Generation Of Vipers

“For we have made a Covenant with Death, and with Hell are we at agreement.”

By Paul Edwards

The slaughter of the people of Gaza by the Zionist Nazi state of Israel continues as the world, largely appalled at the depth of its depravity, the ferocity of its cruelty, toward victim Palestinians,  watches sickened but afraid to act to stop it.  Rationally so, since all pleas to halt it have been flatly rejected, and to intercede by military force risks a regional, and quite possibly a world, war.

In vengeance for a savage, stunning Hamas attack on sacrosanct Eretz Israel, its Oberkommando, under their blood-lusting Fuhrer, Netanyahu, has directed its Wehrmacht to ravage and destroy, by Blitzkrieg, the entire population of their captive victims.

To see this people, Zionist Jews, whose forebears were nearly eradicated themselves by a psychologically identical, maniacally vicious nation of braindead Ubermenschen, adopt this hideous rassenhass is astonishing: the mind rejects the idea. 

And yet, it can’t be denied; it must be comprehended.  Zionist Israel, a fascistic, militarist nation, is bitterly divided over its own religion.  The brutal, xenophobic state, flaunting its worship of violent force—in celebration of which its fanatic, racist people dance and chant—has turned its back utterly on the core morality of Judaism.  True practitioners of the ancient faith, the Haredim, are harassed and persecuted by the police and the army, and considered enemies of the state for fiercely opposing its secular immorality, its using Judaism as Christianity is used by the American Empire, to buttress a de facto tyranny.

Americans, especially the great propagandized majority who are so morally dead they defend Zionist genocide, need to be very clear, while this murderous, inhuman crime is in full swing, that it could not be done without the express permission and full complicity of The Empire.  Israel exists because of The Empire’s backing—financially, politically, militarily—to be an outpost of its Exceptionalist fantasy, a bulwark against Moslem cultures that—shameless pretense notwithstanding—American elites hate and fear.  Because Zionist money elects and owns our Congress via AIPAC, its lobbying arm, our bought politicians, against all logic and self-interest, put Israel’s welfare above that of the country they swore to serve.  This is treason, by definition.

The American Empire, as though it were not already sufficiently tar-babied with its tanking Ukraine shitshow, is now in an even more painful posture, joined at the hip with the Fuhrer’s excellent Gaza adventure.  To show its fealty to the Zionist Final Solution to the Palestinian Problem, our feeble-minded CEO has sent two aircraft carriers to back the massacre of civilians.  In so doing, he risks two grave outcomes.  One is, that carriers that dominated at Midway and Leyte Gulf are now simply huge, static, gas cans for the sophisticated missiles Hezbollah and Arab states possess.  The second is, that aiding the Zionist butchery of innocents, he risks alienating the entire Moslem world permanently.

The idiotic bind that The Empire is in is one they chose by their long, duplicitous, two-faced vaudeville act in the Middle East.  This Gaza slaughter has drawn the curtain exposing The Great Oz, and made starkly obvious the payoff for playing both ends against the middle.  If it backs the murderous Zionist Reich, it must see its cringing romancing of previously wholly-owned tyrannies such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey end forever.  There is no clean, or even dirty way—as in Afghanistan—out of this political iron maiden in which it has sealed itself.  Official America backs wholesale murder of children and no spin can hide that.

As the horrifying devastation continues with intentional targeting of any possible refuge of safety for helpless civilians—schools, hospitals, refugee camps, even designated escape corridors—

it is clear that Netanyahu’s indiscriminate bombardment has eliminated the need for the Einsatzgruppen Hitler used in his murder machine.  Extermination now is done better remotely.  Of course, there is still a role for Zionist Totenkopf regiments, to do by hand what escapes the wholesale devastation of ordnance.

Zionist Israel makes much of its putative history as related in the Torah and Tanakh, in supporting its right to occupy Palestine.  It prefers to forget how the Jews’ mightiest prophets were its most damning critics when Jewish power transgressed the law.  The words of those rebellious martyrs come back aflame today.

Micah said ( Micah 6:8) “What hath the Lord required of you but to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God?”

Isaiah said (Isaiah 28:15) : “For we have made a Covenant with Death, and with Hell are we at agreement.”

The supreme irony and greatest tragedy for the Jewish people of many races and nations is that Zionist Israel, in claiming to be the great center of resistance to anti-Semitism, has now appalled and alienated most of the world, which does not understand that the vast majority of Jews are neither Zionists, nor its supporters.  

