Israel’s military was ordered to attack Israelis on 10/7

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discusses his investigation into Israeli military orders to shell the homes of Israeli civilians and helicopter attacks on civilian cars and Israeli bases as they fought to dislodge Palestinian militants from the country’s south on October 7.

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10 responses to “Israel’s military was ordered to attack Israelis on 10/7”

  1. Woopy Avatar

    There is no low low enough for God’s chosen to go.

    1. svay Avatar

      Many Jews have been arrested for protesting the Israeli war on Gaza, and orthodox Jews in Israel beaten by soldiers ( ).
      Meanwhile, non-Jews such as Biden and many others are proudly standing solidly behind the Zionists, whatever they do.

      1. Susan Siens Avatar
        Susan Siens

        Yes, I have no love for the ultra-Orthodox but to see an Israeli thug slam an older man to the ground for the crime of not being a Zionist was sickening (Patrick Lawrence on Consortium News).

  2. Caraco Avatar

    Definitely Zionism is the ultimate evil

  3. Chinowski Avatar

    Das zeigt , daß es nicht um die Selbstverteidigung Israels geht, sonder um einen Vorwand einen Genozid an Palästinensern zu veranstalten

    1. Sam Avatar

      Zionist Judaism = Nazi Germany

  4. bill Andreasen Avatar
    bill Andreasen

    Hamas just wasn’t killing enough people on 10-7 to justify the coming genocide so the Israeli’s helped out.

  5. Susan Siens Avatar
    Susan Siens

    Once again, Max’s description reminds me painfully of the Sand Creek Massacre in Colorado. We are an abomination unto the Creator and we seem proud to be so.

  6. Gail Keating Avatar
    Gail Keating

    Zionists are the new nazis, they’re evil obsessed and remorseless,their attitude to violence on any non-zionist is frightening,The world leaders are creating another Hitler.