Gaza: WHO calls for ceasefire as child death toll exceeds 4000

Health and humanitarian leaders have called for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire,” after 30 days of conflict between Israel and Hamas and more than 100 attacks on healthcare sites in Gaza.

In an open letter the World Health Organization director general, Tedros Ghebreyesus, and leaders from the United Nations and charities including Save the Children and Christian Aid said that the people of Gaza are “besieged and under attack, denied access to the essentials for survival, and bombed in their homes, shelters, hospitals, and places of worship.”

So far, more than 9770 people have been killed in Gaza, including 4008 children, while more than 23 000 people have been injured

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3 responses to “Gaza: WHO calls for ceasefire as child death toll exceeds 4000”

  1. Fred Fletcher Avatar
    Fred Fletcher

    Send this to every congress person who voted against a ceasefire and voted for more money and arms to Israel.This is beyond the pale.It has to stop!!!

    1. shaz48 Avatar

      CONGRESSMEN ?? Really.. Those who have sold their Soul to the Devil for a few Dollars & prefer to look elsewhere when atrocities, genocide, mass murder of unarmed men, women, children, babies is being carried out by their donors & their criminal army. God’s stick is silent, but when it strikes.. this time it will not be just 6 million but 10s of millions who will be sent to personally meet the devil in Hell.

  2. shaz48 Avatar

    WHO … WHO the FK are you ?? You are one of them, WHO will start running like a mad dog the moment the roles, actions & child killings are reversed.. You are the ones WHO are proxy of murderers, rapists, child molesters, child deaths etc; No action if it is the child of others & full action if its the child of God’s chosen cursed nation.