This Is What It Was Like to Be Indifferent to Nazi Genocide

By Finian Cunningham

Looking back at the horrors inflicted by Nazi Germany, a fascinating, disturbing question is: why and how could so many people at that time be indifferent to the crimes? After the defeat of the Nazi fascist regime, people adamantly lamented “never again” would such horror be permitted.

Part of the lament was due to a sense of collective guilt that more wasn’t done at the time to stop the systematic mass killings and brutality.

Well, up to a point, it is happening again in Gaza where 2.3 million have been subjected to three weeks of constant, indiscriminate bombardment amid a total blockade of water, food and other basic human necessities.

And, shamefully, incredibly, the world is letting it happen – again. This time, we don’t have the mitigatory excuse of ignorance and lack of information from antiquated communication systems. The mass murder in Gaza is on prime-time television.

The United Nations Security Council is seemingly at an impasse to muster a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire and the urgent dispatch of aid trucks into the Gaza Strip. Three weeks of massacring a civilian population trapped in a coastal area – described as the world’s biggest open-air concentration camp – have been permitted to continue while the UN Security Council wrangles over diplomatic resolutions.

At the rate of killing by Israeli military forces, the death toll in Gaza will soon reach 10,000 with multiples of that as injured. That’s just the violent casualties. With no water or food and hospitals closing from lack of fuel, the mortality will likely be even greater. Most of the dead and injured are women and children who have nothing to do with the killings by the Hamas militants from Gaza on October 7 when 1,400 Israelis died.

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The horror in Gaza is comparable to the Nazi brutality inflicted on the Warsaw Ghetto during four weeks in April-May 1943 when over 10,000 Jewish civilians were killed in reprisal for an armed uprising by resistance fighters.

Many people around the world are rightly outraged by the Israeli genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza. Huge public protests in Arab nations as well as in Europe and North America condemning the Israeli war crimes are indicative of the collective disgust over the daily massacre and starvation.

There seems to be a historic watershed moment now in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

For too many decades, the Israeli regime has gotten away with mass murder and criminal occupation against the Palestinians. Part of that license was due to the confusion in world opinion caused by the Zionist distorted conflation of the history pertaining to the Nazi holocaust.

What is becoming increasingly clear to the world is that the Israeli regime is a perverse travesty of the Jewish genocide under the Nazis. Since its illegal inception as a colonial state in 1948, the Zionist regime is comparatively a continuation of the fascist crimes that were committed by Nazi Germany against Jews – the difference being that the newer victims are the Palestinians.

It seems incredible to say this: the Israeli apartheid regime is finally losing the propaganda war. It seems incredible to say this because one should wonder why it has taken so long for the horrific truth to be widely seen before now.

It should be patently evident that huge crimes are being perpetrated when we see children decapitated by air strikes when hospitals are being blown up, when medics and journalists are being killed, and when babies are dying from incubators being shut down from lack of electricity. It seems almost bizarre to say that the perpetrators of such barbarity are finally losing the propaganda war. How did they ever get away with it?

So, why isn’t there a world-stopping condemnation of this barbarity? There are huge public protests and anger around the world against the Israeli genocide of Palestinians but surely there should be more action than that to bring this obscenity to a peremptory end – now.

This is where the Western leaders, governments and media are part of the endemic problem.

U.S. President Joe Biden has the sickening bigotry to say that Palestinians are lying about the casualties in Gaza. Biden is echoing the Israeli regime’s flagrant lies that the people in Gaza are cutting off their electricity supplies and bombing their own hospitals.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has the nauseating gall to say that the people of Gaza are “victims of Hamas terrorism” and he wishes Israel “to win”.

France’s Macron, Germany’s Scholz, the EU’s Von Der Leyen, Canada’s Trudeau, and so on. They are all vile apologists and obscurantists for genocide.

All the Western leaders cynically profess their support for “Israel’s right to self-defense” as it slaughters innocent civilians by the hundreds every day. Such establishment deception by Western rulers – amplified by servile Western media – has caused confusion, disinformation and disorientation among the public. (Not only on the issue of Israel-Palestine but countless other subjects too.)

The United States has blocked at least two resolutions at the UN Security Council calling for an immediate ceasefire because the wording of the proposals does not codify “Israel’s right to self-defense”.

This is playing politics and shielding crimes while thousands of innocent people are being murdered under a rain of bombs and starved to death under the rubble.

This is what genocide looks like and this is what it is like for the world to stand by and watch. If you thought it would have been impossible to happen then think again, open your eyes, it is.

The Western media – the European and United States media outlets like BBC and CNN to name only two – have helped minimize the criminality of the Israeli regime and the nefarious role of complicit Western state backers. Yes, these outlets have shown footage of appalling destruction in Gaza by the Israelis, but these same outlets rarely tell viewers the names of the victims nor how wanton and evil the killing is. There is a systematic bias to diminish the criminality of the U.S. and European-backed Israeli violence against a captive civilian population.

