Scott Ritter: Israel Palestine, Ukraine China War

By Scott Ritter

The Israel-Palestine conflict has captured the world’s attention for decades, and understanding its intricacies is crucial. Scott Ritter, a seasoned expert in international relations and geopolitical analysis, will offer his insights into the historical, political, and social dynamics that shape this ongoing dispute. What to Expect: Geopolitical Analysis:

Scott Ritter will provide a deep dive into the geopolitical aspects of the Israel-Palestine conflict, highlighting key players, historical context, and the current state of affairs.

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20 responses to “Scott Ritter: Israel Palestine, Ukraine China War”

  1. Peter J. Nickitas Avatar
    Peter J. Nickitas

    Should US restore the status quo before the USS Liberty attack?

    1. scrdmgl Avatar

      I wonder first, how many US citizens are aware of that surreal story of how LBJ the supreme traitor and active participant in JFK’s assassination, not only changed American policies about Israel, but allowed to cover up the Zionist attack on America. That’s why I keep insisting that the Dallas affair destroyed the last vestiges of America’s representative democracy and brought the country and the world to where it is today. No doubt about it, and the regime’s self inflicted 9/11 attack happened, because Dallas succeeded., one made the other feasible.

  2. Woopy Avatar

    The white supremacists of Israel have been murdering, stealing, torturing and lying about it for over 70 years. There’s nothing new going on now except there seems to be many more people aware of the recent genocide currently happening. Why and how this Israeli genocide upon the world been going on for 70 years unabated is that Israel controls the US government plus the economy. Congress of the US is afraid to do anything about it because they may lose their cushy jobs if they cross the dual citizens in any way.

    1. scrdmgl Avatar

      We enlightened people know that the center of Judeo-Zionist power is in England, where the House of Rothschild has been operating for hundreds of years. They even had their own British PM in the person of Benjamin Disraeli (what a coincidence another Benyamin on top).
      They succeeded in taking over the once all powerful America, therefore it makes sense to assume that the rest of the world is their target. I’m not only an optimist but also most serious annalists believe that this attack on Gaza (not the other way around) was a terrible mistake and that the Zionist monster made a terrible mistake since the balance of power of their enemies is against them. Too many and from too many different quarters, is unfortunate but the Palestinian self sacrifice and the physical destruction of Gaza is highly beneficial to not only the Palestinians but to the world at large, they went too far this time. With a little bit of luck Gaza is becoming another catalyst like Stalingrad, and we all know how that ended up, the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany.

      1. Woopy Avatar

        Is it possible that Israelis will end up losing their war/attack upon Gaza? If so will the world need to endure another Jewish victomhood claim for the next 100 years? We all know that Jews are God’s chosen and simply can’t be victims. They must be paid trillions of dollars win, lose, or draw. Maybe our congressmen will pay them in advance for their efforts of genocide.

  3. Furor Teutonicus Avatar
    Furor Teutonicus

    Scott Ritter is certainly one of the few Americans who has acquired knowledge and insight about the whole world. What he lacks is a thorough analysis of who unleashed and continues to unleash wars, when and for what purpose. And it particularly bothers me that he has not overcome the brainwashing on German history in the period from 1933 – 1945. As far as I know, he grew up in Germany as the child of a US “victor” and he had many years to form his own impression of the defeated nation. His visions of Germany as a murderous nation belong in the trash, they are atrocity propaganda and have absolutely nothing to do with the truth. So if conclusions are drawn from a completely falsified basis, they can only be just as wrong.

    1. Sam Avatar

      Teutonicus, can you please give me a short synopsis of what you think is the proper perspective on how we should view – or judge – the German people vis a vis the rise and support of Hitler before WWII? Thanks.

      1. Furor Teutonicus Avatar
        Furor Teutonicus

        Sam – from the many works by serious American, English, Canadian and Jewish historians, which deserve to be called scientific, anyone interested today can find out the truth – beyond the atrocity propaganda lies with which history was falsified, a guilt complex was imposed on the German nation by brainwashing and its eradication is still being pursued today. My recommendation for an introduction to true history would be the book by Gerard Menuhin “Tell The Truth and Shame the Devil”

    2. Sam Avatar

      scrdmgl, as I see it, this battle has put into world focus the issue of who the real perpetrator is. The vast majority still think it’s “Israel,” or Israeli supporters, or Zionists, etc. Some people will admit it’s “Israeli Jews.” Even fewer people will say that it’s both the Israeli Jews and the Western Jewish diaspora.

