US Says It’s Powerless To Stop The Genocide That It Is Directly Funding And Supplying

Biden really likes the people doing the genocide and doesn’t want to stop them from doing it.

By Caitlin Johnstone

In a bizarre new article titled “White House frustrated by Israel’s onslaught but sees few options,” The Washington Post reports that the Biden administration believes Israel has gone too far and is killing too many civilians in its assault on Gaza, but are powerless to do anything about it.

The Post’s Yasmeen Abutaleb writes the following, citing anonymous US officials:

“As Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza escalates, the Biden administration finds itself in a precarious position: Administration officials say Israel’s counterattack against Hamas has been too severe, too costly in civilian casualties, and lacking a coherent endgame, but they are unable to exert significant influence on America’s closest ally in the Middle East to change its course.

“U.S. efforts to get Israel to scale back its counterattack in response to the Oct. 7 killings by Hamas that left at least 1,400 Israelis dead have failed or fallen short. The Biden administration urged Israel against a ground invasion, privately asked it to consider proportionality in its attacks, advocated a higher priority on avoiding civilian deaths, and called for a humanitarian pause — only for Israeli officials to dismiss or reject all those suggestions.

“In recent days, they said, the administration has become deeply uncomfortable with some of Israel’s tactics. Last week, Israel bombed the densely packed Jabalya refugee camp two days in a row, an attack that Israel said killed a Hamas leader but that also killed dozens of civilians. On Friday, an Israeli airstrike hit near the entrance of Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, a strike the Israeli military said was aimed at an ambulance ‘being used by a Hamas terrorist cell.’ And Israeli authorities recently expelled thousands of Palestinians who had been in Israel for work, sending them back into Gaza even as it continues to bomb the enclave.”

All this helpless hand-wringing is exposed for the load of ridiculous bullshit that it plainly is a few paragraphs down in the very same article:

“Washington is Israel’s largest military backer, and the White House has asked Congress for an additional $14 billion in aid for Israel in the wake of the Hamas attacks. But administration officials and advisers say the levers the United States theoretically has over Israel, such as conditioning military aid on making the military campaign more targeted, are nonstarters, partly because they would be so politically unpopular in any administration and partly because, aides say, Biden himself has a personal attachment to Israel.”

So the Biden administration does in fact have tons of leverage it can use to stop the genocidal massacre in Gaza, it just doesn’t want to because it would be “politically unpopular” and because “Biden himself has a personal attachment to Israel.” 

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The US president does indeed have a personal attachment to Israel. Biden has proudly described himself as a Zionist, and has gone on record to say that if Israel didn’t exist the United States would have to invent an Israel to advance its interests in the middle east.

In summary, this Washington Post article is telling us that Biden is powerless to stop the genocidal massacre in Gaza because he really likes the people doing the genocide and doesn’t want to stop them from doing it.

We’ve been asked to believe a lot of very stupid things since this onslaught began last month, but the idea that the Biden administration is powerless to stop a genocide that it is directly arming and supplying has got to be the absolute stupidest.

Of course the US can stop this. Of course it can. The US is currently pouring weapons into Israel on an almost daily basis, is pouring billions of dollars into Israel and is preparing to pour in billions more, and is currently physically assisting Israeli operations in Gaza with drones and special operations forces while US warships swarm the eastern Mediterranean. All of this can easily be pulled away if Israel refuses to stop murdering children by the thousands in an indiscriminate bombing campaign that reportedly isn’t even doing any meaningful damage to Hamas.

What’s that? You didn’t know this murderous bombing campaign is doing no meaningful damage to Hamas? Well let’s clear that up then.

A new report by The New York Times cites an anonymous US military official saying that Israel “has not come close” to destroying Hamas leadership or even its mid-level command.

“One senior U.S. defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive details, said the operations so far have not come close to destroying Hamas’s senior and middle leadership ranks,” The New York Times reports.

This revelation is devastating to the Israeli narrative about what it has actually been doing in Gaza. Israel said on Thursday that it had bombed some 12,000 targets in Gaza since October 7, and that number would be even higher by now, especially with unprecedented levels of strikes now being reported by people on the ground. There are reportedly only some 20–25,000 members of Hamas in total, which means the number of airstrikes is fast approaching the total number of Hamas members in existence, yet going from this New York Times report no meaningful damage has been done to Hamas itself.

