Israeli Apache helicopters killed own soldiers, civilians on 7 October: Report

New footage corroborates previous reports that say the Israeli military is responsible for many of the Israeli casualties during the first day of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood

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The Israeli military has released drone footage showing hundreds of scorched and damaged cars moved from the Nova music festival, providing further evidence that Israeli forces likely killed many of their own during the start of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on 7 October, RT reported on 6 November.

The Nova festival took place near Kibbutz Beeri, only five kilometers away from the Gaza separation wall. It was one of the first targets hit by Palestinian resistance fighters when they broke out of Gaza, attacking military bases and settlements from 6:30 am.

During the attack, the Palestinian fighters managed to take some 240 Israelis captive, including soldiers, settlers, and foreigners.

The new drone footage shows an aerial view of hundreds of burned and destroyed cars taken from the site of the festival and placed in a dirt parking lot, creating a makeshift junkyard.

Israeli rescue service Zaka claims they removed 260 bodies from the festival site. Israel claims they were massacred by Hamas fighters and civilian Palestinian looters who flooded across the open Gaza border fence in the hours after the Hamas attack.

However, the footage appears to confirm previous reports in Israeli media that Israeli pilots flying Apache helicopters responded to the attacks by opening fire on both Hamas fighters and Israelis.

A 15 October report in Yedioth Ahronoth explained that the first helicopters arrived in the Gaza Strip about an hour after the fighting began.

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The Hebrew language newspaper reports that the mission of the combat helicopters and the armed Zik drones was to stop the flow of Hamas fighters and looters that poured into Israeli territory through the gaps in the Gaza border fence.

This was complicated by the difficulty the pilots had in distinguishing between Hamas fighters, Palestinian looters dressed in civilian clothing, and Israelis.

The paper notes, “This deception worked for a considerable time until the Apaches had to skip all the restrictions. It was only around 9:00 a.m. that some of them began to spray the terrorists with the cannons on their own, without authorization from superiors.”

“The rate of fire against the thousands of terrorists was tremendous at first, and only at a certain point did the pilots begin to slow down the attacks and carefully select the target,” the paper added.

Despite the confusion, twenty-eight Israeli combat helicopters fired all of the ammunition they were holding, including hundreds of 30 mm cannon shells and Hellfire missiles, during the day.

After landing his Apache to reload ammunition at roughly 10:00 am, the commander of the 190 squadron instructed the other pilots “to shoot at everything they see in the fence area,” separating Israel from Gaza.

The same commander at one point attacked an Israeli military post with besieged soldiers inside to help the Israeli army recapture it from Hamas and opened fire near houses in a kibbutz in support of an officer from the Sinai division who had parachuted into battle Hamas militants.

According to the air force, in the first four hours from the start of the fighting, helicopters and fighter jets attacked about 300 targets, most of them in Israeli territory.

Israel’s response to the Hamas attack and the problem of the captives was alluded to in comments on 7 October from Israeli military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari. He described how the Israeli army was dealing with “hostage situations” using both air strikes and ground forces.

Hagari said the military was “fighting in 22 locations,” adding there was “no community in southern Israel where we do not have forces, in all the towns.”

“There are special forces there with senior commanders, and live firefights are going on there,” he said.

Israel’s air force had carried out strikes in “several locations,” Hagari said, adding there were “hundreds of deaths, including many terrorists.”

The main effort was to “eliminate” all “those who infiltrated Israel and are trying to return to the Gaza Strip,” he said. “First of all, we will strike from the air, and then also with heavy ground means,” he added.

Responding to hostage situations with such overwhelming firepower meant that the safety of the hostages themselves was not a priority.

The Guardian reported that Israel’s influential finance minister and settler leader, Bezalel Smotrich, urged the Israeli army to “hit Hamas brutally and not take the matter of the captives into significant consideration” during a cabinet meeting late on 7 October as the Hamas attack was still underway.

Yasmin Porat, who survived the Hamas assault on the Be’eri kibbutz near Gaza on 7 October, stated in a radio interview on Israeli state broadcaster Kan that Israeli civilians were killed by their security forces as well.

“They eliminated everyone, including the hostages,” the mother of three told Kan. “There was very, very heavy crossfire.”

As noted by Mondoweiss, the liberal Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz published a lengthy article on 13 October describing how an Israeli commander, Brigadier General Avi Rosenfeld of the Gaza division, made the difficult choice of calling in airstrikes on his own base as Hamas fighters overran it, capturing and killing many of the soldiers inside.

Barricaded in the division’s subterranean war room with a handful of male and female soldiers, Rosenfeld tried “desperately to rescue and organize the sector under attack. Many of the soldiers, most of them not combat personnel, were killed or wounded outside. The division was compelled to request an aerial strike against the base itself in order to repulse the terrorists.”

A similar instance occurred in Sderot, a city of 30,000 located 12 kilometers from the Gaza border, during the Hamas attack on 7 October.

Journalist Stephanie Freid of China’s CGTN visited Sderot a week later. She reported that Sderot “was a city taken over by Hamas fighters. A lot of people were killed, and there were firefights. And proof of that is in the wreckage here of the police station. It was taken over here. Up to 20 people here were killed, including prisoners that were being held at the station.”

The Hamas fighters and their police captives were apparently killed when Israeli forces opened fire on the station with a tank.

