Cornel West calls for Gaza ceasefire, criticises US stance

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American philosopher and political activist, Cornel West, speaking at a pro-Palestine rally in front of the UN headquarters in NY, passionately called for a ceasefire in Gaza ‘amidst the overwhelming barbarity.’ He criticised the US for refusing to support a humanitarian pause. West condemned the Israeli occupation and the siege on Gaza and underscored the urgent need to address the ongoing genocidal attack, resulting in 10,000 killings and 4,000 precious children lost.






2 responses to “Cornel West calls for Gaza ceasefire, criticises US stance”

  1. braithwa842 Avatar

    Im with Cornel West… I dont just agree with every word that he says in this video. I feel the emotion from his speech. He does not say it, He yells it. Thats how I feel too!

  2. chris safos Avatar
    chris safos

    stop the genocide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!