Israel has shown the world its true nature in images of wanton, barbaric horror that are ineradicable from human memory.  It stands revealed as what it is: a nation without conscience, mercy or justice, begun and sustained with murderous violence, and eager to maintain its exclusive, apartheid tyranny by genocide.  

The doom Israel has contrived for itself is based on the fact that the lesson Zionists took from the nightmare of the Shoah was that power is the only sure defense against inhuman cruelty.  With the mantra, “never again”, they swore not to be victimized, but in their rage and pain they did not comprehend that justice demands all people be spared the odious violence they suffered. They adopted the evils of the monsters that had nearly destroyed them and, in so doing, betrayed the conscience of their race.

And Matthew asked (Matthew 3:7) “O, Generation of Vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?”

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28 responses to “Generation Of Vipers”

  1. Ray Joseph Cormier Avatar

    Jesus the Jew ushered in THE COMMON ERA which in all it’s practical terms means Jews no longer have any EXCLUSIVITY or Preeminence with the God of Abraham.

    In this TIME of the Revelation of Jesus Christ Western Christian Leaders never cite these Biblical verses as often as they say the Bible is the Word of God,
    “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”
    Revelation 2:9

    “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie;”
    Revelation 3:9

    A current example is Israel told Palestinians to go South where they would be SAFE and then increased BOMBING in the South.

    1. Jack Lomax Avatar
      Jack Lomax

      Quoting the Jewish Bible against itself is a waste of time as many have found to their frustration over the centuries. Best quote the wise words of a Jew who was a great man but not a god. “And I say unto you love even your enemies” And “Love your neighbour as much as you love yourself” . When asked by those he was talking to who their neighbour was he said ,in effect, Everyone is. Practical love is the only effective answer to hate and cruelty. Defend yourself from misguided people who would kill you but know that they are misguided human beings. Seek shelter if you can from their bombs and their guns and tanks but do not fall into the trap of hating them for when you do you bring yourself to the same level as those who kill innocents and children without hesitation. In my long life I have had bombs dropped near to me by Germans and Americans but I reckoned hating the bomb droppers was the wrong reaction

    2. July Hunter Avatar
      July Hunter

      @Cormier….Jesus was not a Jew. Jews came from Judea, a section of Palestine.
      Jesus was a Galilean, since He was from Galilee.

      1. July Hunter Avatar
        July Hunter

        Furthermore, 90% of those who call themselves “Jews” today in Palestine, have no Semetic DNA at all. They are descended from the Khazarian Empire that converted to the Talmudic version of Judaism around 800 A.D., and when they were expelled into Eastern Europe, they became the Eastern European AshkeNAZI Khazars. Since they were very familiar with the Hebrew religion, it was easy for them to mass migrate to Palestine after WW2, and pose as the Biblical Jews, and take over Palestine, claiming the land for themselves. And now that a TRILLION CUBIC FEET of Natural Gas has been discovered under Gaza and offshore, the Khazars want to ethnically cleanse Gaza and keep all the shekels for themselves. Notice how our Zio-Nazi press never mentions the gas that was discovered 20 years ago and has slowly been developed.
        As usual, no Goodies for the indigenous, just DEATH & GENOCIDE.

        1. paul edwards Avatar
          paul edwards

          That Khazar nonsense has been genetically discredited and is used no mainly by rabid anti-Jewish wanks.

          1. Ed M. Avatar
            Ed M.

            See the book “The Thirteenth Tribe”, by Arthur Koestler

          2. July Hunter Avatar
            July Hunter

            At Paul Edward’s, HORSE MANURE ! We know who they are and their history.
            And DNA doesn’t lie. Roll out the DNA tests for the FAKE JOOS ! Deport out of Palestine all those with no Semetic DNA. That scares them to Desth !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!

        2. paul edwards Avatar
          paul edwards

          You’re an idiot. Judaism is a religion, not an ethnic identity, such as Semitism. One need not be a Semite at all to be a Jew, you boob.

    3. Buddy Silver Avatar
      Buddy Silver


      Jesus of Nazareth asks Talmudic, Pharisee, Zionist Jews:

      Why is my language not clear to you Talmudic Jews?

      It’s because you are unable to hear what I say.

      YOU BELONG TO YOUR FATHER, the DEVIL, and you want to carry out YOUR FATHER’S desires.