Compare the disproportionate, non-stop coverage the Western media have given to the war in Ukraine over the past 19 months. According to the UN figures, there have been 10,000 civilian deaths in the Ukraine conflict compared with the deaths in Gaza over three weeks. Russia has been accused, vilified and condemned at every turn over the violence in Ukraine – even though the root cause of that conflict can be attributed to the U.S.-led NATO and the Nazi regime weaponized in Kiev since a CIA-orchestrated coup in 2014.

The hypocrisy of the Western media is reflective of the unscrupulous political agenda of their governments. Russia is deemed to be an official enemy, therefore media coverage is disproportionate and pejorative, indeed propagandistic. While the Tel Aviv regime whose crimes are colossal and glaring is relatively shielded by the Western media in accord with the prejudices of their governments.

Nonetheless – and this is historically significant – there is an abrupt and widening glitch in the thought-control matrix. The sheer, grotesque criminality of the Israeli regime and the West’s institutional complicity is no longer concealable in spite of the massive lies and distortions. People in Western nations and around the world are increasingly becoming aware of the genocide that alleged democratic powers are committing. Not only aware but abhorred and furious.

The Israeli apartheid regime is finished. And so too are the corrupt Western regimes that have masqueraded for so long as “democracies”.

Finian Cunningham, former editor and writer for major news media organizations.

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24 responses to “This Is What It Was Like to Be Indifferent to Nazi Genocide”

  1. Realist Avatar

    By what authority do the Israelis purport to seize the entire territory of the Gaza strip which has been the only home that several generations of Palestinians have known for nearly the past 80 years? That land was part of Palestine long before there ever was an Israel around to steal every remaining square inch of the Palestinian homeland. Even in the endlessly litigious, ruthless and predatory United States of America, the Palestinians would have earned clear ownership of their own homeland through the law of Adverse Possession (Squatters Rights).

    Eighty years ago nobody wanted that patch of land surrounded by desert on three sides and sea water on the fourth–not even Egypt who could have claimed it as part of the Sinai. But they wouldn’t take it back when Israel tried to stiff them with such a troublesome neighborhood. There still isn’t any fertile soil or fresh water to support much of any life forms in the vicinity. And, should the Late JC return to exploit his miraculous knack of instantaneously multiplying or replicating the fishing catch off the Gazan coast, even a Long John Silver’s Seafood Shoppe on every corner is not going to make the place self-sufficient in nutrition and a balanced diet.

    But high tech advancements in geology, geochemistry and sundry engineering disciplines have revealed a valuable trove of oil and natural gas deposits right off the Gazan coast–resources that might make a modern life affordable for the Palestinians, heretofore mostly accustomed to naught but a third world existence a stone’s throw from the land that Yaweh allegedly swapped in return for divine adoration by the original Semite inhabitants. Clearly the world’s first “money changers” want to defraud their “goyim” neighbors yet again, as they’ve done with the prime agricultural land, potable water sources, valuable petroleum reserves and religious tourism throughout the historic, tony and highly lucrative “Holy Land.”

    1. hotrod31 Avatar

      Problem is, the invading-force of Khazarian, non-Semites … ‘they are essentially self-appointed converts, are claiming to be progeny of the original SEMITES, the Arabic people. But why let the facts get in the way of a ‘good’ story, eh.
      Netanyahu, is Polish so how T F does that make him a SEMITE?

      1. Woopy Avatar

        Really the only description of Netanyahu and his white Jews is “white supremists”, nothing else fits them. They have performed a slow Holocaust upon the Palestinians for 70 years with impunity backed up with US military power and money. WWII Germany was significantly more humane than the Netanyahu white supremacy.

        1. Sam Avatar

          Woopy, isn’t a better term, “Jewish Supremacists?” Also, isn’t the equality, “Nazi Germany = Zionist Judaism” valid?

          1. shaz48 Avatar

            Its the same batch of criminals who supported holocaust standing under banner of Swastika. Today again its the same batch doing exactly the same under the banner of Menorah & the Star of David.

        2. shaz48 Avatar

          Them Zionist white supremacist extremists are the ones who planned holocaust of Jews by them Nazis under the banner of Swastika…. Today again, them Zionists are doing exactly the same to Palestinian Muslims, but under the banner of Menorah & the 6 point Star of David. So, what else is new…

      2. Realist Avatar

        I did characterise the tale as “alleged.”

      3. Furor Teutonicus Avatar
        Furor Teutonicus

        Dear Finian – before quoting “history” please let us know whose “history” you plan to quote. This is just BS-“Looking back at the horrors inflicted by Nazi Germany, a fascinating, disturbing question is: why and how could so many people at that time be indifferent to the crimes?” I refer reading some real historians instead of quoting Hollywood-liers. The crimes attributed to German National Socialism are propaganda lies, as predicted by Churchill’s propaganda chief Sefton Delmer: “With horror propaganda we have won the war and now we are just about to boost it”. Roosevelt and the entire Jewish world leadership has been stirring up war propaganda for the destruction of Germany in all their controled medias already from 1932 on, when the NSDAP was not even in power yet. Germany was a wreck of a nation, after the plunder by the Jewish dictate of Versailles. The way to the sole world domination of Jewry leads through the annihilation of the white cultural peoples of Europe – and for this purpose the two world wars were engineered by them. The mother of the 5 Rothschilds said around 1830: “There is no war, if my sons do not want it”. Knowledge is a holschuld – have courage to use your mind!

