Why Palestinian resistance cannot be subdued

The article criticizes Israel’s actions and the world’s response to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. Noting the high casualties and tactics used, the author accuses western governments of hypocrisy, particularly citing U.S support for Israel. The increased global public support for Palestinians is acknowledged.

By Shaheryar Ali Khawaja

In one month of war, more than 10,000 innocent Palestinian civilians, including 4,000 children, have lost their lives. However, this has not fazed the conscience of the so-called “liberal world”, which is still busy pandering to the Israeli state and its so-called right to defence. Hitler was condemned and is still rebuked for his actions, but how come Zionists are not condoned for their ferocious attitudes?

Since its inception, Israel has been bent on breaking the staunch resistance of the Palestinian people through its atrocities. However, it has failed miserably, owing to its misconstrued notion of “managing” the problem instead of “resolving” it. They have also tried different tactics like pitting Palestinian groups against one another, i.e., Hamas against the Palestine Liberation Organisation, the demolition of their infrastructure, the establishment of new illegal settlements, communication blackouts, cutting off fuel and food supplies and blockading their ports. Yet, all these endeavours have not borne the desired results for Israel.

The systematic theft of Palestinian land over the years has been the prime reason for conflict between Zionists and Palestinians. Still, the recent outbreak of hostility can be attributed to Israel’s continuous desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque, its arbitrary killing of Palestinians, coupled with its aggressive drive to legitimise its illegal possessions through the establishment of ties with the Arab world. These latest developments have infused a sense of despair among the Palestinians and forced them to initiate an assault in the face of Israeli aggression.

The outcome of this recent face-off has been disastrous for Palestinians, but even worse is the outright hypocrisy of the Western world. Western leaders have not only extended blanket support to the Zionist regime, but have also botched any attempt to bring an end to this war through their opposition to the United Nations (UN) ceasefire resolutions.

Genocide in Gaza: Luxury at what cost?

Interestingly, the rest of the world has shown enormous support for Palestinians and is eager to see an end to Israeli atrocities. The massive pro-Palestinian rallies in the US, the UK and other countries around the world have shown that people around the globe can no longer be kept oblivious through the biased propaganda of Western media, which only shows one side of the story.

Israel has no conscience, no honour, no pride. They curse Hitler day and night, but they have surpassed Hitler in barbarism.” – Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Palestinian resistance has also strengthened over the years due to Israel’s brutal oppression that has united once fierce rivals like Hamas and Fatah, who have now joined forces to form a united front against Zionist forces. The 2017 reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah is a prime example.

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Palestinian resistance also thrives on its overwhelming support among the Muslim populace in Arab and non-Arab countries, which keeps the politicians in these countries from recognising Israel as a legitimate state. This has been a source of agony for the Zionist regime, which has been fighting tooth and nail for worldwide recognition.

The penultimate cause of the success of Palestinian resistance is its improvised combat strategy and guerrilla warfare tactics. A befitting example of it is the heavy loss inflicted on Israel’s military hardware and its personnel during its ongoing land invasion of northern Gaza. For instance, one Hamas missile costs Israel roughly $100,000 to intercept, while in contrast, it costs only $500 to Hamas. Thus, even pouring billions of dollars into Israel in aid from Western regimes does not provide them with a definitive edge over the Palestinians.

Albert Einstein once said: “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” The same applies to the Western world, especially the US, which has recently pumped $14.3 billion into Israel’s economy to fund its bloody war in Gaza and is also actively guarding Israel at international forums like the UN. Thus, the US must revisit its erroneous policy and should force Israel to accede to a two-state solution, as has also been mentioned by Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who believes the endgame in Gaza should be a Palestinian state for the sake of Israel’s own security and safety. Also, bear in mind that the fate of an occupying force has never been any different than the US in Vietnam or the Soviets in Afghanistan.

It would be better for Israel to come to terms with the Palestinians, or else this endless cycle of conflict will keep on brewing and could engender another big disaster in the region with the potential to engulf the entire world, which would be inimical for Israel.

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3 responses to “Why Palestinian resistance cannot be subdued”

  1. KAR Avatar

    What they are doing to the Palestinians in Gaza they can do to any and all of us.

    1. shaz48 Avatar

      Try .. Yes; but succeed & do to all of us .. No; Not possible ….; From Jacob (& his bani israel) till today, they tried but as they are God’s cursed nation .. they will never succeed & will be finally vaporised ; Read Torah, Talmud, Bible, Quran..; Its cast in stone & promised by God.. They will be vaporized & sent to Hell. Its written;

  2. shaz48 Avatar

    If it was possible then ‘Alexander the Great’ would still be ruling all of us on Earth.