This despite the fact that we are being told Hamas makes prevalent use of “human shields”, hiding their units in clusters of civilians for protection. How has Israel managed to kill some ten thousand Palestinians in Gaza without managing to do any real damage to Hamas if Hamas fighters are hiding amongst all those civilians? You’d think by sheer law of averages they’d have taken out some significant leaders with all that civilian-massacring?

Maybe Hamas is using really high-level human shields, the kind that don’t even have any Hamas fighters hidden behind them. It’s all 100 percent human shield with zero percent combatant — the most secure type of human shield there is!

The Washington Post report about Biden’s imaginary powerlessness to stop this massacre makes a bit more sense when you look at an NBC News article which came out a few days earlier, which reports that White House leadership are concerned about an emerging “narrative” that Biden supports the killing in Gaza.

NBC News reports the following:

“Biden and his top aides have in the past week adjusted the administration’s public message to emphasize concern for Palestinian civilians and U.S. efforts to get them humanitarian relief. The shift follows growing criticism at home and abroad of Biden’s decision to swiftly and staunchly back Israel’s military response to Hamas while initially speaking less forcefully about protecting Palestinians; meanwhile, images of civilian casualties in Gaza continue to ricochet around the world.

“‘If this really goes bad, we want to be able to point to our past statements,’ a senior U.S. official said. The official said the administration is particularly worried about a narrative taking hold that Biden supports all Israeli military actions and that U.S.-provided weapons have been used to kill Palestinian civilians, many of them women and children. The Defense Department has said the U.S. is not putting any limits or restrictions on the weapons it’s providing Israel.”

So it’s probably a safe bet that the anonymous US officials who spoke to The Washington Post about how “frustrated” the White House is with Israel’s unbridaled murderousness are White House officials who are trying to manage the public narrative about Biden. They’re trying to let the Biden White House wash its hands of this genocidal massacre like Pontius Pilate, even as it backs that very massacre to the hilt.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: the US is every bit as culpable for the murder of all these civilians as Israel. Don’t let the empire’s narrative managers try to tell you different.

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17 responses to “US Says It’s Powerless To Stop The Genocide That It Is Directly Funding And Supplying”

  1. David Avatar

    Canada is in the same predicament although we don’t supply or participate the way the US does. Maybe it’s time for the Russians to show up on the doorstep saying we’re here to help the Palestinian people. Watch how quickly things stop (we hope).

    1. Jack Lomax Avatar
      Jack Lomax

      It is not that they are brainless cowardly idiots but are in the powerful grip of the Zionists. The Zionists control the US economy (and its political structure) underground. Their surface appearance is the Neocons who are in fact Zionists and Zionist supporters. Israel is untouchable for that reason.

  2. braithwa842 Avatar

    Once you have publicly made announcements like:-
    * “There are no red lines for Israel.”
    * “Our support of Israel is unconditional.”
    then you have given a blank check to Netanyahoo to do WHATEVER he likes. And so this monster has gleefully taken its blank check and is committing genocide. The USA support is now locked in and it could not recall this monster even if it wanted to.

    But does the USA even want to recall its blank check? You may be hearing voices of concern within the western governments, but pretending to be concerned with human rights without withdrawing the eight aircraft carriers (from USA, France, the UK, Netherlands and Germany) that are ASSISTING with the genocide is a complete farce. Pretending to be concerned with human rights while rushing $Billions to Israel in order to carry out the genocide is also a complete farce.

    Western values are on display. Next time western nations tell you all about their noble shared values, just shove this genocide right in their face.

  3. Tillie 2 Avatar
    Tillie 2

    Can it possibly get worse. Why do I think their coupling is a marriage made in heaven for them?

  4. Disadvantaged Avatar

    A thought to consider, with all the problems facing America, why did 80 million Americans vote for such an incompetent individual like Biden for President? If you think the next election will undo all the mistakes of the last fifty years, you are in for a rude awakening. It is all downhill from here. War in Europe, war in the Middle East, possibly a war with China or Iran. A national debt that is out of control, the American people losing more of their freedom with each passing year, a nation that is so divided among the different groups that a unified country is impossible.

