Russia’s public pivot to Palestine

Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the west’s support for Israel’s war in Gaza, expressing alignment with the global majority in defending Palestine. He accused the US and its allies of inciting global instability and accused them of being behind the tragedies in Palestine and other regions.

By Pepe Escobar

The complex, nuanced issue of Russia’s geopolitical neutrality in the Israel-Palestine tragedy was finally clarified last week, in no uncertain terms.

Exhibit A is Russian President Vladimir Putin addressing – in person, on 30 October – his country’s Security Council, top government officials, and heads of security agencies.

Among other notables, his audience included Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Speaker of the Duma Vyacheslav Volodin; Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov; and Director of SVR (foreign intel) Sergei Narishkin.   

Putin took no time to cut to the chase detailing the official stand of the Russian Federation in the current geopolitical incandescence of two intertwined wars, Ukraine and Israel-Palestine. This was addressed as much to his high-profile audience as to the political leadership of the western Hegemon.”

“There is no justification for the terrible events taking place in Gaza now, where hundreds of thousands of innocent people are being killed indiscriminately, without having anywhere to flee or hide from the bombing. When you see blood-stained children, dead children, the suffering of women and old people, when you see medics killed, of course, it makes you clench your fists as tears well in your eyes.”

The US-led coalition of chaos 

Then came a preview of the context: “We must clearly understand who in reality is behind the tragedy of peoples in the Middle East and in other regions around the world, who has been organizing this lethal chaos and who benefits from it.”

In no uncertain terms, Putin described “the current ruling elites in the United States and its satellites” as “the main beneficiaries of the global instability that they use to extract their bloody rent. Their strategy is also clear. The United States as a global superpower is becoming weaker and is losing its position, and everyone sees and understands this, even judging by the trends in the world economy.”

The Russian president made a direct connection between the American drive to extend “its global dictatorship” and the policy obsession with promoting non-stop chaos: “This chaos will help it contain and destabilize its rivals or, as they put it, their geopolitical opponents, among which they also rank our country, which in reality are new global growth centers and sovereign independent countries who are unwilling to kowtow and play the role of servants.”

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Crucially, Putin made a point to “repeat again” to both his internal and Global South audiences that, “the ruling elites of the United States and its satellites are behind the tragedy of the Palestinians, the massacre in the Middle East in general, the conflict in Ukraine, and many other conflicts in the world – in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and so on.”

It is a vitally important point. By conflating the perpetrators of the Ukraine conflict and the war on Gaza – “the United States and its satellites” – the Russian president has effectively lumped Israel in with the western Hegemon and its agenda of “chaos.”

Moscow aligns with the real ‘international community’ 

Essentially, what this tells us is that the Russian Federation unequivocally aligns itself with the overwhelming majority of Global South/Global Majority public opinion – from the Arab world to all the lands of Islam and beyond, in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. 

Interestingly, Moscow aligns with the analyses by Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khamenei – a strategic partner of Russia – and Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah, in his searing, sophisticated, Sun-Tzu tinged address this past Friday, on “the spider that is trying to entangle the entire planet and the whole world in its cobweb.”

Exhibit B on Russia’s official position, specifically on Israel-Palestine, came from Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, at a special UN General Assembly session on Palestine two days after Putin’s address. 

Nebenzya made it abundantly clear that Israel, as an occupying power, does not have “the right for self-defense” – a fact supported by a UN International Court consultative ruling way back in 2004. 

At the time, the court also established, in a 14 out of 15 judicial vote, that Israel’s construction of a massive wall in occupied Palestine, including East Jerusalem, was against international law. 

Nebenzya, in legal terms, nullified the endlessly evoked “right to self-defense” argument brandished by Tel Aviv and the whole NATO galaxy. The Hegemon, Tel Aviv’s protector, recently vetoed Brazil’s draft humanitarian UN Security Council just because it did not mention Israel’s “right to self-defense.”

Even as he underscored that Moscow does recognize Israel’s right to ensure its security, Nebenzya stressed this right “could be fully guaranteed only in case of a fair resolution of the Palestinian problem based on recognized UN Security Council resolutions.”

The record shows that Israel does not respect any UN Security Council resolution on Palestine.

Lavrov’s priorities in occupied-Palestine 

Exhibit C on Russia’s stand regarding Israel/Palestine was provided by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in a press conference with Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sabah Al-Sabah, two days after Nebenzya’s intervention at the UN.  

Lavrov reiterated Moscow’s priorities already stressed by Putin and Nebenzya: an urgent ceasefire, humanitarian corridors, and a return to the table to negotiate “an independent Palestinian state, as envisaged by the UN Security Council within the 1967 borders, which would coexist in peace and security with Israel.”

Lavrov stressed once again that several US-Israeli diversionary tactics are being employed “aimed at delaying (if not burying) the UN Security Council’s decision to establish a Palestinian state.” 

This, says the Russian foreign minister, implies condemning the Palestinians “to an eternal existence without rights. This will ensure neither peace nor security in the region, it will only drive the conflict deeper. And you won’t be able to drive it deep. The next ‘grapes of wrath’ will be sown, which will quickly ‘sprout.’”

Lavrov’s analysis, as much as Putin’s, converges with Khamenei’s and Nasrallah’s: “This is not about Gaza, but about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The State of Palestine is an integral part of that solution.”

Russia is sowing the seeds to exercise the role of trusted mediator for all parties in Israel/Palestine – a role totally unsuitable for the Hegemon, especially after the tacit approval of the current Israeli ethnic cleansing of Gaza. 

