Where Is Our Humanity?

I plead with you to view the images below. Then email or write or protest out side government offices, no matter in which, country you reside. Demand that your government close all of Israeli embassy’s, Demand sanctions on Israel and ask the UN to expel Israel from United nations. Just do it and do it now. Or perhaps you would just like to sit around with tears in your eyes watching the genocide. You deserve better from your self. Speak up or sit down and watch the genocide continue. The people of Gaza need our help not our sympathy.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Peace and joy

Tom Feeley @tomfeeley8

Now stop crying and do something!

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29 responses to “Where Is Our Humanity?”

  1. paul edwards Avatar
    paul edwards

    Zionist Israel is a sick, criminal, Nazi gangster nation.

    1. Woopy Avatar

      They’re worse than that!

  2. Goldie Elaine Avatar

    Ive seen enough pics or supposed pics of both sides, both sides blame the other. So may i ask, why am i to believe you? End game is Israel wants all of Gaza, Palestine would never take the deal made yrs ago thus the problem. Is that right? thank you

    1. tf987159 Avatar

      Hi Goldie, The problem is that Israel is a colonial, settler state. Those who support this genocide or those who don’t act to prevent further killing of our fellow humans are supporting the war on Gaza and the murder of thousands of cace and joyhildren.
      Peace and joy

    2. Finian Cunningham Avatar
      Finian Cunningham

      Your abject lack of empathy and compassion is why you fail to understand. Do yourself a favour and seek help.

    3. melthore Avatar

      Where are they supposed to go? Would you want to leave your home that has been your relatives home for generations?

  3. free78732 Avatar

    What can we say ? Nobody is listening ! My heart bleeds for you, Palestinians !

    1. tf987159 Avatar

      Do something as is suggest on the text above. Stop feeling sorry and start acting to support humanity

      1. Persawr Hylaw Avatar
        Persawr Hylaw

        Do what?

        1. mhp Avatar

          Persawr Hylaw you ask, Do what?,
          Whatever you can do within the law of your country and your own personal abilities. But do it well and to the Best of your ability. That’s what. Nothing more is asked of you, but to do what you can.


    God will curse the so cold chosen ones Zionists


    Bombing people who are different is idiotic The Quran said we have created you in different colours and features so you may recognise each other

  6. Gene Avatar

    If you analyze Israel’s terror against the Palestinians, you will find out that the Israeli Nazis are specifically targeting Palestinian children with the aim of exterminating the Palestinians as people. At least 13700, including more than 5000 children have been massacred by the Jewish Nazis in the current Genocide in Gaza. The UN Secretary Gutteres said: Israeli Jews have turned “Gaza into a graveyard for children”. Norman Finkelstein analysis is accurate. Israel is worse than Nazi Germany and South Africa under Apartheid. Here in Australia, the regime and the media are behind Israel and make it very clear that they are complicit in the the Israeli Nazis crimes of Genocide. Any sympathy for the Palestinians is unacceptable.

  7. Babgen Avatar

    The colonial west is who ,which should be blamed for all genocides in Palestine and the rest of the world.

    1. Sol Avatar

      Hi Tom, Thank you for your great job in keeping us informed
      The political establishment which is supposed to represent us, is hider brain dead or compliantly corrupted.
      They are eugenists who enjoy killing people, and they don’t give a ….. about people which do not belong to their club.
      Only the people and the masses can stop this.
      We must say enough is enough and start to take down those politicians which are endorsing this genocide, and this is something we need to do worldwide.

      It is illegal to support acts of genocide, in any way or form it may manifest and just like a normal person who publicly insults or makes death threats on some one, when brought to a court is made to pay, so must also the politicians which betray every code of ethics, endorses criminal or better yet genocidal and racist behavior, and puts its countryman’s life at danger, must be removed from public office and made face criminal charges.

      We need to mobilize and organize mass demonstrations and perhaps some cashless days “ nobody spends any money for one or more days” and general strikes, to shake their tree and make them actually feel that their plan as already fail.
      So yes you are right, time to act is now!

  8. John Avatar

    All of the links have been removed by Twitter. Same thing is happening on Facebook. The dumbing down of America is alive and well.

  9. summitflyer Avatar

    The epitome of evil , Satan , has finally exposed himself for all the world to see !

  10. William Keyes Avatar

    Hereis a link to a song I wrote for a friend of mine who has family in Gaza.


  11. Justice Avatar

    The United States, with Biden, Blinken and Nuland are the US terrorists. The rest are from Israel. And so Israel, remember the holocaust—–where millions were murdered? Why is it, Israel that you seek to own the world by destroying it.?Your god did not save you from the Nazis—-and look, now you Israelis are the Nazis. There is no escape from Hell.

    1. Disadvantaged Avatar


      Your statement regarding the holocaust reflects your lack of knowledge about the history of World War II. I suggest you do some research and educate yourself. This constant bringing in Germany regarding the Israeli-Palestinian War and trying to show some type of relationship is stupid. Why not use the United States, Britain, France, or Russia as a comparison instead of Germany.

      The total number who died in those camps was a little over 271,000, not six millions. The United States killed almost a million German POWs after the war was over. Now there is a good example you could use. Maybe this will help you and the others who keep bringing up inaccurate historical events regarding Germany.

      Have a nice evening.

  12. Finian Cunningham Avatar
    Finian Cunningham

    Thank You, Tom Feeley.

    The suffering Palestinan people are showing the world the true face of evil in our world and the system of evil.

    Finian Cunningham

  13. Woopy Avatar

    Tomorrow code pink is focusing on a world demonstration against Israel. Go to the code pink website and find a location for the gathering nearest you. Try to be there.

  14. Woopy Avatar

    Go to this website https://www.codepink.org/events
    Please try to support this or anything else that might help.

  15. mboddlaotella Avatar

    Dear Tom
    Thank you for this immensely powerful compilation.

  16. svay Avatar

    Demanding that governments do something is one thing, and largely futile in those countries whose governments know full well what they are doing in backing the Israeli state come what may.

    Stopping the production and transport of weaponry to Israel is something many of us are in a position to attempt, without appealing to the very same Zionists and pro-Zionists so eager to see Palestinians massacred..


  17. Reverend Peanut Avatar
    Reverend Peanut

    Perhaps there’s an ages-old Ponzi scheme that has to do with money. Perhaps a super-duper alliance of eastern and southern nations are no longer willing to pay Ponzi. The valley meets the plain…. Hello….

  18. prairiedog Avatar

    We need a list of all israeli products sent to america.

  19. Spud Avatar

    Has Israel forgotten the Warsaw Ghetto and the similarity to the Gaza Strip?