      I’m of the latter opinion, because the Israeli Jews could never get away with their atrocities without the support of the US and EU Jewish communities. Thus, to me, I’d say that it’s broadly the Jewish Tribe that’s the perpetrator.

      Of course I don’t mean every single Jew, and only nonthinkers would accuse me of saying that. But it’s always the case that within a large group there are dissidents. Look how many protests there were and are in the USA because of the wars the USA engaged in. Those dissidents did not prove that we should not hold the USA population broadly responsible for what its government does. Isn’t this the meaning of democracy?

      Granted, we really don’t have a very good democracy in the USA. But even then, we the people do have adequate tools to fix even that. But we don’t. Alas, I put ultimate blame on the US citizens, as I do on the world Jewish Community.

      1. braithwa842 Avatar

        While it is true that most Jews are Zionists, most Zionists are NOT Jews. You completely left out Christian Zionists (also known as Evangelical Christians). I imagine that they are the largest group.

        I hope that if you meet a Jew that detests Israel’s behavior, that you can realize that you have something in common and put any prejudice aside. I hope that if you meet a non Jew supporting Israeli genocide, that you will realize that he/she is part of the problem. You will do much better to take as you find. Do not condemn anyone until you know them.

        Personally I point the finger of blame at the USA State Department first: Biden, Blinken, Nuland, Kagan, Sullivan et al. Of course I must not leave out neocon puppet bumlicks: Trudau, Albanese, Sunak and Starmer, who have also played an important role. And a special mention for Bolton and Graham.

        1. scrdmgl Avatar

          Brother Braith: Are you aware that the dynamic duo husband and wife Nuland/Kagan of the New American Century cabal, are both Jewish? Furthermore (cookie jar) Viki, is of pure Ukrainian stock and speaks Russian better than Putin. We in Canada have something even worst (is that possible?) in the person of Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland also of pure Ukrainian stock and a Nazi convert, whose family was on Germany’s side and her grandfather had a newspaper supporting the Nazi cause during the war.
          In fact England sent tens of thousands of Ukrainian Nazis to Canada after WWII, whose descendants continue the tradition and today account for hundreds of thousands living La vida loca in our midst.
          Who can top that one brother?

          1. braithwa842 Avatar

            Thankyou Brother George. It is as you say with Nuland and Kagan.

            Even more, when Biden appointed his team, he did not bother to place even a single token non-Jew in his top 10 appointments. I did not believe it when I heard it. I had to check the official sources and verify it. Imagine if he had appointed all Chinese or all Russian!

            Oh, and Blinken’s father is Mossad, and is the most likely suspect for the assassination of Ghilaine Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell.

    3. Woopy Avatar

      Furor, the history taught to me about what happened in Germany between 1933 and 1945 was hogwash. The real history is forbidden because it disclosed how bad the UK Zionists were then and now. Dig deeper and take a look at WWI. The UK started both world wars. Take a look at the Balfour agreement and learn how the world Jewish council used the US military against Germany and illegally gave Palestine to the white supremacy Ashkenazi. If anything about the real history is mentioned then you are “anti – Semitic and sensored. anti-Semitic is their favorite mantra and the white supremacy aren’t Semitic.

      1. Disadvantaged Avatar


        You provided a very good reply. The American people have been misinformed about Germany for many years regarding World I and World II. As for Germany after World War II, the Allies determine what was taught in German schools for many years and it certainly wasn’t the truth. Even today, they still are not being taught the truth about history.

        1. scrdmgl Avatar

          The mother of all lies, is the fact that the bankrupt Weimar republic that Hitler took over, could never have recovered Germany’s economy almost overnight, least of all create the greatest war machine at the time to conquer Europe and beyond.
          The truth is that mostly under Zionist power Wall Street, financed Hitler’s regime from day one. So America is the true source of the greatest conflict in history that took down whole countries and 50+ million lives. WWI was also inspired by Wall Street along with Merry Old England to eliminate Germany’s Imperial ambitions.
          There is not a single country in the world that has taught its people the true history, except Soviet Russia despite the calamities of the Stalinist regime. Only fools and reactionary people negate the many good things about that regime. Today Capitalist Russia is a very unequal society, that is not properly represented by the splendor of Moscow or Saint Petersburg. I’ve watched many videos of life in the provinces and most people wish that they had the old regime back and not the oligarchic Mafia running the country today. I’m not inventing this stuff, just check it out yourselves and verified it.