      The reason you do not hear is that YOU DO NOT BELONG TO GOD.”

      He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is NO TRUTH IN HIM. When he lies, he speaks his NATIVE LANGUAGE, for he is a LIAR and THE FATHER OF LIES.

      Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me!

      Can any of you prove me guilty of sin?

      If I am telling the truth, why don’t you believe me?

      Whoever belongs to God hears what God says.

      The reason you do not hear is that YOU DO NOT BELONG TO GOD.”

      John 8:43-47

  2. Gene Avatar

    This post has been edited by Tom
    All Jewish people (with a few decent exceptions) have blood on their hands. The ongoing mass murders of innocent Palestinian women, and children (more than 10,000) by the zionist of Israel has legitimately led to rise in hostility and public anger towards Jewish people in Europe, who are enthusiastic supporters of Israeli violence and its Fascistic policies against the Palestinians. This has nothing (never) to do with “antisemitism”. All Arabs, including the Palestinians are Semitic people.

    1. braithwa842 Avatar

      Your post puts the blame on all Jews, with only a few exceptions. It is not right. You wrongly blame many who are not to blame, and you let many who are to blame off the hook.

      Biden is not a Jew. Lindsey Graham and Bolton are also not Jews. And for that matter nor are Evangelical Christian Zionists, whose influence cannot be overstated.

      Thousands of Jews held a historic sit-in that shut down New York City’s iconic Grand Central Station to say, “Ceasefire now.” “Let Gaza live.” Orthadox Jews also stand against what is happening.

      The term “Zionist” is better. It includes, Biden, Bolton and Graham. It includes Christian Zionists. And it does not point the finger at Jews who stand up against Zionism and have been arrested for their actions.

      1. Woopy Avatar

        Braith, it’s like when Jewish people use the phrase “anti – Semitic” to attack people who say or do things for whatever reason isn’t liked by a Jew or group of Jews even when whatever was said is true. The truth is that the phrase “anti – Semitic” applies to many people in the middle east besides Jews. In fact, the white supremacy of Israel aren’t even Semitic. The white Jews of Israel came from Florida, Russia, New York, Germany, etc so why do the Jews insist on this apparently misused phrase “anti – Semitic”?

        1. Gaze Avatar

          Very accurate. Thank you. In fact, many Jews-Israeli are returning home, their real home. Russian, Polish and American airports are flooding with returnees.

  3. Peter J Nickitas Avatar
    Peter J Nickitas

    Mr. Edwards hits it on the head. I concur with his observation that the Jews who perpetrated the Final Solution (e.g., The Stern Gang and the parties to The Transfer Agreement); worshippers of violence (e.g. Benzion Netanyahu et fils); and many who survived Ha Shoah learned that “Might Makes Right”. They did not commit themselves, as did Marek Edelman, a leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, to stay in place and fight tyranny at home. These Jews learned “Might Makes Right”, as observed by that brilliant Jewish-American war veteran Tom Lehrer in his paean to nuclear proliferation, “Who’s Next?” sang of Israel:
    “The Lord’s our Shepherd, says the Psalm…
    “But just in case… we better get a bomb!”

  4. July Hunter Avatar
    July Hunter

    A lot of people who always thought I was “Anti-SEMETIC” are having their eyes opened now. Let them drink in the true face of the Khazarian Mafia. Just as evil and malicious a group of people as they were when Kievan Rus Prince Syvastolav The Great expelled them from Ukraine over a thousand years ago, for their incessant crimes against their neighbors and travelers who crossed their paths.

    1. July Hunter Avatar
      July Hunter

      Do yourselves a favor and Google up “THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE INCREDIBLY EVIL KHAZARIAN MAFIA”.
      You will get a lot of hits, but pick the one original from !!!

      1. Woopy Avatar

        July, you hit the nail on the head when you called those white supremists a Mafia. That’s exactly what they are, a large family of white supremists who murder, steal, torture and lie about it. These people are rotten to the core.

      2. Woopy Avatar

        Remember, the khazars murdered millions during their Bolshevik revolution that turned Russia into a communist state. The purpose in the massive Holocaust where an estimated 50 million were murdered was to create a utopia for the khazars. Stalin kicked them out of government and that was a big part of the reason for the cold war started by the US.

  5. philosophyofgoodnews Avatar

    “Eliminate corruption, blackmail, and power of issuing money out of thin air by private interests, and the problem, the civilizational problem that would and will cost us all our lives will be solved.”