It’s all here, clearly formulated by Lavrov: “It will be fundamentally important for us to know the unanimous opinion of the Arab world.” That is a message specifically targeting Sunni regimes vassalized by Washington. Then, when they get their act together, “we will support the Arab solution to this very difficult issue.”

Multipolarity’s prerequisite: Peace in Palestine

Examined together, Exhibits A, B, and C show how Moscow is way ahead of the game. The overall message – which is being minutely decoded all across the Global South/Global Majority – is that even considering non-stop Empire of Chaos gambits, the immutable, exclusionist Zionist Project is now dead on arrival.

The least bad solution so far is the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative – subscribed by everyone from the lands of Islam to Russia, Iran, and China: an independent Palestinian state, back to the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.   

The problem is how to convince out-of-control Zionism to back off. Imperative facts on the ground would have to include severing the Washington-Tel Aviv weaponized/securitized umbilical cord – and expelling from the geopolitical spectrum the neocon Christian Zionist matrix in the US, which happens to be deeply entrenched in silos across the Deep State. 

Both of these imperatives are impossibilities – in short, medium, and even long term.  

Meanwhile, a simple look at the map shows that for all practical purposes, the two-state solution – from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip – is dead. It may be heart-wrenching for the leaders of multipolarity to admit it. It will take some time, and shifting of public discourse, to recognize that the only viable solution is supreme anathema for the Zionist Project: a one-state with Jews and Arabs living together in peace. 

All that brings us to a stark formulation: without a just solution for Palestine, tangible peace across the emerging multipolarity spectrum remains unattainable. The current enabled horror in Gaza shows that peace continues not to be a priority for the Empire of Chaos, and it will take a Russia – with perhaps a China – to shift the game. 

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6 responses to “Russia’s public pivot to Palestine”

  1. summitflyer Avatar

    More hell and turmoil ahead but this will be settled .We are experiencing the death throws of a dying outworn world order . Do not submit to their plans for us all .

  2. me, again Avatar
    me, again

    “the Palestinian problem”: it’s not a Palestine problem. It’s a zionist Nazi problem in Palestine.

    The zionist Nazi project, how to deal with them “out of control”? You deal with it like an out of control rabid animal. I hate to stoop to their level and use this analogy, but they are behaving like a rabid animal.


    1. scrdmgl Avatar

      All the decisions c0ncerning the two flashing points of first Ukraine and now Gaza and the Middle East at large, are taken and supported by a man who is fully committed to a capitalist regime. As if that it was not enough, Putin is a willing partner of the Jewish Zionist cabal, running the affairs of state. Anybody who fails to see this bitter reality is just a fool, since Putin himself never in his political career has never denied this basic and critical fact. Furthermore, if we agree that Capitalism is the scourge of humanity, no matter whether in the current hegemon America, or in any other country. This perfidious DNA strain is not and can not be present in Socialism the obvious alternative. It is true that Russia does not have that Imperial tendency, given its boundless territorial extension and natural resources, so it does not even need it as state policy. However, Putin’s appeasing policies will in the end bring harm to all of us.

      1. Prometheus Avatar

        “Anybody who fails to see this bitter reality is just a fool…”.
        Anyone pumping that level of certitude is not living in the reality of the fluidity of the situation and cannot qualify as arbiter of intelligence vs. foolishness.
        Such dogmatic assertions belong to religiosity and diminish your credibility all round. If you wish to be taken seriously I suggest you temper your statements before your accusations rebound to your total discredit.
        Unless, of course you are fully committed to a planet of papal and ayatollahn contention ad infinitum.

        1. scrdmgl Avatar

          The problem lies in that you haven’t kept pace with with Putin attitude and decisions over the years since he assumed power, good Lord the guy expected to join NATO for Christ’s sake. To start with, are you aware that Putin waited 8 years to intervene in Ukraine at the cost of 14000+ Russian lives lost to the Nazi regime in Kyiv. Besides I’m neither religious, dogmatic or fabricate events or situations. Even before the Maidan Coup d’etat he was informed of the planning by President Yanucovitch in advance, who begged him to intervene which he refuse to do. Additionally the Special Military Operation was never an actual ‘War’, because if it was, Ukraine would have been conquered in a week by maybe the most powerful military power on earth, which he avoided for good reasons, but unfortunately ended up costing the lives of 500K Ukrainian lives and who knows how many Russians, and left a beautiful country blown to bits, unless you disagree with my assesstment of these events which are of public knowledge. Also even after the SMO started Putin and until last year, he kept calling the US and its vassal states ‘Our Partners’ when up to this very day they are bent on destroying his country. As I mentioned above, I’m not accusing Putin or his administration of Imperial ambitions, however as far as Russia and American’s regimes, they both share a common link of ideological nature. If you were to tell me that that’s acceptable to you, I respect you opinion. You are the only one in all the years that I participate in this forum, that ever issued such radical accusations against me, so far nobody but you.

  3. Ricardo2000 Avatar

    A Two State solution is impossible because of Israeli bigotry, and a One State Mixed Religions State is again impossible for the same reason, leaves only a One Muslim State with the peaceful others welcomed as the only practical path. Israel can live in peace with their neighbours or be destroyed. Human rights and peaceful development takes precedence over religious fables.

    Dostoevsky (The Brothers Karamazov): “No amount of future harmony will redeem a single tear shed by this child martyr. If the tears of children are necessary to perfect the sum of suffering that serves as ransom for the Truth, I categorically state that it does not deserve to be paid such a price.”

    Moshe Dayan: “What cause have we to complain abut their fierce hatred of us? For eight years now, they sit in their refugee camps in Gaza, and before their eyes we turn into our homestead the land and villages in which their forefathers have lived.”

    William Pitt: “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”