          1. Disadvantaged Avatar


            Like to point out that Germany was not interested in being involved in the First World War. After the assassination of the archduke in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Russia intervene in the conflict that was to take place between Austria and Serbia. Germany ask Russia to not get involve, but they did anyway. Germany had a military treaty with Austria which (to make a long article short) got drag into the conflict when Russia mobilize its troop to invade Austria. At that time, mobilizing troops to invade was considered an undeclared war.

            The rest of your reply was very good. I have a lot of information regarding World War I that was done by other people. What an education I received that was so different from what I was taught in school.

  4. Furor Teutonicus Avatar
    Furor Teutonicus

    scrdmgl – “least of all create the greatest war machine at the time to conquer Europe and beyond” I regret having to destroy the first mendacious narrative at this point. The German Reich did not conquer the whole of Europe like a mad dog – and certainly did not have an army fit for war. This was only slowly built up in the war years after 1941, which meant that most of the newly developed weapons systems could no longer be used before the war ended. Regarding the outbreak of the war, it must be said that by Aug. 30, 1939, Poland had expelled and murdered more than 20,000 Germans from their ancestral settlement areas between 1920-1939, which were given to Poland by the Jewish bankers with the Versailles Dictate at the end of the first part of the second 30-year war against Germany (quote Churchill).
    As late as Aug. 23, 1939, the military dictator of Poland boasted in the London press that “Germany could not prevent the war, no matter how much she resisted it”, since London and Paris had promised immediate military aid – unconditional military assistance.
    Until the invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, to end the genocide of the Germans who had lived there for more than 600 years, the war was purely a border conflict between Germany and Poland. It only became a world war with the declaration of war by England and France on 3 Sept 1939 and the immediate British bombing raids against German towns.
    All of the Eastern European nations bordering the Soviet Union saw where the journey would take them if the Soviet threat was not stopped. We know how the war ended, thanks to the massive support of the British + US + French empires. Side note on 01.09.1939: As a consequence of the campaign against Poland, war was declared on Germany by the Allies. When the SU attacked Poland from the east only about a week later, this was apparently all right from the point of view of the Western Allies. Because no war was declared on the SU –
    on the contrary – it was massively supplied with weapons and material from the USA.
    Germany declared war on Talmudic Bolshevism, which had murdered more than 60 million Russians by 1941 (cf. Solshenytsin “Archipelago Gulag”) and had concentrated a gigantic armed force with about six times the size of Germany on the German-Russian border (cf. Suvorow “Icebreaker”) meant to overrun the whole of Europe. All Eastern European states were not conquered by the Wehrmacht, but were Allies (cf. the international combat units of the Waffen SS divisions) including Ukraine.
    I therefore like to repeat my recommendation = Have the courage to use your own brain. Knowledge is a liability and sources of truth can be found everywhere if you look for them.

    1. scrdmgl Avatar

      Teutonicus: Are we to consider Croatians, Rumanians, Finnish, Spanish, Belgians, Ukrainians and Dutch who wearing SS uniforms, contributed to the massacre of 25 millions just in Russia alone and devastated Europe including England to a very good extent, heroes? You must be on some very serious dope or some other heavy hallucinogen. I can clearly see that were you to be around at the time, you obviously would have been in their numbers, thank you for making it clear.

      1. Furor Teutonicus Avatar
        Furor Teutonicus

        scrdmgl – Are you saying that you were there and you know better?
        It’s up to everyone to decide through which glasses they want to view history. The lies of the horror propaganda from the USA + GB + SU don’t get any better by repeating it. Walter Lippman, a prominent US journalist at the time, explained the German future after the end of the war: “The most important safeguard of victory can only be when the defeated are subjected to a re-education program, when the victors’ war propaganda has found its way into the history books of the defeated and is believed by the next generation. Only then can re-education be considered successful.”
        At the same time, Churchill’s propaganda chief Sefton Delmer emphasized in an interview: “We won the war with atrocity + horror propaganda and now we’re just getting on with it”. I will not comment on that.

  5. ML Mellander Avatar

    HAMAS = Israeli intelligence MIHOP