  6. Marilyn Avatar

    The Palestinians did not launch a vicious attack on Israel, they legally resisted the oppression, and it was the IDF who killed everyone in brutal uncontrolled extermination of Israel citizens and Palestinians alike, this has been known for weeks and I am sick to death of the endless ”brutal attack by Hamas” nonsense

  7. gcw919 Avatar

    This blood-soaked “defense” of Israel is sickening beyond belief. How can the US continue to allow this butchery to continue? It is like a never-ending nightmare. Viet Nam was the first war brought into homes via television. Now, despite the heavily-biased mainstream media, the real story can be found via the internet and the many progressive websites. As well, Al Jazeera gives a very different story from CNN, Fox, etc. This madness, justified by some mythical references to the Bible, reeks of raw aggression and vengeance. The ruling powers of the world appear to be willing to let it continue, but in their stupidity, they ignore the very real possibility of this expanding into a regional war, or beyond. Idiots like Lindsay Graham are all-in on attacking Iran, willing to do the dirty work for Israel. Someone needs to wake up these war-mongers, before there is nothing left for anyone to wake up to.

  8. doug Avatar

    “Never Again” should apply to all people equally. But what can one expect from the US? one of the countries with the longest track records of mass murder and war crimes. The US was built on genocide and ethnic cleansing and nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki doesn’t take away any of it, or actually justify itself.

  9. Guy St Hilaire Avatar
    Guy St Hilaire

    It is safe to say that the concept of Zionism initiated in the late 19th century was the poison that tarnished the Jewish people .And it is true that most of the Eastern European Jews ,white skinned people ,the ones that follow the religion of the Torah ,are not of the Semitic bloodline. This regardless of naysayers ,historical records do attest to this .Now this does not take away from the reality that it does not ,in our day matter so much , outside of using the victim card to shut down the discussion . There are good people of and in all religions ,faiths ,ethnic groups , blood lines ,if you will , and many not so good. I would submit that with what is happening in our world today,it is more of an exposure of a reality that has been hidden from us and is hard to swallow for many of us . It might even be taken as going through the proverbial dark night of the soul as mentioned by St John of the Cross in his treatise “Dark Night” .

    1. July Hunter Avatar
      July Hunter

      @Guy, Those Eastern European AshkeNAZI Khazars do not follow the TORAH ! They follow the Babylonian TALMUD that was written by flesh and blood Rabbis during their “captivity” in Babylon.! There is a big difference between the Torah True and the Talmudic.
      The Khazars were initiated into the Talmudic branch of Judaism, that was corrupted by what they learned in Babylon. Jesus called them the Synagogue of Satan. They adopted the Babylonian Money Magic, the Kabalistic Magic, the child sacrifice to Baal, and the drinking of ADRENOCHROME BLOOD.
      The Khazarian King, Bhutan, imported Talmudic Rabbis to teach his subjects during their conversion from militaristic paganism around 800 AD. And like Jesus said about them hundreds of years earlier, that they would travel over mountains and oceans to make a convert, and when they do make a convert, they turn that convert into twice the child of hell as they are. And that is what happened to the incredibly evil Khazars. And you can tell them by their fruits. Like the trail of death they leave behind them.

  10. Buddy Silver Avatar
    Buddy Silver

    Rabbi Dr. Chaim Simons
    August 2007
    © Copyright. 2007. Chaim Simons

    You wont find this powerful document on the Internet and if I had your email address, I could send it to you!
    The agreement with the Nazis was for 2,000,000 young Zionists to go to Palestine and the rest of the Jews were left with Hitler to dispose of!

    1. Peter J. Nickitas Avatar
      Peter J. Nickitas

      Please send it to

  11. RD Avatar

    “Anti-semitic” – like “conspiracy theorist” – are phrases designed to shame the target and shut down debate.

  12. Robin Avatar

    The citizens of the west should wake up. The new WEF financial globalists have been using various populations as test cases. Syrian refugees have had IDs with biometrics, Palestinians have been psychological experiments in oppression. Their fate is to be all of our fate. Cybernetic governance without any hope of representation, manipulation with frequencies and pharmacology, the outside in robotics of total surveillance, its all barreling along with various forms of depopulation and land grabs. See DIIA in Ukraine, and the utter blasphemy of zionism. Their fate is our future if we do not stand up for what is sacred.