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7 responses to “Al Jazeera Live”


    Hamas is the recognised internationally as democratic elected government of Palestinians.To label them as terrorists is to label all Palestinians ,treated as slaves by colonial zionist europeans migrants as terrorists hence colonising European Zionists who many practicing Jews are against,want to commit holocaust and ethnic cleansing of native Palestinians to fully populate Palestine with migrant europeans.
    Dr Mustafa Rahim

  2. Henry Pfendt Avatar
    Henry Pfendt

    We need peace and a two state solution
    Let’s stop the slaughter and negotiate

    1. Woopy Avatar

      If Israel was, in fact, a Democratic state there would be no need for a two-state solution. Furthermore, the land that the Israeli white supremacists claim was given to them by their God, in fact, belongs to the Palestinians. It would make more sense to have one state where all men were created equal, and all men are equal under the law. As long as the white supremacists of Israel are in the area, there will be murder, land theft, and any other anti-human procedures that you can imagine.

      1. July Hunter Avatar
        July Hunter

        There is a song floating around on the net called “ We Are Not White, We Are Jewish”. There is also a website by a Black gentleman named DONTELL JACKSON., and the name of it is “WE THOUGHT THEY WERE WHITE”. Like Rev. Farrakhan, he also knows who dominated the TRIANGLE TRADE and owned & operated the 300 slave ships, that went to Africa and picked up the captured people that the Kings of Dahomey brought them, in exchange for barrells of Rum. Did you ever notice that many blacks call each other “Homey” ? That ain’t because they consider each other from their home neighborhoods, you know ! They know exactly how they got here, that it was their own black kings from the Kingdom of Dahomey (1600-1900), but they are planning on making the dumbed down “Whiteys” feel guilty so they can extort reparations out of us. Well, they can go scratch it out of the JOOS and the rich descendants of their own kings.
        I’m not giving them another dime, not after all that welfare money their mothers got and made us pay for it by way of high taxes.

    2. shaz48 Avatar

      Sir, the way the slaughter is going … its a one way street… So, No Ceasefire .. let the slaughter continue as its not the Zionists who are the victims of this attrocity … But, if the roles are reversed then the whole world, incl USA will be pi ssing sh itting & screaming for a ceasefire.

  3. Gene Avatar

    “The Palestinians have unwittingly sacrificed themselves for the purposes of enlightening the entire planetary civilization to the profound evil and satanic nature of the Zionist State of Israel,” wrote the Armchair Prophet. A profound statement. Gaza is Christ, and Israel is Israel. But Gaza is also Amalek. Amalek was Christ from the beginning, but we didn’t see it, because we were told that Christ was Yahweh’s son, and one with him. Now we can begin to see our tragic mistake. This is our wake up call. Let us face the truth about Yahweh and the chosen people he created in his image (or the other way around).