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12 responses to “Israeli Apache helicopters killed own soldiers, civilians on 7 October: Report”

  1. Billy Corr Avatar
    Billy Corr

    George Galloway now tells us that half, or more than half, of those slain by Hamas

    thugs on October 7th were actually Israeli military or police personnel.

    Even if – quite improbably – true, this would mean that the Hamas murderers slew

    over 500 civilians of all ages and both sexes.

    By the way, if – a disputable ‘if’ here – the civilian + Hamas death toll in Gaza has now reached

    11,000, the death toll in Gaza is now half of one-percent of the population, or

    one out of every two hundred.

    We are also credibly informed that there are currently 50,000 pregnant women in Gaza.

    1. meechanken Avatar

      You really are a dick, aren’t you?.

  2. Robert Billyard Avatar

    That it has come to this!

  3. Tillie 2 Avatar
    Tillie 2

    What’s very clear is that the neoconservative “Project for a New American Century” is run by the Keystone Cops … guaranteeing the US, arm-in-arm with Israel, can’t, won’t and shouldn’t be ruling the world 100 years hence.

    1. Tanya Avatar

      So glad you referenced this paper from the Federalist Society, as I recall, with VP Cheney one of the signers of it. This paper was a blueprint the called for an event equal to Pearl Harbor to scare the public into submission. Then came 9-11, clearly a False Flag. In Israel they used the Hamas breakout of prison allowing the IDF to kill many Israelis as one of their False Flags to justify this genocidal assault on the Gazan people, something many in the leadership of the country had been proposing for years. Given the massive surveillance system they have and the information given them about Hamas planning a large ‘event’ we have to see Israel’s allowing this break to occur was their False Flag to allow this genocide to begin in rapid earnest instead of the slow motion genocide occurring over the past 75 yrs.

      1. Paul Barbara Avatar
        Paul Barbara

        “Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas.” – Benjamin Netanyahu (2019)
        “In the visible dimension Hamas is an enemy, in the hidden dimension it is an ally.”
        – IDF Major General Gershon Hacohen (2019)
        “Israel started Hamas. It was a project of Shin Bet.”
        – Charles Freeman, US diplomat and ambassador (2006)
        (Quites from Swiss Policy Research).
        ‘Who pays the piper calls the tune’.
        ‘By deception thou shalt do war’.

      2. Jack Lomax Avatar
        Jack Lomax

        I have never had the slightest doubt that this was a false flag operation. That the Gazians could have clumsy machinery and such intense activity for so long without the Zionists responding says that they knew and were preparing to respond when the clumsy intrusion happened. The Egyptians who don’t want any problems happing so near to them warned the Zionists but got no reply. This massive above and underground shield had the best and most sophisticated electronic detection by which they watched the preparations and then pretended to have been caught off guard. They chased the foolish Hamas back behind the fence and added to the killing of the festival attendees plus some of their own IDF and then said they had found babies with their heads cut off etc etc. They told the world that such monsters deserve no mercy and then proceeded to show them no mercy even although real children and their mothers are being killed by them . Th Palestinians have sadly no hopes of winning battles on the ground and even less of winning the PR war

  4. Jack Lomax Avatar
    Jack Lomax

    It is well known that Israel has the long standing policy (I think it even has a name the Abraham policy ) of a mass and indistrimating response to attacks on its sovereignty. Killing its own people and even members of its own armed services if necessary. That totally psychopathic policy was certainly used in this case. Zionism and its devotee Zionists responds to only one basic rule- project Zionism at all any cost cost.

    1. Billy Corr Avatar
      Billy Corr

      Jack is confusing the Abraham Accords [encouraging the Gulf countries & Morocco to forget about the wretched ever-boring Palestinians and their incessant demands for baksheesh and everlasting pity-me whining] and the Hannibal Directive [which may or may not exists in reality] which supposedly dictates the use of maximum force to prevent one’s own soldiery being dragged away as hostages by the enemy. Jack will recall that the Israelis released over a thousand Palestinians – some of them convicted of murder – in exchange for one Israeli Jew, Gilad Shalit.

    2. Tanya Avatar

      I believe you are referring to the Israeli policy called the Hannibal Directive which promoted killing its own people to prevent hostage taking for negotiations. What people are not discussing is the Hamas goal of taking hostages for negotiating release of the 10000’s of kidnapped Gazan people by Israel. They themselves were surprised by their easy success which suggests, strongly, that Israel was planning on using this as their False Flag to justify they genocidal assault on the Gazan people.

  5. Paul Barbara Avatar
    Paul Barbara

    Israel set this up to have mass casualties, then to continue the job they started in 1948.

  6. Sol Avatar

    Unfortunately the dead’s are already in the hundred thousands.
    Beside the fact that beside counting the bodies When they manage to find them there is no way to tell how many more are still under the rubles or left on the road to be eaten by dogs.

    Also the war criminals have pulverized thousand more with their bombing.

    People have been and are being turned into dust.

    Have a look at the 16 strikes in 5 seconds hit on the Indonesian hospital the 11 of November.
    There you can understand what I mean for pulverized people.

    Search video :” israeli strikes target the vicinity of Indonesian hospital”

    The aftermath video have been immediately removed by aljazira first, and by YouTube after, not because there was any dead bodies, wounded people, or any trace of blood, but because what was left was only send and dust, entire buildings and families turned into dust.

    This has been happening every night for nearly 40 days now.

    This is genocide and it must be stopped.

    Please join public demonstration and do all that you can to see the warmongers arrested and this war come to an end.

    We are all Palestinians.