Prof. Robert Sapolsky. Primate and Human Wars. What’s Behind Our Aggression?

What causes aggression? Are these triggers different or same for primates and modern humans? What part of the brain controls aggression?


To understand humans at our best and worst, we need the insights of neuroscience, endocrinology, primatology, developmental biology, evolutionary theory, clinical psychology and social psychology. We also — more pointedly — need to understand how they are all “utterly intertwined”.

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3 responses to “Prof. Robert Sapolsky. Primate and Human Wars. What’s Behind Our Aggression?”

  1. yaffle Avatar

    Much truth mixed with much propaganda.

  2. Rick Avatar

    The greatest threat today to peace is those that have learned how to manipulate the masses to feel a certain way about another group of people for their own purposes, often to see them has enemies out to hurt them.
    You would think that sooner or later people would get wise to that manipulation and resist it, but many don’t.

  3. bagnesmullin Avatar

    Agriculture is the reason for aggression is interesting to think about. Makes one understand the USA and it’s use of sanctions. Right now the sanctions Israel is promoting against the Palestinians includes actual food and water.