House Approves $14.3 Billion Military Aid Package for Israel:

More of our money for bombs to kill Palestinian civilians and children

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The House of Representatives has approved a $14.3 billion military aid package for Israel, largely along party lines. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says Democrats won’t take up the bill after House Republicans excluded funding for Ukraine’s military and proposed slashing IRS funding to pay for weapons to Israel. President Biden has asked Congress for a $106 billion emergency spending package that includes funding for Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine. The request includes an unprecedented provision to entirely waive congressional notification of the future sale of military equipment and weapons to Israel, including stocks of ballistic missiles and artillery shells. This is Vice President Kamala Harris speaking from London Thursday after talks with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Vice President Kamala Harris: “We are not going to create any conditions on the support that we are giving Israel to defend itself.”

The White House continues to rule out calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, a day after Biden said Israel’s military should allow for “humanitarian pauses.” On Thursday, Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin became the first member of the Senate to call for a ceasefire, during an interview on CNN.

Sen. Dick Durbin: “An effort should be made to engage in conversation between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Let’s face it. This has gone on for decades. Whatever the rationale from the beginning, it has now reached an intolerable level.”

Durbin joins 12 other Democratic senators who have called for a short-term “cessation of hostilities” in Gaza.

Gaza Death Toll Tops 9,200 as U.N. Experts Warn “Time Is Running Out to Prevent Genocide” 

Israel’s army says it has encircled Gaza City as international condemnation continues to grow over its 28-day assault on the besieged Palestinian territory, where more than 9,200 people have been killed, including at least 3,800 children. Among the dead and injured are Palestinians sheltering at a United Nations-run school in the Jabaliya refugee camp, where at least 27 were killed in an Israeli strike on Thursday.

Unnamed Gazan: “Nowhere is safe. They even hit the school. They said, ‘Flee to the schools.’ They then targeted the schools. Where are the Arab leaders?”

A group of seven senior United Nations human rights experts warned Thursday, “Time is running out to prevent genocide and humanitarian catastrophe.”

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18 responses to “House Approves $14.3 Billion Military Aid Package for Israel:”

  1. Goldie Elaine Avatar

    Govt can go to the dark place, they cant pass a budget, yet say we have no money for Citizens yet they can give Billions to others when suffering is rampant here.

    1. Disadvantaged Avatar


      Don’t worry, when the United States defaults on its national debt, there will be little money for anyone. The social programs and the military budget will face drastic cuts. There will be no time for wars or regime change in other nations. The collapse of our own country and trying to save it will be priority one.

    2. shaz48 Avatar

      So, now we are a major part of the genocide taking place there .. slaughtering unarmed civilians, men, women, children & even babies; This is our legacy .. we have always been on the wrong side of events and supporting the criminals. It is blatant demonstration of disregard by our voted & elected who have no conscious or soul .. we are fools to elect such criminals to our political forums.

  2. Fernando Avatar

    Capitalism is the crisis!!! Remember the USS Liberty!!!

    1. shaz48 Avatar

      Please speak softly, otherwise Zionists in Israel will become angry. They murdered our brave, but we cowards kept our mouth shut when standing over dead bodies of our own slaughtered by them criminal Zionists.

  3. Patrick Avatar

    All are punished….

  4. gloria Avatar

    Genocide Joe and Blundering Blinken——-so sad what America has become. Ah, and the GOP—-wandering and blathering idiots. What has happened to We the People? it seems we are all now so very unimportant

    1. gcw919 Avatar


  5. gcw919 Avatar

    Contact your Congressperson and Senators and advise them they have lost your vote if they continue to support genocide. The only thing they really care about is re-election.

    1. Woopy Avatar

      The congressmen have nothing to say about what Victoria Nuland and her ilk do with our tax dollars. In fact if they dare speak out their cush nests will disappear. As Ariel Sharon, Israeli prime minister, said in the past “we the Jewish people control America”. What he said is true.

  6. Gretchen Newlin Avatar

    I want to do more than just march and make calls to the gutless, spineless, and shockingly heartless politicians! The US is facilitating genocide. Why do Americans elect these creatures? I feel so helpless. Middle East Children’s Alliance is a good organization to donate to. Our community has had benefits for them in the past. They do good and heartfull work for Palestine, especially Gaza.

    1. Woopy Avatar

      Gretchen, many of us feel the same as you about our useless Washington DC government. Our congressmen have nothing to say about creatures like Victoria Nuland, Lindsey Graham, William Krystol, and a miriad of their control of what is supposed to be our government and tax dollars. I’d quit paying taxes to the low life oligarchs in control but my pension would be stopped.

    2. shaz48 Avatar

      Gutless, spineless, and shockingly heartless politicians! There is no such thing ..; They are slaves of Zionists, lick & crawl under their boots, take their crooked money to do them Zionist’s bidding. Grant funds & give Zionists money collected from our taxed income.. Our politicians are a corrupt bunch of crooks.

  7. philosophyofgoodnews Avatar

    This is nothing and is temporary. What is 14.5 bn compare with 33000000000000( thirty three trillion)?
    There are people( Oliver Stone)who named those in the current orchestra.

  8. braithwa842 Avatar

    The director of the New York office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has resigned in disgust, leaving a strongly worded resignation. He has my support and my respect. His resignation letter is just one page and it is well worth reading or watching:-

  9. Woopy Avatar

    In other good news, the US is bragging that their military will soon have a bomb that can kill 400,000 people in Moscow Russia with one blow. God must be smiling and all the Christians in the US happy.

    1. Sam Avatar

      It’s the US Jewish community via the US Jewish Lobby that controls US Christians, along with government and society at large. What more proof is there than the fact the US government unconditionally supports a fascist state and participates in Jewish war crimes.

  10. DBanfield Avatar

    US is subservient Government for Jewish interest. Americans lost their country over a hundred years ago.All the voting will change nothing. Realistic reality of whom the American populace wishes not to consider. Hence the status today.