U.K. Prime Minister’s Family To Rake In BILLIONS From Gaza Oil

The British PM has even fired a government aid for demanding a “permanent” ceasefire.

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As Israel ramps up its bloody, criminal ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza, pro-Palestine protesters and independent commentators in the UK have questioned the country’s prime minister’s rejection of a much-needed humanitarian ceasefire that would save countless lives.
The questions come as British PM Rishi Sunak continues to dismiss calls for a ceasefire in Gaza and instead pledges unwavering support to Israel’s “right to defend itself against terrorist attacks.” 
Refusing to understand the background of Palestinians’ decades-long oppression by Israel and ignoring red flags by the UN and NGOs regarding the unfolding genocide in Gaza, Sunak has instead reiterated his support for Israel and its right to “self-defense.”






10 responses to “U.K. Prime Minister’s Family To Rake In BILLIONS From Gaza Oil”

  1. H AL Avatar
    H AL

    Every country has the right to defend itself. There is nothing special about Israel. No country is entitled to commit war crimes and genocide in self defense. Why is Prime Minister Sunak so diffident about uttering a simple word: CEASEFIRE!

    1. N Mork Avatar
      N Mork

      Israel is a military occupant and according to international law it has no legal right to “self defense”.

      1. David Kennard Avatar
        David Kennard

        International law does pertain to Israel nor any other laws they do what they want to because nothing is done about it and the cowards in Washington aid and support their actions

      2. Alistarir Oxnard Avatar
        Alistarir Oxnard


    2. Prometheus Avatar

      It is apartheid and brutalising occupation that are indefensible, as is their sponsorship.

    3. Dean Mindock Avatar
      Dean Mindock

      The problem is that Israel 2.0 is occupying the country of Palestine. The British army took over the country in 1948. Zionist Jews took over after resistance was squelched.

  2. Kamudi Avatar

    Let’s not forget: Sunak is but a HINDU: he is following in the footsteps of his Master, Narendra Modi of the RSS, which is also blindly supporting Israel, despite the genocidal atrocities inflicted against the poor, hungry Palestinians civilians!

    SHAME on Sunak☠️ and Modi💀!

    1. Prometheus Avatar

      You are mirroring Modi if you lump all Hindus as Modi followers.
      An easy trap to fall into.
      Mind your step.

  3. Gene Avatar

    What do you expect from an Indian who spent all his live telling lies. Sunak is bought and owned by the London Jews. He was never elected by the British people. Sunak is complicit in war crimes just like his predecessor war criminals, Tony Blair and David Brown, etc.

  4. Alistair Oxnard Avatar
    Alistair Oxnard

    The zillion dollar propaganda and spin machine is evidence of total falsehoods. The truth needs no such phalanx of lies.