Both were left to be devastated and suffered at the hands of the U.S.-West war criminals. In fact, Russia supported a decade-long genocidal sanction against Iraq.
    In Syria, Russia is fighting against its own terrorists. The Caucasus terrorists who are threatening not only Syria but also Russia itself. After the war in Ukraine, Russia will be back to its deep and unending illusion of being part of the “European Family”. Russia will do what Russia do well: betraying and selling its “allies” and “friends” (to the U.S.-West). It is a Slavic mentality that Russia can’t escape. One can read the Zionist and delusional RT and see it all.

    1. scrdmgl Avatar

      Agreed 100% Gene with reservations. I openly and clearly declared in these pages even before the SMO started, that my support of Putin’s regime was conditional, temporary and concentrated on two vital areas, economic recovery and military power which is second to none. My vision of Russia’s future also announced by me for quite a while, is a return to their roots without the errors and excesses of Stalinism. That is anathema for Putin who is a convert to a Russian version of capitalist America and hence his obvious concessions to the Zionist regime, given that the majority of Russian oligarchic robber barons, share the Zionist stigma. The second Russian party in the opposition is the Communist, who is just waiting in the wings for an end to the Putin cycle.

  7. Terrence Joseph Bennett Avatar
    Terrence Joseph Bennett


  8. Prometheus Avatar

    Pompeo gotta have his Rapture.
    Ironic, the return of the imperial Roman Mars-wor$hipping braggard’s name to grace the return to the primordeal intergalactic mU$hroom soup.

  9. Catabisis Avatar

    God damn, who wrote this? Israel vs Arab children. I saw the opening statement and didn’t bother reading the rest of the trope. If ICH is going to publish their shit, at least provide some balance

    1. Woopy Avatar

      Reality is that the white supremacy of Israel has been fighting Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestinians and others for 70 years. Another reality is that children have taken the brunt of all Israeli attacks. So it can easily be said that the white supremists of Israel are, in fact, fighting Arab children. Israel is a mafia of genocidal white supremists.

      1. Sam Avatar

        Woopy, wouldn’t you more accurately call it, Jewish supremacy?

        1. Woopy Avatar

          Sam the Jewish supremacy of Israel call themselves both a race and religion. The fact is that they can’t be both a race and religion. So “white supremists” would be their best description. However if the supremists could settle amongst themselves whether they are a religion or race or religion then the rest of us would appropriately call them one or the other. The supremacy is mostly Caucasian making it difficult for them to claim that they are some sort different race. As far as religion goes, they could be a satanic genocidal cult but certainly not a religion of peace or kindness towards others .

  10. elle Avatar

    Are Israelis the Rightful Owners of the Israel?
    The problem for Israelis today is, although they think they are abiding by the Torah, (from Genesis to Deuteronomy), in practice, heed the Talmud – the legalistic records from 2nd to the 5th century. Which according to rabbis explain the Torah, but in reality disregard it.

    Yes, God gave them the land of Canaan after their exodus from Egypt, as recorded at Deut. 7:1,2. But before entering the land, they had to agree to certain conditions. The conditions of this tenancy agreement are recorded in Lev 18 1-23. Adding, do not make yourself unclean by any of these things because by all these things, the nations whom I am sending out before you have made themselves unclean, Consequently the land is unclean … and the land shall vomit its inhabitants out. And you, yourselves, must keep my statutes and my judicial decisions, and you must not do any of these detestable things whether a native or an alien resident … residing in your midst. … Then the land will not vomit you out for defiling it, in the same way as it will certainly vomit out the nations, (the seven listed at Deut 7:1,2), who were before you, (Lev 18:24-28).
    They failed to stick to the terms of the tenancy agreement and were evicted around 587BC. God used Nebuchadnezzar to do the job, (Jer 25: 8,9). When the Medo/Persians overthrew Babylon, their territory included former Jerusalem, and they allowed the Hebrews to return and rebuild, but it remained a protectorate of Persia/Iran. And then the Greeks conquered the region and then Rome. When they rebelled against Rome, they were evicted in 70 CE and were not allowed to return. At that time they became a people without a homeland. And continued such until 1948.
    So has God relented and given them back the land? Do Jews in Israel today obey God’s statutes and judicial decisions? The Torah says: And in case an alien resident resides with you as an alien resident in your land. Then the alien resident … should become to you like a native of yours, and you must love him as yourself, (Lev 19:33,34).

