US says ‘Many, many thousands of innocent people killed’ in Gaza.

By Mike Brest, Defense Reporter

The Israeli military has killed “many, many thousands” of civilians in Gaza over the first month of their military campaign in the enclave, according to the U.S. government.

The comment, which came from National Security Council coordinator John Kirby on Monday, occurred hours after the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry said the death toll had surpassed 10,000, with more than 25,000 people wounded. The Biden administration has previously cast doubt on the ministry’s trustworthiness due to Hamas’s control of it, but U.S. officials have hesitated to provide estimates of the death toll themselves.

“You’ve seen some indications there are efforts being applied in certain scenarios to try to minimize, but I don’t want to overstate that. There have obviously been, to your point, many, many thousands of innocent people killed, and each one’s a tragedy. We don’t want to see any innocent life taken as a result of this war,” Kirby said, also noting that the U.S. couldn’t corroborate Hamas’s tally.

Similarly, Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder said on Monday it believed the civilian death toll was in the “thousands,” but he would not narrow that down further.

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For the first three weeks or so after the attack, Israel’s initial response consisted of a heavy aerial bombardment of Gaza. The strikes have caused significant damage to Gaza’s infrastructure, and some have hit heavily populated civilian areas. An Israeli strike last week hit a heavily populated area in Jabalia, and there was an international outcry following it. U.S. officials asked the Israeli military to provide an explanation of this strike in particular, according to Politico.

Israel Palestinians
Palestinians inspect the damage of buildings that were targeted by Israeli airstrikes near Jabalia.

Publicly, the Biden administration has repeatedly stated its support for Israel and its right to self-defense, but the staggering death toll and growing humanitarian concerns within Gaza, among other reasons, have led to increased calls for the U.S. to push for a ceasefire. Administration officials have argued against a ceasefire, saying that it would allow Hamas a chance to regroup and launch additional attacks in Israel like the Oct. 7 massacre, the worst in Israel’s history.

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8 responses to “US says ‘Many, many thousands of innocent people killed’ in Gaza.”

  1. paul edwards Avatar
    paul edwards

    The American response–no ceasefire–is morally criminal and practically vicious. American government endorses mass murder of Palestinians because its Zionist Jew owners require it.

    1. Prometheus Avatar

      Zionist KKKri$tians are the real culprits.
      They so£d the Jews this piggery in the poKKKe of Ba£four’s dirty deal with Rotschild and Weismann.
      They needede a wedge between the Semitic Jews and Arabs to extract ‘our oil’ from under their feet. Divide et impera.
      They then nourished Hitler’s rise (Ford, Du Pont, Rockefeller, IBM, all linked via the Dulles brothers’ Wa££ $t law firm Sullivan&Cromwell, including IG Farben the Zyklon pump).
      The Jews are awakening from this imposed nightmare but the same white supremacist puppeteers would prefer you fed the simplistic hate than the dig into the war cu£t hi$tory.

  2. Sadness Incarnate Avatar
    Sadness Incarnate

    NAKBA—1948 Jewish killers attack and murder Palestinians. It began in 1948 and the Palestinians were pursued off of their land or murdered. 75 years of murdering Palestinians, and yet, there are still Palestinians here. God did not save the Jews in Germany—perhaps God is readying for a second house cleaning. Or perhaps there is no God at all, just the avarice and hatred of human beings—so common everywhere in the world.

  3. Andrew Thomas Avatar
    Andrew Thomas

    The US is unhappy that so many innocent people are being killed. However, not unhappy enough to stop arming and enabling the killers by any means at its disposal.
    If the US government was an adult male (just trying to avoid the pronoun hoohah) living in any part of the North American continent over which it officially rules, there is no court therein that would not, upon proper petition made, and just that man’s publicly known utterances and actions, place said man under immediate court supervision, appoint a guardian for said man personally, and for his assets, and immediately remand him into custody, without the possibility of bail, because he clearly constitutes a clear and present danger to himself and others.

  4. doug Avatar

    Dropping 2000 lb bombs on densely populated Gaza housing epitomizes the lack of concern for non-Israeli life by the Netanyahu govt. The US provides diplomatic cover, armaments, and
    kissy face press statements to enable the mass murder of Palestinians. The solution is simple. Seal 20 million Israelis in the Gaza Strip and return the rest of Israel to the rightful owners.

    1. ANN Avatar

      Thanks, Doug. Excellent suggestion.

  5. Disadvantaged Avatar

    I read many comments regarding this conflict and there is one issue that was not brought up regarding the children on both sides. Can you guess what it is?