    If we are really lucky, America could have a nuclear war and then all the problems will go away because there will so few left on this planet to create problems. We go back to the stone age.

  5. Gene Avatar

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro pointed out this morning that the Israeli occupation regime has “instilled an ideology even more dangerous than Nazism, initially targeting the Palestinian people and subsequently affecting Arab, Islamic, and Christian communities.” Who doesn’t agree with this critical analysis of the Jewish regime?

    1. July Hunter Avatar
      July Hunter

      Quit calling them Jewish. They are Khazarian Mafia monsters who haven’t advanced intellectually or morally since before they were kicked out of Ukraine by Kievan Rus Prince Svyatoslav the Great over a thousand year’s ago. They have no Semetic DNA, and as Ben Friedman famously said in his speech at the Willard Hotel back around 1960 or so, “their ancestors never dipped a toe in the Holy Land”. However, since they were so evil, their neighbors strongly suggested that they adopt a religion, and they all converted to Talmudic Judaism around 800 A.D., because that brand of religion essentially allowed them to continue with their ways. Ever since, they have been pretending to be the descendants of Abraham with the deed to Palestine stapled to their birth certificates. Do yourselves a favor and Google up “THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE INCREDIBLY EVIL KHAZARIAN MAFIA”.

    2. shaz48 Avatar

      Both are the same .. Just the insignia on their Flag has changed … it was the SWASTIKA and now its the STAR OF DAVID; So, what else is new ??? The character & demeanor is exactly the same.

      1. July Hunter Avatar
        July Hunter

        Hitler had 150,000 “Jews” in his Wehrmacht”. Read Riggs book called “HITLERS JEWISH SOLDIERS”.

  6. D.Banfield Avatar

    Firsthand voting in the USA makes no difference two parties with the same policies that represent capitalism NOT the populace.
    Secondly USA is unable to stop the bloodshed in Gaza Palestine because Washington is completely controlled by Zionist elements. Amen.

    1. Sem Avatar

      Believe me, HOLOCAUST 2.0 will be very soon.



  7. DBanfield Avatar

    US is powerless to stop this madness as Zionist elements control Washington’s policies.
    Including every aspect of American society.

    1. Sam Avatar

      How many US Jews are Zionists? Are you aware of the overwhelming support that US Jews give to Israel? Have you seen recent poles?

      You tell me, what percent of US Jews must support Zionism before you can say that the culprit here is the US Jewish community, focused as a political entity by their Jewish Leaders? What percent of those Jewish leaders must be Zionist supporters before you can say that the political expression of the US Jewish Community is unconditional support for Israeli Jews?

    2. July Hunter Avatar
      July Hunter

      Americans, like much of the world, have been brainwashed by the Zio-Nazi Media for decades. Because of a lack of true understanding of who we all are dealing with, it will be necessary to re-educate the people about the Khazars and their ancient empire. They were exceedingly evil in themselves, but they were tutored by even more evil creatures, to wit, the Talmudic Rabbis who were brought in by the KHAZARIAN King to assist in the conversion process. Those Rabbis turned the Khazarians into twice the children of Hell as they were, and Jesus Himself called them the Synagogue of Satan. They were the money changers in the temple, who demanded real precious metals from the people in exchange for a token made out of dross, before they could offer their sacrifices. That was how they impoverished the people while accumulating all of the real wealth, the precious gold and silver, for themselves.

  8. Andreas Schlüter Avatar
    Andreas Schlüter

    We should never underestimate the blackmail power Israel´s Power Elite has over the US by insight into Kennedy´s assassination by the US Power Elite and by its insight into the the inside job of Nine Eleven!

    1. July Hunter Avatar
      July Hunter

      911 was a nuclear event. Several SADM’s (Special Atomic Demolition Munitions) were fizzled 50 meters below the basements. They created giant burning pits for a rapid cleanup. Ninety Nine point nine percent of the radiation was trapped in the molten rock at the bottom of the caverns they burned out of the bedrock.
      Check out the Davey Crocket Nuclear Weapon because that’s where Israel got the nuke material to fashion the SADM’s.

  9. Tony Kaku Avatar
    Tony Kaku

    Palestine has the right to defend itself.