    1. paul edwards Avatar
      paul edwards

      God, shmod… Dogmatic religion is infantile gibberish for idiots. Human ethics are the only and sufficient tool for the regulation of human behavior, and the Zionist monsters violate and betray all standards of just behavior in their Nazi effort at genocide.

      1. Woopy Avatar

        With respect for people and their religion, no God will play favorites giving land to one group of people causing death, torture, and never ending genocide. Please note that your various and sundry Gods are the ones that gave brains to the religious believers. Please use your “God given brains”. People were living on the land that white supremists of Palestine claim for at least 20,000 years prior the time the white supremacy showed up. Not only that, no God would promote genocide, torture, stealing, hate, lies, and all the rest that the white supremacy of Palestine has been promoting for the last 70 years. The white Israelis are arguably the worst thing that ever happened to this planet and it’s credibly doubtful that any of the various Gods flying around out there would want to take credit for the white supremacy of Palestine.

        1. Ray Joseph Cormier Avatar

          The COMMON ERA of the Christ Jesus of the New Testament means Jews of the Old Testament NO LONGER have any Exclusivity or Preference with the God of Abraham.

          For those who haven’t noticed, in January an Old Testament Jewish RELIGIOUS ESTABLISHMENT took over the Israeli Government.

        2. Ray Joseph Cormier Avatar

          What Christ Jesus brought to Earth is THE COMMON ERA? I suspect most people don’t know what that means?

          What I think it means in the Common Era of Christ, Jews no longer have any Exclusivity or Preeminence with the God of Abraham, the ‘Friend of God’ on earth before Jews and Israel existed.

          An OLD TESTAMENT Jewish Religious Establishment took over the Israel Government last January. They are pursuing policies to establish in OUR Generations, the 4000 Biblical Promise God gave ALL of Palestine to Jews Exclusively.

          We can see by the Murderous Israeli bombardment of the Innocent women, children and BABIES in the Jewish controlled Gaza GHETTO – Biggest Concentration Camp in the World POST WWII, it is also a MASSIVE Ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their HOMES, totally demolishing 100s of thousands of them. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

          The nominally Christian West worships Israel recreated from the BIBLE in 1948 like the Golden Calf it is.

          Not even the Pope or any TV Evangelist living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, dare cite in Public, these express words in the Revelation of Jesus Christ,
          “…I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”
          Revelation 2:9
          and again for emphasis, Revelation 3:9
          “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie…”

          The United Nations Secretary-General spoke the TRUTH when he said, “October 7 didn’t happen in a vacuum!”
          Israel is furious he spoke that Truth and wants him fired. Can you imagine if Christian Leaders cited those Words and images in their BIBLES?

          It’s noteworthy the Secretary-General is not interviewed to explain why he said that with all his experience. CNN, MSNBC and other US MSM Propagate the views and opinions only of their CHOSEN PAID Experts.

      2. Sam Avatar

        Paul, can I interest you in the Fundamental Human Principle (FHP)? That’s the scientific fact that we are all the same thing, as now proven by science using DNA and its genetic facts. Isn’t the FHP the only intelligent, rational basis for morality? And isn’t any morality not based on the FHP a false morality? In other words, aren’t Christian morality, Jewish morality, Muslim morality, Talmud morality, Torah morality, White morality, Rich morality, Black morality, etc. all false morality?

      3. scrdmgl Avatar

        Very true, since most civilized and educated people knows that God is dead. Non other than Albert Einstein himself a genius of Jewish heritage, believed that all bible discourse was infantile and unworthy of serious analysis. You can check out his quote on the web.

  11. Lasantha Pethiyagoda Avatar
    Lasantha Pethiyagoda

    Brilliantly written article as usual. The pity is that most Americans don’t either read these or understand the realities expressed.

  12. Lasantha Pethiyagoda Avatar
    Lasantha Pethiyagoda

    Most Americans do not under the logic written these articles.