        1. Disadvantaged Avatar


          Very good reply. It’s too bad so many people have been misled regarding German history from 1932 to 1945.

        2. thierry bruno Avatar
          thierry bruno

          Can you name your “real historians”?

          1. Furor Teutonicus Avatar
            Furor Teutonicus

            There are so many – I just mention a few which aere most influencual for me: Ben Bradbury, James Baque, Fred Leuchter, Der Grosse Wendig”, David Hoggan, David Irving, Paul Rassinier, Gerard Menuhin, Ron Unz etc etc etc

        3. Woopy Avatar

          Furor, it’s true what you say. The history of the Washington Fed to the education system and population overall is mostly a big pack of lies.having grown up under the government misinformation I didn’t know the truth until after I retired and researched it.

      4. shaz48 Avatar

        Actually, its a lean on situation.. when one doesn’t know origins of their parents, then they opt to seek supremacy under banner of Semitism. Then come out & claim to become a champion Semite. Fraud & deceit is their religion ..;

  2. JIM Morgan Avatar
    JIM Morgan

    All I can see in this is the final end of human civilization, if you want to call it that.

    1. shaz48 Avatar

      I pray it comes sooner than later.. and this world will then be rid of this evil devils living on earth. Its in the Holy Books that this evil will be disposed off without sympathy or remorse.

  3. Michael Hillen Avatar
    Michael Hillen

    20 years ago, I told people that there was genocide happening over there. People wrote me off as an idiot. Now it is clearly in its final stage, people still are ignoring it. My heart cries out to the Palestinians.

    1. shaz48 Avatar

      My heart is bleeding… but those who call others idiots are going to face same .. its just a matter of time… soon;

  4. Prometheus Avatar

    “Fascism is not in itself a new order of society. It is the future refusing to be born.”
    – Aneurin Bevan.
    AmeriKKKan, British and French capital and war indU$tria£ists built Adolf’s war machine to destroy the Soviet experiment they had already perverted into defensive Stalinism.
    Rockefeller, Ford, Du Pont’s GM fed the b€$tia£ity of Nazism, IBM administered the logistics. Hence the tattooed numbers on the fodder to the furnaces.

  5. Scott Avatar

    In his short list of lying media, Finnian left out the clever NPR, calling the genocide a war, labelling anti-Israel protesting as anti-semitic, ignoring the 75 years of persecution in Palestine, etc., etc.

  6. Susan Siens Avatar
    Susan Siens

    Great to see Finian writing what I have been thinking. Howard Fast said that the fascists who attacked peace activists in Peekskill, New York, ended his wondering how the organized murder of NINE million people could have happened. Blank, stupid faces on the television watching as genocide occurs and passively continuing to try and read their teleprompters (and they’re not even good at that). There is a reason Americans have so little respect for the media, and I would point out that they are OWNED by the same people who OWN the military-industrial complex and every other criminal enterprise in the world.

  7. Eleanor Avatar

    When will the world find out that the ´hamas´attack was actually Israel´s 9/11. Planned by some of the same actors. The destruction of the kibbutz, the death of hostages was all done by Israeli tanks and hellfire missiles. Some guys with kalishnikovs could not have caused that. At least half of the dead were killed by the IDF, and the atrocities reported cannot be verified. This is an op folks, lets understand now, not in 20 years. Zionists are not jews. They are of the old religion that demands mass human sacrifice.

    1. Woopy Avatar

      Have you ever noticed that “Jews” are the only victims on this planet? The Holocausts upon Vietnam, Iraq, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolshevik slaughter victims, and many others aren’t victims, it’s all about the “Jews”. Plus the Jews have been and continue to be paid a lot of money for their “victomhood”.

  8. Al Avatar

    The terrorist nation of Israel is finished.

    1. shaz48 Avatar

      It is necessary to read the Torah & the Talmud.. .. never anywhere God has promised a Land Nation to the the Children of Israel (Jacob), the Jews.. They are under perennial punishment by God (God of all 3 Abrahamic religions) as they, them Jews have mocked, disobeyed & refused to follow edicts as prescribed. It is neither promised nor offered by Adonai to them Jews, neither by the Lord and neither by Allah ..; Its a nation without a country.. thats the punishment by God … In 1897 & in 1903 by Zionist Herzl .. who put forward the Zionist thought & claim for the land for nation called to be called Israel located in land of Jerusalem. Now, its time to rid these mentally impure & purify the land of the Lord God.